Algorithmically Generated Content In Learning

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So how long before we have algorithms that are setup to create ‘learning material’ by constantly monitoring streams of user generated content, monitoring individual context. While these services are helping us deal with the information overload, they still rely on human users to generate the content that the services reference, rank and share. We will have algorithms that actually glean information from various streams and write content.

Why Your Employees Get Frustrated With eLearning (and How to Fix It!)

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No matter what you hope to accomplish with your courses, if you fail to interest your students, they’ll retain next to no information and you can count your efforts wasted. Sitting through lectures, videos, and PowerPoint presentations that do nothing but unload an endless stream of dry facts on a passive listener is not likely to encourage any kind of long-term learning. This will get them paying attention as they search for clues in the information you’ve provided.


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How to Make Better eLearning Videos

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Modern learners are busy and distracted, surrounded with different gadgets, living in an age of information overload. 360training Learning Content Management (LCMS) offers streaming video download (MP4 format) that allows users to upload larger files. Learning is challenging nowadays. They have an access of knowledge where everything can be searched and researched within seconds.

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The Hottest eLearning Buzzwords for 2018 – Part 02: Countdown From 10 to 6

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Learners today are faced with such an unbelievable amount of information, that they may find it hard to find the information and courses they need, especially within the context of self directed eLearning. Content Curation is a process that helps relieve this “information overload” by finding, organizing and sharing information and courses. Joshua Sortino – Unsplash | Golden Light Stream.

Learning Resolutions: Slow & Simplify


Business is evolving rapidly and information changes by the minute. The shear volume of choices and voices that are laid before me (or rather found in my inbox and within my streams) can sometimes paralyze.

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Top 50 Posts on Working Smarter for May 2011

Jay Cross

5 Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload - Luis Suarez , May 4, 2011. Ridiculous research findings on informal learning - Jay Cross , May 15, 2011. Information: What am I missing? - George Siemens , May 30, 2011. Best of Working Smarter Daily. May 1, 2011 to May 31, 2011. The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals.


Creating a Personalized Learning Environment


After watching an entertaining presentation streamed remotely from corporate headquarters in New York, the makeup artists participated in a hands-on learning lab with rotating stations for each product. Jake visited several stations but felt information-overload by the end. While the live-streamed presentation got everyone excited and on board with the new spring line, it wasn’t the bulk of learning.

The 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 – Part 4: Microlearning

Limestone Learning

We’ve quickly become adept at parsing this incoming stream, whether through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other sources, and somehow skimming off the details we need to be productive. The intersection formed by information overload and our own growing ability to navigate that information is what makes microlearning so fitting. Cognitive overload is a reality these days, and microlearning is a credible answer to it.

2015 Top Tools for Learning

Charles Jennings

Like the brains of many professors, the information you’re looking for is usually in there somewhere, but sometimes difficult to pin down. For me Twitter gives access to smart people who provide an enormous wealth of information and insight through their commentary and links to research, articles and other resources. Evernote: Tools for managing the tidal wave of information we are all subjected to are an absolute necessity.

Early Tweeting Experience

eLearning Blender

I reluctantly jumped on the Twitter bandwagon about 3 weeks ago and while I am experiencing a little information overload, it has been fantastic. I was reluctant to start using Twitter because of the amount of information I am already consuming through Google Reader and on LinkedIn. Although I am already taking in a lot of information I was looking for a better format for discussing this information with other corporate training professionals.

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

How do I search for information?”. Reduced email traffic and information overload. Social and informal learning are the hottest trends in corporation learning and development. Faculty use social networks to support communication and information sharing among committees, teams, and research projects. Development offices use social networks to stay in touch with alumni and support them with news, information, and networking opportunities.

Working Smarter: Most popular posts of 2011

Jay Cross

5 Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload - Luis Suarez , May 4, 2011. Time’s Up – Learning Will Forever Be Part Formal, Part Informal and Part Social - Dan Pontefract , February 6, 2011. Summify – the answer to information overload? Information (3751). Informal learning is a business imperative , September 13, 2011. Fuelled by Informal learning , March 15, 2011. Best of Working Smarter Daily.

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Free L&D webinars for June 2019

Limestone Learning

You’ll see recent research on virtual classrooms, including the implications of mobile devices for online learning; the move toward short, live learning snippets; and the explosion of streaming video. The modern learner engages with learning at different times, including outside of work, but is subject to challenges such as information overload and lack of time for learning. “ Green lawn at a public park in Zakariah, June 2015 ” by David Bena is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Top 47 Posts and 10 Hot Topics for February

eLearning Learning Posts

How to effectively architect information for your elearning course - Free as in Freedom , February 6, 2010 As Instructional Designers, its always a challenge to balance meaningful instruction with information. Cathy Moore’s action mapping framework is a great way to create lively elearning that allows you to include just the right amount of information in your elearning course. Planning to implement informal learning? Information Overload (5).

Working Smarter, March 2012

Jay Cross

Yammer and why activity streams are a key foundation for integrated applications and organizations - Ross Dawson , March 26, 2012. 2b2k] Information overload? March 1, 2012 to March 30, 2012. Working Smarter draws upon ideas from design thinking, network optimization, brain science, user experience design, learning theory, organizational development, social business, technology, collaboration, web 2.0

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5 Popular Ways to Increase Conversion Rates with Video

TechSmith Camtasia

Fact: We are inundated with information. While the internet has brought with it benefits that seemed unimaginable just a few decades ago, it also brought a serious case of information overload. And with 5G wireless connections about to stomp the gas pedal on streaming and data transfer speeds video will become even more important. They come with a ton of information about your prospects.