eLearning: About External Licensing

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When your organization needs eLearning programs but doesn’t have an internal program in place, external licensing of eLearning may be a good choice. Let’s take a basic look at external licensing, as well as discuss what you’ll need to create your eLearning program using this approach. First, what is external licensing of eLearning? So what does the external licensing “recipe” require?

eLearning: Developing Internally vs. Licensing Externally

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Remember that the online environment requires small “chunks” of information that are optimized for the remote audience. Related Posts: Benefits and Potential Drawbacks of Internal eLearning Developing Internally vs. Licensing Externally : a… 5 Invaluable Benefits Of Learning Management System… LMS: The Foundation of Your Training Initiative How to create effective online training courses on a budget (Visited 520 times, 4 visits today).

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Is Your LMS License Model Misaligned? How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

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Making Sense of LMS License Models. However, the proposals were inconsistent in all respects — format, approach, assumptions and license model. There are more than 700 LMS vendors today, yet there is no standard usage-based LMS license model. Even after 20 years of selling and now helping organizations buy learning solutions, I still need hours of study and discussion with most vendors to be sure I understand their licensing logic.

Win a Lectora Inspire and eLB Stock Asset Library License

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Just to prove that this is even more awesome than you at first suspected, Lectora is giving you a chance to when a one free Lectora license as well as a free subscription to our expansive Stock Asset Library. However, our lawyers have informed us that we cannot legally encourage you to do any of those things. The post Win a Lectora Inspire and eLB Stock Asset Library License appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

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Failure of Creative Commons Licenses

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They are there to help set up the licenses. But that said, it also shows a failure of the current licenses. As I pointed out in my previous post, Creative Commons themselves conducted a study to understand commonly held interpretation of the understanding of the meaning of these licenses. This common interpretation is important if you are going to defend your use of licensed materials. As part of last month’s big question Open Content in Workplace Learning? ,

Your eLearning Content Distribution and Licensing Challenges – Solved!

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Your eLearning Content Distribution and Licensing Challenges - Solved! Manage content licensing and distribution across platforms. Protecting your investment throughout its lifetime, including control over distributing eLearning content and ensuring that only licensed learners have access, is an essential element of your business. The post Your eLearning Content Distribution and Licensing Challenges – Solved!

Is on-premise, perpetual licensing right for you?


Perpetual licensing. Perpetual licensing is another associated term, and it refers to when an organization purchases the LMS license. are usually looking for controlled environments to store proprietary or sensitive information. High scalability When you’ve got the LMS license, there is no limit to the number of users on your system, and there’s no cost to add more.

Transferring Captivate from old laptop to new one

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Any information would be much appreciated. Licensing Question Subscription Adobe Captivate 2019 Install Captivate license licensing question subscriptionHi, I’ve been trying to find out whether I need my serial # when transferring Captivate 2019 from my current laptop to a new one. In the emails received from Adobe after my purchase of Captivate 2019 (Annual Plan) there is no mention of a serial #.

Information, innovation and meaning

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This was all fascinating to listen to, but for me the most significant contribution he made during the day is when he predicted these technologies will not only convey information, but also meaning. Information, innovation and meaning by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Adobe Captivate – Why Pay For It At All?

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Perpetual License. Like the student and teacher pricing, a regular perpetual license is what you get when you pay a single lump sum for a software title. The individual payment is lower and in the case of Adobe Captivate, less expensive than a perpetual license, assuming you will always upgrade to the latest version. You can exchange these points for complimentary licenses of your favorite eLearning software from Adobe.

How to Optimize Learning Content Distribution and Save Time

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In addition to ensuring the content will launch and run on each customer’s LMS, eLearning content vendors need to be able to gather learner data, provide customer branding, and, of course, make sure that each customer is following the terms of their license.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Maryland License Plate "H8 I270".this ones for you.

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» September 06, 2007 Maryland License Plate "H8 I270".this Next time you look at your license plate and think about how clever you are for getting it.try thinking that maybe you shouldnt drive like a total JERK!! Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Maryland License Plate "H8 I270".this e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Quechup invite? RUN AWAY!!!!!!

What Factors Are Shaping the LMS Market? 2018 Learning Systems FAQ

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Volume-based SaaS licensing models are the primary driver. Thanks to simple, transparent licensing, platforms like Adobe Captivate , Docebo , Litmos , Schoox and TalentLMS are attracting tens of thousands of customers who could never afford to invest six figures in a traditional LMS. And interestingly, now that volume-based SaaS licensing has energized the extended enterprise LMS market, employee training solutions are following suit.

