Can ‘Movie Based e-Learning’ be the Future of Video Based e-Learning?


This has changed the way we consume information and we expect more out of our learning experiences. The next is about going up a level on the production of learning videos and creating Movie-based Learning. How Movie Based Learning & Why is it going to be different?

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Second Life at the Movies

Kapp Notes

It was bound to happen, a full-feature length movie in Second Life.oops, sorry, it hasn't happened yet.but you heard it here first. It will be interesting to see where Second Life goes from here in terms of movies. Lot going on with machinimia made into main stream movies.

Top 4 Reasons Why Movie-based Learning is Effective

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The answer is movie-based learning. Let’s now see the reasons why movie-based learning is effective. Movie-based learning has: A Story. Movie-based learning includes a pack of emotions, actions, knowledge etc.

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Psychological Scientists Now Reviewing Movies -- To Bring Clarity

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Spiers, professor of psychology (and neuropsychologist) at one of my Alma Maters, Drexel University, has created a brilliant website to clarify the psychological science depicted in the movies. link] For another movie I really enjoyed, Memento , the reviewers point out both the ways in which the movie is accurate in reporting on anterograde amnesia, and inaccurate. Ideas Worth Considering Industry News Research World movies neuroscience psychology Spiers Mary V.

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The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

Managers Page 16 Example 2: Information. Example 2: Information Security. Training ENGAGE REINFORCE Let’s face it: Most information security training gets a cursory look at best, but in. bumbling characters out to create the greatest movie ever made on information.

Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

The start-up stiffed me but the paper morphed into the Informal Learning book. I’ll be leading a series of master classes on informal learning and working smarter in Europe. Informal Learning – the other 80%. Informal learning is effective because it is personal.

Don’t drink the informal learning snake oil

Jay Cross

We’ve seen this movie before. I fear that charlatans and dummies are taking informal learning down the same road. An Informal Learning Sequel? While it took six years to arrive, informal learning has become L&D’s flavor of the day. The Tragedy of eLearning.

Learning from The King's Speech | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

This movie should be required viewing for anyone in the learning industry – it demonstrates all the ingredients for effective learning. In her article* 10 Brainpowered Wonders in the King’s Speech , Dr. Ellen Weber nicely summarizes a few of the lessons this movie teaches us about learning.

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Are You Giving Informal Learning Short Shrift?


Sure, your education gave you the basic skills and factual foundation to process new information and succeed, but most of what you end up doing at the office everyday is stuff you pick up as you go. Informal First! According to Tracey, it’s “Informal First.”

Informal Learning Blog » The Story of Stuff

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

The Social Network and the Risks of Informal Learning Delivery

CLO Magazine

The movie The Social Network has been in the news this week — as it’s been for the last six months or so — for racking up eight Academy Award nominations. The other students fill in information on and interpretations of the paintings as discussion. But such informal learning’s lack of structure has a certain risk to it; in that students not called on to prove they learned anything may actually learn little or nothing.

How to Navigate Social Media (and Avoid Information Overload)

Rapid eLearning

For example, if you build rapid elearning courses with Articulate products there are all sorts of resources available to you: Articulate’s Facebook page keeps you up-to-date on news and information. But she felt overwhelmed by all of the information and has started tuning out.

"Informalization" of everything

The Learning Circuits

Informalization" seems to be a growing trend - podcasting, music, journalism, etc. I think traditional institutions have been slow to respond to the speed at which information is flowing. Personal control has caused a fair bit of stress to the music, movie, and now media industries. For the purpose of this post, however, I'd like to look past those downsides and focus on what the trend of informalization means to learners.

Old technologies don't die

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Photo by Steve Wheeler We connect with each other and with information in many ways. They are accessing information, listening to music, watching TV or a movie, perhaps making a call to a friend or family member.

SimWord of the Day: Playing out Information

The Learning Circuits

One of the most interesting things about both good movies and good computer games is the way that information is played out. For linear content, movies are a great model.

Fascination and boredom

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I wanted to make a comment about the in-flight movie. But no, the movie continued for 10 monotonous hours. I won't be watching that movie again. Much more interesting than an in-flight movie, and certainly more informative.

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Micro-Learning as a Workplace Learning Strategy


In my earlier posts, I have written about the possible roles it can play in formal, informal and incidental learning. The deluge of available information and decreasing attention span. The need for just-in-time and just-enough information to get the job done.

