Mobile Phones and Captions for Streaming Video

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IBM, the multinational technology giant has teamed up with market research firm, Morning Consult to shed light on what businesses need to know about video streaming. It’s imperative that content creators stay abreast of the latest technology trends as well as understanding viewer needs.

Mobile Phones and Captions for Streaming Video

3Play Media

IBM, the multinational technology giant has teamed up with market research firm, Morning Consult to shed light on what businesses need to know about video streaming. It’s imperative that content creators stay abreast of the latest technology trends as well as understanding viewer needs.


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The 4 BIG Training Industry Trends This Year


The training world is in a state of flux; a constant, shifting stream of evolution that befits an industry dedicated to learning and development. Training Industry

Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?

Bottom-Line Performance

At the start of a new year – or the end of an old one – we love to read about trends. Articles on trends can be fun reads, but do they really help us see the future? Do trends really matter? I went back and found a 1998 ATD (then ASTD) State of the Industry report. Note that the “trends” listed in this report were often reported by only 1% – 2% of the respondents, who numbered in the 300 range. From Trend to Reality. Three 2017 Emerging Trends.

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The Future of Streaming – Get Ahead of the Curve


Since Flash was now a potential security threat, the tech-wizards also deduced RTMP streaming protocol – the way video is carried from one place to another – also needed to go. While simple, on-demand video delivery is solved with HTML5, the industry is still attempting to solve for the use of HTML5 in live streaming. Today’s protocol of choice is HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). This brings us to the next industry problem of latency. Video streaming is no exception.

2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

Talented Learning

But which 2020 LMS trends really deserve your attention? Based on my work as an independent advisor to learning tech buyers and sellers , I’ve outlined 16 key extended enterprise learning trends and related predictions. 1) Industry Consolidation Rolls On. New year.

9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts


I think a good place is by asking 49 of the world’s leading eLearning experts the top 3 trends they predict for 2017. Here are the two most interesting takeaways from surveying 49 eLearning experts: Trend of Trends: 9 trends were picked by 10% or more of the experts. Expert commentary reveals insights: In addition to their 3 votes, each expert included commentary on why they picked the trends. The infographic above does a nice job of summarizing the trends.

18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

Talented Learning

Welcome to our 4th annual LMS and learning systems “Trends” post! What is a trend, anyway? And how much do trends matter? As fiercely independent learning technology analysts, we think a trend isn’t just a fleeting idea that comes and goes like fashion, or a social media hashtag. A trend should matter to any buyer, seller or user of learning technology who wants to make ongoing, intelligent and informed choices. How We Define Trends.

Key eLearning Trends for 2019

Origin Learning

This year seems to have flown at jet-speed and we are ready to start making lists of tech-predictions and eLearning trends for 2019. When we published our list of ‘Workplace Learning Trends in 2018’ in January this year; we listed the following: Augmented and Virtual Reality. In this blog post, we take a shot at predicting some key eLearning trends for 2019. SaaS and the ‘cloud’ are impacting businesses across industries. We are nearing the end of 2018.

Are we there yet? Latest Trends in the LMS/LP Industry

eLearning 24-7

No time like the present to bring you the latest trends in the LMS and LP industry. The key trend to remember, regardless of the product you are seeking is “There is no one size fits all” in the industry. It is by far the biggest trend. Second biggest trend – look beyond the most well known names in the industry. Eight years might seem short, but in this industry, it is Dad level. Top Trends. Quick Trend Hits.

11 Custom Learning Trends in 2018

Enyota Learning

eLearning has gradually evolved to a large-scale industry over the last few years. Trends like mobile learning, social learning, microlearning, etc., In this blog, we will talk about the top custom learning trends to look out for in 2018. Gamification is one of the biggest trends in the eLearning industry today. Live streaming through video platforms can also be a good aid for training in 2018. What other trends do you think will flourish in 2018?

Trends in Video Accessibility

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People are watching video on social media; they are watching video on streaming websites. In other industries though, many people aren’t aware that they are also required to caption. In the webinar, Navigating the Venn Diagram of Video Accessibility Laws , we broke down each law by industry. Lawsuits are being brought to organizations across industries. Each law pertains to a certain industry.

4 E-learning trends shaping up the LMS industry in 2020


4 E-learning trends shaping up the LMS industry in 2020. here are some market trends that may help sifting out what is relevant for your organization and what isn’t in terms of learning management. The certification training industry is (once more) gaining terrain.

Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

Talented Learning

I’ll discuss preliminary statistics at the August 22nd webinar , but we’ll keep the poll open until November 30th, so we can include more responses in our annual trends analysis next January. Learning Content Trends: Defining Key Terms. As I noted several weeks ago in a learning systems trends update, integrated authoring and delivering platform are roaring back with a vengeance – and with good reason. How to Leverage Learning Content Trends.

