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Authorware merged with MacroMind/Paracomp to become Macromedia, which was later acquired by Adobe. Research on human learning can be quite informative, but research on instruction is difficult because of the many circumstantial variables that have impact. As I’m fond of saying, if information without instruction were sufficient, we’d dispense with schools, colleges, and universities. ABOUT Dr. MICHAEL W. ALLEN (CEO and Chairman, Allen Interactions Inc.).

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Pricing and purchasing information. Support information. Subscription information and pricing. Pricing and purchasing information. Users of Macromedia Captivate, or Adobe Captivate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, Support information. Subscription information and pricing. Visit Adobe.com or the online Adobe Store in your respective country for pricing information. On this page. Basics. Basic. What is the 2017 release of Adobe Captivate?

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mLearning Revolution

This mobile revolution is an opportunity for learning professionals to reinvent our industry, from the way we learn new things by interacting with information on our mobile devices to the way we design the next generation of learning experiences. We have entered a new era of mobile computing.

My Top 10 e-Learning Tools

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And it worked very well with my Macromedia Flash when I was getting started in e-learning. I expect either it or Yammer to play a larger role for informal learning at my company. Jane Hart is gathering top ten lists for e-learning tools. Thus far, 203 people in the e-learning field have submitted their list. I have posted my e-learning toolkit in the past, but not what I necessarily consider my "top e-learning tools." So, here are my top 10 e-learning tools.

My daughter, poster child for 21st Century learning

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She is well on her way to a lifetime journey of learning, limited only by having enough time to obtain all the information and skills she desires. Tweet. Welcome two guest bloggers, Ken and Darby Hubbell, father and daughter. .

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Best take(s) on Adobe-Macromedia deal. Now that everyone has thrown in their two-cents, I thought I'd pull together some viewpoints on the Adobe-Macromedia acquisition. Results showed that the case studies helped the students make sense of the concepts and theories being studied in class, while communication with the teachers helped the students see the practical applications of the information they were learning. Tapping into the brains behind human behaviour.

A Conversation with Michael Allen–ADDIE, SAM & the Future of ID

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He founded the computer-based course authoring tool Authorware in 1984 and later formed Macromedia through a merger which was then bought by Adobe Systems. For those of you who may not know, Michael W. Allen is a leader in the field of design, developing and delivering online instruction.


My daughter, poster child for 21st Century learning

Allison Rossett

She is well on her way to a lifetime journey of learning, limited only by having enough time to obtain all the information and skills she desires. He has been a speaker at Macromedia/Adobe User Conventions, NASA and the East Coast Games Conference; and was the 2011 recipient of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology Immersive Learning Award. Welcome two guest bloggers, Ken and Darby Hubbell, father and daughter. .


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When I started researching SCORM in preparation for developing content and implementing an LMS, what I remember most was my frustration at the lack of any concise, hands-on information that was available about SCORM. Your SCOs should contain all the necessary files required to function, have or require no knowledge of any other SCO or external information, and as a matter of design, should remain relatively small such that they can be easily reused. Got SCORM?


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Dave Buell is an IT professional with more than 15 years of experience and has a master’s degree in Information Technology. I also use them personally to send helpful information to family and friends and even use them to create fun, family projects.

The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program

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The infrastructure plan includes identifying all training and information delivery methods and technology. The analysis phase will require the gathering of many different types of information. The analysis phase will provide you with the information you need to properly define the scope of the training and will be the primary input into the design phase. For example: getting new product information and training out to a large distributed sales force.

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Interactive 3D Simulation Training Using Macromedia Director This is a fun session to do because I think many people still see interactive 3D as being out of reach, or "too hard". The flow of information is as critical as the actual information itself and has a huge impact on our profession.

Role Models in Educational Technology on Ada Lovelace Day

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Ellen Wagner , Director at Macromedia and Owner, Learnativity Alliance. Julie Lindsay , Head of Information Technology and E-Learning at Qatar Academy, Doha, State of Qatar. Information Developer at SAP Labs, blogger. Ellyssa Kroski , emerging tech information consultant / librarian / writer / speaker / instructor. Suw Charman-Anderson is the catalyst behind Ada Lovelace Day , “an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology.”.

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O Collaboration - Where Art Thou?

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To me Real Time Collaboration (RTC) solutions like Macromedia Breeze , Centra , WebEx , Elluminate etc replicate oh so many of the problems we face in the traditional face-to-face model. Macromedia - stop asking for my mailing address when I go to view the archive. You already have what I consider to be my most precious piece of information - my email address.

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Why couldn’t they simply provide a link to more information for additional leisurely reading? Find more information about the SDK and/or the Membership plan here. Adobe CS and CS2 was about the time Adobe acquired Macromedia and Flash didn’t get its next version upgrade until CS3.

Future Trends in e-Learning

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The new workforce will want a more flexible workplace and may prefer flexibility to higher salary The use of gaming in training or "Nintendo meets Macromedia" is not that far in the future. But what gives companies a competitive edge is how well they can leverage the collective expertise of the organization - the informal and proprietary know-how that helps employees become truly adept at meeting daily challenges.