BYOD and e-learning: Three pointers for avoiding a ‘future shock’

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In 1970 the futurologist Alvin Toffler wrote his best-selling book, Future Shock , predicting a society under siege from mass ‘stress and disorientation’ caused by information overload and (broadly) too much change in too short a period of time…. Smartphones and tablets logged into company email servers and private networks can very easily be lost, hacked or simply stolen. Secure sign-on is a problem, but a dedicated native app might be the answer.

5 ways to win at learner experience


If your training materials are not designed and delivered well, the learner will automatically dismiss the information they take in as outdated, obsolete and unmemorable. Let your learners interact with content on their smartphone during their morning commute, or pull up information on their tablet when they need to recall it during a meeting. Your people are time poor and likely suffer from information overload.

The 19 Best Employee Online Training Software (A Comparison Guide)


With such an information overload out there, you may wonder what’s the best way to educate your staff or customers with corporate training programs. Pricing information retrieved on Sep. Pricing information retrieved on Sep. Pricing information retrieved on Sep.