Custom Learning Experiences: Next Commercial Training Trend?

Talented Learning

I spend my days anticipating, tracking, understanding and interpreting learning technology trends so I can help organizations make better buying decisions. Life in the “trend zone” is certainly exciting though often frustrating. Sometimes a promising trend may only be a temporary distraction. But once in awhile a trend emerges that is bigger and faster than we thought possible. Trending: Open Source/Custom Models.

The Latest Trends For E- Learning Design In 2017: Take A Glance


The role of an instructional designer is changing to meet diverse industry demands. With technological changes in workplace training, instructional designers also need to adapt their training strategies to match those trends. The learner-centric approach, increasing popularity of mobile and gamified learning are some trends that have a great influence on these skilled professionals. There are few trends for 2017 that instructional designers should engage in to develop.

Trends 159

LMS Technology Trends: Why Focus Is The Next Big Thing

Talented Learning

As I get deeper and deeper into the industry, I’m more convinced than ever that “focus” is the key LMS technology trend of today’s winning vendors. The industry is awash in evolving learning technology features such as micro and adaptive learning, gamification, alternate and virtual reality, xAPI, big data, social, content curation, user experience, video, integration and the list goes on and on. Other industries, however, are still slow to adopt this.

L&D Talk: Gartners Emerging Tech Hype Curve, LMS Platforms, The Changing L&D Industry

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

We also discuss LMS markets, trends, and issues. edtech Gartner Emerging Trends Hype Cycle LDTalk Learning and Development Industry Learning Management Systems Streaming Video TLDC16L&D Talk is presented by - Get your FREE trial at - Today our panel discussion centered around the new Gartner Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies report. Keep this conversation going on LinkedIn: Also chime in with your 140 characters of comments on Twitter!

Trends in Video Accessibility

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People are watching video on social media; they are watching video on streaming websites. In other industries though, many people aren’t aware that they are also required to caption. In the webinar, Navigating the Venn Diagram of Video Accessibility Laws , we broke down each law by industry. Lawsuits are being brought to organizations across industries. Each law pertains to a certain industry.

On Trend for 2018: Learning and Flexibility

CLO Magazine

Becoming a certified associate in project management (CAPM) is essential to many managerial roles across industries and, as such, will be a role in increasing demand. Apache Kafka is an engine that creates powerful data pipelines and streaming apps. Neural networks, computer systems modeled on the human brain and nervous system, can be leveraged for just about any industry, according to Udemy’s report. Other online learning providers are seeing similar trends.

Challenging Trends: Data, Learning and the LRS

HT2 Labs

As learning professionals and technologists, we’re no strangers to the latest industry trends, but keeping up can be something of a challenge. But what do all of these trends actually mean for you and your learners? “We offer a service to connect an AWS Kinesis stream to the Learning Record Store, allowing you to effectively firehose any other AWS service. The post Challenging Trends: Data, Learning and the LRS appeared first on HT2 Labs.

xapi 50

Four LMS Trends whose hype isn’t meeting reality

eLearning 24-7

Trends have a way of turning the hype machine into overload and leading consumers on a wild goose chase to nowhere. Here are a four trends making the rounds where hype is not hitting reality. Either one or the other – let’s not confuse folks any more than the industry has to. So yes, the Hype trend is Tin Can API, but the hype negative is the presumption of on/off synch with Tin Can. Let me ask you a question. What do these four items have in common?

E-Learning Zombie Edition – includes trends and duds

eLearning 24-7

Yes many forecasters are saying that 4G will be a huge factor in tablet use, but anyone who has purchased a tablet knows that data plans are not cheap and that multimedia being streamed or viewed eats up data, which in turn increases your bill. The trends I’m seeing are backing up the break up. It being the e-learning industry. I’ve been watching. Checking out the nooks and crannies. Looking into everything that is e-learning and I’ve seen a lot. Some great.

Digital Disruption in Financial Services, what are the future trends?

Unicorn Training

The financial services industry is evolving and with the rise of digital technology, we can only expect to see this change at an even quicker rate over the next few years. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the financial services industry has often been a bit behind the curve in turns of digitalisation, compared to other sectors who are storming ahead in the realms of technological advances. what future trends are we likely to see in the financial services industry?

10 Elearning Trends That Research Says You’ll See in 2018


Investment in workplace learning and development is set to rise yet again next year, with the growth of the global elearning industry expected to increase 11% by 2020. Soaking up the trends from top industry reports, here are our predictions for 2018. Elearning trend headlines: From flux to focus. Here are our top 10 predictions for workplace learning trends to watch in 2018. You could argue this one relates to almost all of the above predicted trends.

