BLP to speak at ISPI

Bottom-Line Performance

Headed to the ISPI conference in a few weeks? For more information on Nancy’s session or the entire ISPI conference, visit [link]. emerging trends and technologies learning design Conference ISPI Web 2.0Be sure to check out “Learning Technologies: Finding the Right Fit.” Nancy Harkness, BLP’s Learning Services Director, is conducting a 40-minute session on evaluating technology for use in learning. She’ll walk through BLP’s scan and focus evaluation process.

ISPI 110

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Mass Chapter ISPI November Meeting

Learning Visions

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Mass Chapter ISPI November Meeting Im speaking at the next Mass Chapter ISPI Meeting, thanks to the always energetic Jean Marrapodi. Interview with Tony Karrer on Informal and Social.

ISPI 130

HPT and Social Learning: David Wilkins via Skype #ISPI -Sharing some key points.

ID Reflections

I just attended an #ISPI session hosted by the Massachusetts ISPI chapter (@ MASS_ISPI ). We should! ~@ dwilkinsnh #ISPI #ASTD GenY has a tribe. ISPI "We should no longer teach a man to fish.

ISPI 147

Reflections on ISPI 2010

Clark Quinn

Early in the year, I gave a presentation online to the Massachusetts chapter of ISPI (the international society for performance improvement), and they rewarded me with a membership. The ISPI organization gave each chapter a free registration to their international conference, which happens to be in San Francisco this year (just a Bart trip away), and I won! Now, it probably helps to explain that I’ve been eager to attend an ISPI conference for quite a while.

ISPI 107

March’s #LCBQ- Assessing Informal Learning – Are you an accountant or financial adviser?

Spark Your Interest

How do you assess whether your informal learning, social learning, continuous learning, performance support initiatives have the desired impact or achieve the desired results? change the balance of formal vs. informal in our organizations?

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Interview with Tony Karrer on Informal and Social Learning

Learning Visions

Thursday, October 01, 2009 Interview with Tony Karrer on Informal and Social Learning Be sure to listen to the latest Kineo podcast with Dr. Tony Karrer. Steve Lowenthal interviews Dr. Tony Karrer to get his thoughts on informal and social learning in the enterprise.

Bob Mosher on Informal Learning and Performance Support

Learning Visions

Informal Learning: Are We Missing a HUGE Opportunity? with Bob Mosher of Learning Guide Solutions, presented by Massachusetts Chapter of ISPI and sponsored by Kineo. 3 domains: formal, informal, performance support.

ELearning Association Local Chapters


International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) - ISPI is in many ways similar to ATD, but they take a slightly different approach by focusing on performance development over talent development. Find local ISPI chapters here.

Guest Post by Brett Christensen: How I Was Fooled by Dale’s Cone

Work Learning

In this post, Brett tells us a story he recounted at a gathering of Debunker Club members at the 2018 ISPI conference in Seattle. It’s a cautionary tale about how easy it is to be fooled by information about learning that is too good to be true.


Brett Christensen Uses the Performance-Focused Smile Sheet Methodology

Work Learning

This week, Brett Christensen published an article on how he’s used a Performance-Focused Smile Sheet to support him in teaching one of ISPI’s flagship workshops. We are no longer hogtied with evaluations that provide us with bogus information.

LMS: The Vendor Search

Your Training Edge

First, go to your industry network, such as colleagues in the training and development business or your local ATD or ISPI chapters. One way to use the information you find is to contact the companies who are listed as clients on the vendor website.

vendor 164

The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model (LTEM)

Work Learning

we are measuring Levels 1 and 2, so we need to measure Level 3’), and, by ignoring the actual purpose for evaluation, risks providing no information of value to stakeholders…. This blog post introduces a new learning-evaluation model, the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model (LTEM).

Learning Trends, Technologies, and Opportunities – New White Paper by Sharon Boller

Bottom-Line Performance

Less Formal Training; More Informal Social Learning. In short, the white paper is literally packed with relevant research and information. Sharon has spoken at numerous conferences – including ASTD, ISPI, and SALT on the topics of learning design and game design.

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What are you reading for eLearning insight?

Integrated Learnings

Take a moment to browse the online bookstores of the International Society for Performance Improvement ( ISPI ) or the American Society for Training and Development ( ASTD ), and you’ll likely find a year’s worth of reading ideas. These, and several of the books I read for my coursework, were very informative yet did not have that traditional textbook feel. ASTD’s Training + Development magazine and ISPI’s Performance Improvement Journal are both examples worth taking a peek at.

Making Sparks Fly

Clark Quinn

Last night I did a presentation for the San Diego chapter of ISPI titled ‘making sparks fly’ I used that concept to talk about a couple of my favorite topics: deeper instructional design, and social learning. Then, systematically looking at tools like blogs, wikis, profiles, feeds, and more for both formal and informal learning.

ISPI 100

Desire2Learn Mobile FLV - eLearning from Last Week

Tony Karrer

May 7, 2009 Learning as a Network , May 7, 2009 Is there no room for Informal Learning? , May 3, 2009 How to Get the Most Out of a Conference , May 7, 2009 New technology supporting informal learning , May 4, 2009 Royalty-Free Music , May 2, 2009 Top Keywords Camera (8) Twitter (27) Pipes (2) Desire2Learn (2) Social Network Analysis (2) Learning Management System (6) Mobile (18) FLV (2) Photo (9) ISPI (2) TechSmith (2) Articulate Presenter (2) eLearning Technology.

When Remembering Really Matters: The Power of Serious Games for Learning (Free Webinar)

Knowledge Guru

If it’s important for your employees to be able to recall information from your training (which they should be able to do, or why spend money on training at all?), then you can’t afford to miss the information in this webinar.

