Hike: How Free Offline Messaging Works

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With the coming of affordable 2G and 3G networks for mobiles , it is like we have been hardwired to Instant Messaging (IM) on our phones. In fact, IM applications have evolved to provide much more than simple text-and-emoticon messaging. There is hardly any other free messaging app that brings traditional SMS and IM under one roof. The way messaging works without internet within Hike is interesting.

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Regardless of your industry, company (internal) or B2B, B2C, the ability to access offline to take courses, etc. is an added benefit to learning, there are instructional designers/course builders who would love to build a course offline (say in an airplane) and then when back online it goes in seamlessly. Messaging in a Bottle err Device. Instant Messaging. It has been around for a long time, but IM is quickly changing in the mobile landscape.

Train your team online: Boost workplace productivity with group learning strategies


And as communication with their group and coordination is also done online through messaging, forums, file sharing, emails, IM, etc., It even includes support for offline learning, which makes it perfect for areas with spotty coverage or expensive data plans. Messages and internal notifications are another handy feature for group learning in eFrontPro. You can send messages to any particular group (or all of them), and also have group members message each other.