Top Nine Web Conferencing Vendors for 2015 Plus Trends

eLearning 24-7

Let’s Hit The Trends then my Top Nine. Well, that is a trend and the pricing is being seen in three options. Other Trends. Extensions/Connections – You say new trend. Video streams – on the rise – now as to the quality of you seeing those video streams – that is another story – which is why some folks who can include “video” in their web conferencing meetings choose not to. I know what you are thinking.

Web 65

Podcast 9: Association LMS Trends – With Linda Bowers of WBT Systems

Talented Learning

EPISODE 9 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Associations everywhere are reinventing the way they engage and educate their members, thanks to ecommerce and LMS advances that help them drive new revenue streams from these strategies. Because Linda spends much of her time gathering intelligence and feedback directly from customers, we often compare notes about industry issues and opportunities. What association LMS trends are making a difference?

6 “Non-Obvious” Online Learning Trends for 2018

WBT Systems

Rohit Bhargava spends thousands of hours each year spotting “non-obvious” trends he believes will change the world. We’re bringing six of them to your attention because we think they’re also non-obvious online learning trends for 2018. You can find all 15 trends Bhargava identified in his new book, Non-Obvious 2018 Edition: How to Predict Trends and Win the Future. #1: How does your association’s success impact your industry or profession?

Latest E-Learning Trends – Some good, some bad

eLearning 24-7

A trend that is happening in the LMS market more so than in the other e-learning markets, is the failure to follow their path of success. In 2011, the trend is showing that those days are gone. I love this trend, because it clearly says that the rapid content authoring tool vendors are becoming innovative and are seeing the market. But, this trend although it starting and grows, the products that you can buy today are very limited. Bonus Trend.

E-Learning End Users Have Spoken – time for the industry to listen

eLearning 24-7

Streaming Media. In an upcoming webinar, that I am presenting and in a blog post – coming soon, that streaming media will have a positive impact on e-learning courses and capabilities, opening a greater immersion capability then ever seen before in the industry. From the end user perspective, 49% stream media from the net to their television, while 51% do not. I foresee the numbers of people who use e-learning and stream will increase in the range of +8 to 10%.

Top 10 LMS/LCMS Trends and Forecasts

eLearning 24-7

Here are the top 10 trends that I have seen taking place in the industry, as well as a few forecasts. The trends apply to both LMS/LCMS vendors. Euros and the pound) and multiple flavors (one size fits all, will not work for a sizable chunk of the wholesaler/reseller/affiliate industry). Two trends are appearing in higher frequency. The growth behind this trend, is the charge of smaller size vendors. A new trend is the SME Q/A option.


Learning Events: 10 Ways to Level Up Your Content Programming

Talented Learning

And with the arrival of innovative virtual learning technologies like live streaming and webcasting, many associations are racing to offer continuing education in a variety of new forms. However, digital streaming capabilities have opened the doors for many more people to participate online in real-time. Historically, associations built educational content programming around live location-based events.

The 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 – Part 4: Microlearning

Limestone Learning

A few weeks ago we highlighted an interesting article on the 6 hottest learning trends for 2018. Today we delve into another of the 6 trends: microlearning. If you’ve enjoyed reading about these trends or want to share how you’re integrating them into your training, be sure to post a comment below, and stay tuned as we continue this series. Ask an industry leader what microlearning is and you’ll probably get many different opinions.

Talented Learning’s Greatest Hits: 2017 Edition

Talented Learning

We’re not exactly poetic, but we do create a stream of carefully crafted written content. Digital innovation is making it easier than ever to support commercial training strategies, so companies of every size and industry segment are discovering how learning programs can fuel growth and profitability. Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries , joined me in tackling this topic. #2 7 LMS Market Trends: Issues and Opportunities.

5 Learning Tech Trends to Watch in the Next 5 Years

ATD Learning Technologies

Here is a list of five trends learning professionals should consider when mapping out strategies for the next five of years. It is important to note that trends are not isolated developments within the L&D community. Let’s look at some of the trends that should be on your radar. #1: This trend of providing “chunks” of content, instead of an hour-long course, is a result of several underlying factors.

Covid-19 Aid: Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work

Talented Learning

Video Capture and Streaming. Looking to enhance virtual learning experiences with streaming video – including secure, automated access to integrated Zoom meetings? via Training Industry. Want practical insights and advice about key workforce trends?

Yahoo’s Proactive, User-Centric Approach to Web Accessibility

3Play Media

Well, we happened to license those videos for streaming on Yahoo. We are now well into the digital information era, so isn’t it about time we start making the internet accessible to everyone? While government entities are working hard to legally require that public and private organizations make their web content more accessible to people with disabilities, many companies aren’t waiting around.

Yahoo 46