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On-Demand Webinar: Seizing the Online Learning Revenue Opportunity

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Online Learning Webinar Case Study Publishing Information Services B2B Content LicensingThought Industries' CEO Barry Kelly recently participated in a 60-minute webinar to discuss topics ranging from online learning revenue models to best practices around successful marketing and promotions for online learning.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Lance Dublin: Formalizing Informal Learning

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Lance Dublin: Formalizing Informal Learning [My notes from a webinar. Lance Dublin: Formalizing Informal Learning … &#%!? Need to think about New Learning Principles: Rapid Mobile Collaborative Immersive (we don’t want to be lectured at) Formal vs. Informal – a spectrum Examples of a formal learning activity: webinar, classroom, lecture, etc. Examples of informal: Water cooler, SoMe Informal learning is never intentional.

Continuing Education: Will You Sell More CEUs With an LMS?

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Continuing education is training (formal or informal) designed to educate adults in skills or knowledge they need to excel in their vocation. People often seek continuing education to earn or maintain a professional license. On the other hand, those seeking professional licenses expect to pay for continuing education. Ultimately, professionals are responsible for maintaining their own license or certification. 5) License and Cost Misalignment.

Negotiate Your Learning Management System (LMS) Contract

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Information in this video and post is taken from my book LMS Success. Adobe LMS Blog Captivate Prime Community eLearning Community Enterprise Licensing LMS LMS Integration Prime Integration Resources Subscription Training and Tutorials Trial Videos adobe captivate prime agreement contract contract negotiation katrina baker katrina marie baker Learning Management System learning technology lms administration lms implementation lms vendor price purchase lms

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LMS RFP Tips: How to Find Your Best Learning Technology Fit

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This is especially important for LMS selection, because there is no universally accepted definition of the term “LMS” Likewise, there is no standard LMS licensing model or approach to calculating system usage. Business Requirements – Accurate past usage statistics and future usage predictions, license mode l preference and pricing parameters. Appendix – Any additional information vendors choose that illustrates qualifications and value of their solution.

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Need to Calculate LMS ROI? Here’s How Business Leaders Do The Math

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But to inform their decision about this capital investment, they apply NPV analysis. But here’s how you can inform those decisions. Outline the best license model. EDITOR’S NOTE: Because extended enterprise learning involves multiple disciplines, we sometimes ask other experts to share their insights. Today we feature advice from Ajay Pangarkar , CTDP, FCPA, FCMA and President of CentralKnowledge.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Interview with Tony Karrer on Informal and Social Learning

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Thursday, October 01, 2009 Interview with Tony Karrer on Informal and Social Learning Be sure to listen to the latest Kineo podcast with Dr. Tony Karrer. Steve Lowenthal interviews Dr. Tony Karrer to get his thoughts on informal and social learning in the enterprise. Interview with Tony Karrer on Informal and Social. Wendy Wickham This work by Cammy Bean is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

What is Total Enterprise Training System and Who Needs One?

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If there’s an ongoing digital transformation program or data-centric enterprise information system project that you’ve heard about at work, this is a way to align with that initiative and get on the right side of the changes to come. Blog elearning delivery elearning licensing total enterprise training systemWhat is Total Enterprise Training System and Who Needs One? How about we start by flipping that around?

LMS Review: Litmos

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These tools are preconfigured so you can easily drill down into information about individual and team users, courses, modules and paths. License Model/Cost. Licensing: “active user” or “unique login” where any trainer or trainee who signs in at least once during a billing period is counted as “active” for the 30 day period. See More Vendors in our LMS Directory.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Informal Learning -- Getting Learners to Ask the Right Questions

Learning Visions

Thursday, February 22, 2007 Informal Learning -- Getting Learners to Ask the Right Questions In a post on informal learning by Ray Sims (thanks to Tony ), he lists out a whole bunch o good things "to do on behalf of increasing informal learning aligned with company strategy and goals." In the world of informal learning, who can be the teacher/the mentor? How can organizations ensure that the right questions are being asked by the informal learner?

Here’s Some Background Information for Your Next E-Learning Course

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It consists of a highway backdrop (grayed out stock image) and the content area is a license plate (another stock image). The license plate theme was designed by David for a free starter course we offer in the elearning community. I also just added information for the free Articulate jam session while I’m in Jacksonville. During the year I conduct dozens of elearning workshops.