ISPI 130

I will join Annie Laures in talking about Learning Audits

Work Learning

Learn to blend formal learning strategies to informal learning opportunities. Anne Marie Laures, CPT, is Director of Learning Services, which has been a repeated winner of ISPI's outstanding instructional and non-instructional awards. She has presented at the annual conference 3 times and was invited to do an Encore Presentation at ISPI's 2005 conference in Vancouver.  ISPI Members:  $29 per SkillCast. FINAL DAYS TO REGISTER. FOR MAY 27th SKILLCAST!


Interfacing with Subject Matter Experts

ID Mentors

Instructional Designers, on the other hand, were responsible for converting the content provided by the SME into information that could be easily understood and learned. Provide all information including the content unavailable in a documented form. Provide additional information and indicate sources from where unavailable content can be identified. This is the area of Information. Introduction.

My evolving learning journey

Jay Cross

Or leaks private information? I attended ASTD, eLearning, Online Learning, Elliott Masie’s TechLearn, Training, ISPI (then NSPI), and many others. Informal Learning Meta-Learning

About Declarative and Procedural Knowledge and the Expert-Novice Divide

ID Reflections

Keeps, a combined ASTD and ISPI publication. For an expert, the information coming their way is grouped in larger and larger interconnected bits. Whereas, a novice gets mired in the details because, for them, each piece of information is a separate bit.

Expert 138

5 Essential Qualifications to Look for in an Instructional Designer


While resourceful, Instructional Designers still rely on subject matter experts for much of the information they are training.

ADDIE isn't dead; how can it be?

Integrated Learnings

Perhaps, out of necessity, we gather what information we have, make a best guess, and go for it a la the Agile development method , but we must still take that step. And it's interesting here locally that the March and April ISPI Atlanta and ASTD Atlanta chapter meetings both focus on learning measurement. And the May ISPI Atlanta topic is 'Predictive Evaluation.' By Jay Lambert.


“Labels Do Matter” A brief look at IBSTPI Competencies for Instructional Designers

Coffee and Design

They provided me a copyright release, information about becoming a registered user, and about how to purchase a $15 booklet that contains the performance statement for each competency.

The Power of Play: How to Use Games for Learning (Free Webinar)

Bottom-Line Performance

Sharon has spoken at numerous conferences – including ASTD, ISPI, and SALT on the topics of learning design and game design. Click here to register. The webinar will be held at two times on Thursday, February 28th: 8 am EST/5 am PST and 11 am EST/ 8 am PST.

Games 174

The Shoemaker’s Children – How Travel, Training and Social Learning Expand Your Mind


Look for similar programs offered by local chapters of ISPI, SHRM and other organizations. Please let me know and we’ll update the list with your information. For more information. International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).


Conducting a little career path research…

Coffee and Design

My department might be pursuing a reclassification and I was asked to do a little research to see if I could find out if there was information out there regarding various levels of an instructional designer.

Definition: Metacognition

Kapp Notes

information as cited by Lawanto, 2010) It has also been defined as a process by which the brain organizes and monitors cognitive resources. The short definition of Metacognition is "Thinking about Thinking." Here are some more definitions from a variety of sources.

Speaking and Workshop Services

Tony Karrer

Email Tony for his speaking fee information ( ). William Brandon, eLearning Guild "I wanted to thank you for the clear, fun and insightful information.

Develop Yourself in Addition to Training

Integrated Learnings

Attending national conferences hosted by professional associations can be informative and inspiring. A few organizations I pay attention to include the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), and the eLearning Guild. --3-- While informal exchanges with others in the field can be good for generating ideas, published research offers insight on what works. By Shelley A. Gable.

How to Avoid These Three Pain Points for Online Learning

Rapid eLearning

There are informal options like the video tutorials , lots of free webinars, and a number of opensource learning opportunities. And of course, participate in your local ATD , ISPI , and STC chapters.


Jay Changes Direction

Jay Cross

Learned every aspect of the training business, from marketing to design to models to costs, from ISA to ISPI. informal learning. Thought leader and chief proponent of informal learning. My book Aha!

Here’s How to Convert Click & Read to Interactive E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Linear courses are often the result of our focus on sharing information and not knowing how to move beyond this. Instead of pushing information out, create a way for the learner to pull information in. The assumption is that with more information things will be better.

My Public Presentations in March 2010

Work Learning

Tuesday, March 2 ISPI Massachusetts Chapter Newton, Massachusetts TITLE: Learning Measurement: Overcoming Myths, Research Wisdom, and Full-Source Evaluation LINK: [link] Tuesday and Wednesday March 23 and 24th eLearning Guild, Learning Solutions Conference Orlando, Florida SESSION (FOUNDATION INTENSIVE): Research Answers: What is the Value of e-Learning? Wednesday March 24, 1:00p - 2:00p SESSION 302: Improving Systems Training by Adding Informal Learning to the Blend.


More Answers to Your E-Learning Questions

Rapid eLearning

Usually the local ASTD, ISPI, or STC chapters contact me about doing workshops. Focus on what you want the learner to do and not just the information about doing it. I’ve just finished a number of workshops and capped it off with a session at Devlearn.


25 More Free Display Graphics for Your E-Learning Courses

Rapid eLearning

The clipboard’s great for checklists or going over a linear flow of information. November 12: Los Angeles, CA (ISPI)—Articulate Workshop. In a previous post, I share 15 free display graphics that are commonly seen in elearning courses. In today’s post, I’m adding a few more.


Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Kineo Audio Interview with Ellen Wagner "The Evolution of the LMS"

Learning Visions

On Guerilla Design and Video Kineo Top Tips Mass Chapter ISPI November Meeting Instructional Design Questionnaire Interview with Brent Schlenker Kineo Webinar on Webinars! Interview with Tony Karrer on Informal and Social.

Audio 130