I Believe in the 70:20:10 framework

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Charles Jennings promotes a 70:20:10 framework for organizational learning, where on-the-job experiential/informal learning and social learning represent the preponderance of each employee’s overall learning. Employees learn the ins and outs of their jobs, often informally from others. Allocating even 10% of employee learning to formal activities may be too much; on-the-job informal learning alone is estimated by some to exceed 95% (See Jarche, Informal Rule of Thumb).

Interesting Information about MOOCs—An Infographic

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This is published under a Creative Commons license. This was sent to me by Muhammad Saleem. The infographic takes a closer look at reasons why some professors and academics remain unconvinced. I’ve taken a MOOC and found it interesting but I was not motivated enough to complete the activities or finish the course, but that’s only a sample size of one. I think the hype is a little over the top in terms of impact on education.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Getting an Informal M.Ed

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007 Getting an Informal M.Ed Posted by Cammy Bean at 2:33 PM Labels: informal learning , instructional design 1 comments: Cathy Moore said. I think its a great idea to learn ID informally, while you apply it to the real world. The ID theory and research is under the topic "Information design" because I think thats really what most of it addresses. Getting an Informal M.Ed United States License.

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Video Production and Learner Engagement in MOOCs

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Learners prefer lectures with a more informal feel. This finding will probably come as a surprise: Learners engaged more with informal video lectures delivered by an instructor seated behind a desk than with videos produced in a multimillion dollar studio and featuring an instructor standing behind a podium. On the flip side, trainers who are accustomed to delivering traditional lectures may be less comfortable in a more informal setting.

Working with E-Learning Vendors: Creating a Request for Information (RFI)

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First, let’s focus on how to get the information you need from a vendor using a Request for Information (RFI). The RFI is a great tool to help you get the information you need about possible vendors and their products and services. Create a document that outlines: Information about your company and audience. You want a vendor with existing courseware you can license. Once you’ve sent your RFI to companies, you will start to see some information come back.

Training Does Make the Difference

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What the dentist should do is inform and educate the patient. You have to be able to inform and educate in order to do your job. The only way you can inform and educate; the only way you can effectively consult, counsel and enlighten your clients as to all of the available options and consequences, is if you KNOW all of the available options and consequences. Featured Posts Learning & Development customer is always right inform and educate training trusted adviser

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Gorman and Keen Need a Bicycle Built for Two (but built only by certified, qualified, licensed bicycle experts of course)

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MSN article) » July 02, 2007 Gorman and Keen Need a Bicycle Built for Two (but built only by certified, qualified, licensed bicycle experts of course) Ive blogged about Andrew Keen before (but of course only in an amateurish way), but it is really easy to the impression that he and Michael Gorman are doing the intellectual version of spooning. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « stu.dicio.us | Main | "Is Web 2.0 Safe?" (MSN

Talented Learning: Greatest Hits of 2015

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We’ll do our best to continue honoring that trust by providing information and advice that helps you make better business decisions about learning technology. Licensing and Pricing Guide. As 2015 draws to a close, it makes sense to look back and reflect on highlights from the past year.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Informal/DIY Learning: Montessori School for Adults?

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007 Informal/DIY Learning: Montessori School for Adults? But there seem to be some similarities between that and informal learning/DIY learning -- all this adult stuff weve been talking about lately. This informal style is the rule, even at the middle school level. Is that what all this informal/DIY/learning 2.0 Games for the Brain Super-Close Google Map Zooms Rock On with e-Learning from ZVEX Informal/DIY Learning: Montessori School for Adul.

I Believe in the Importance of a Personal Learning Network

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This work by [link] is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This work by [link] is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Community I Believe Informal Learning Social Learning When I started using Twitter for my professional growth and development, I didn’t realize that I was also starting to build my personal learning network.

I Believe in the Value of Connectedness

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While building these professional networks, we still protect confidential information as we have for years, but a great many aspects of work can be enhanced by interacting with others: new ways of approaching problems, discussing abstract concepts, and shared challenges with common tools are just three examples. Connections are virtually all informal, put in place one relationship at a time by mutual agreement between two individuals. International License.

Ten Things I Believe About Workplace Learning

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For nearly three years, I’ve been exploring social learning, informal learning, and the changing workplace. This work by Tom Spiglanin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This work by Tom Spiglanin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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I Believe in the Importance of Personal Knowledge Management

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But how do we sort through all this information, effectively filter content, judge the good from bad, and make sense of it all? We all recognize Internet search as one way we find information. How we individually make sense of information captured from many sources is deeply personal and often dependent on what we’re working on, responsible for, struggling with, or learning at the moment. International License. International License.