What I Learned from Robert Redford: Learning is About Finding the Right Information


There were a few moments in this movie that blew my mind. My roommate and I have been on a “watching the classics” kick: If the weather is crummy, we hole up on the couch to watch classic films we missed somewhere in the last 50 years or so.

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Video Production and Learner Engagement in MOOCs

Your Training Edge

Learners prefer lectures with a more informal feel. The researchers suggest that the more informal setting produced a “desirable trait [called] ‘personalization’—the student feeling that the video is being directed right at them, rather than at an unnamed crowd.”.

Future vision

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It was a first attempt, a tentative stumble into a rich augmented world of information, entertainment and communication. Even today, wearing new versions of Glass with its obtrusive camera units still make you look like you just walked off a SciFi movie set.

Dropping the Bomb: Using New Information to Zap Life into Learners

Vignettes Learning

In the same vein, new information presented in an interesting approach makes learners remember better. The hippocampus compares the incoming information with stored knowledge. Ever been to a surprise party or having received one? How was the experience?

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Informal Learning, Copyright, Job Satisfaction, & Genius

Big Dog, Little Dog

Formal & Informal Learning - Knowledge Jump. Informal learning gets 86% of all learning investments, while formal learning programs get 14% of the total investment. A movie posted on Stanford University's site called "A Fair(y) Use Tale" mashes up all your Disney favorites to humorously and effectively explain copyright law. The ten minute movie, directed by Eric Faden, came out of Stanford University's Fair Use Project Documentary Film Program.

Workplace Learning in a World “Beyond Automation”


It’s akin to one of our childhood sci-fi movies finally becoming a reality – the machines are taking over. I just finished reading an HBR article by Thomas Davenport and Julia Kirby called Beyond Automation , which is the trigger for this post.

Learning and Performance: Get Angry, Make Changes

Innovative Learning Group

Remember that iconic catch phrase from the 1976 movie Network ? People old enough to hold down a full-time job are old enough to know when they need information (i.e., People learn most effectively when they’re transforming new information into performance of an actual task. This transformation simply doesn’t happen when task performance occurs a month, a week, or even a day after the person receives the new information.

Gas makes a splash in 3D worlds

E-Learning Acupuncture

Tim informed me that part of the training activities also involve the driving of a fuel tanker truck onto the virtual premises to simulate filling of the underground tanks. I spent about 15 minutes this morning with Tim Allen, Head of Technology for Crompco Corporation.

Something all learning pro’s should do

E-Learning Provocateur

I think it stemmed from my love of history and my desire to understand what the enemy soldiers were saying in the movies. Constructivism, connectivism and informal learning. Learn a language. I don’t mean a programming language (although the theory probably still holds).

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Lots of great articles in SCIENCE.that you cant see.

Mark Oehlert

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The end of publishing as we know it

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Already we are seeing an acceleration in the sales of e-books, which I expect will correlate with a resurgence of reading as an informal learning activity. Tags: e-books self publishing storytelling ebooks informal learning In my previous article , I pondered how we are – finally!

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From the Silver Screen to Your eLearning

eLearning Brothers

Since I was little I have loved the movie theatre experience. Apart from thousands of hours of entertainment, the movie theatre has also given me some perspective on how to make a good eLearning course. It almost becomes part of the story of my movie-going experience.

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Joe Ganci – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Joe: I’m a firm believer that both formal and informal learning are necessary. We can look up information online at almost any time and almost anywhere. We are no longer satisfied with being able to see a movie just in a theater. eLearning delivery has become ubiquitous, but we now find that we can no longer provide exercises where the learner moves the mouse over an area of the screen to pop up information, because mobile phones and tablets generally don’t use mice.

Making Employee Onboarding an Immersive Experience with Mixed Reality

Origin Learning

The 80s saw the release of a movie titled ‘Tron’. The movie brought in lots of fascinating perspectives about computer programming, virtual worlds, games, and role-play in computer games to the public.

Social media: It’s not about the technology!

E-Learning Provocateur

In a nutshell, it means you still have plenty of scope to increase your social media activity and realise the corresponding benefits of collaboration, engagement and informal learning. Field Of Dreams was just a movie. informal learning participatory culture web 2.0

Marketing Training to Your Employees: Building Excitement and Buzz

Association eLearning

Taking popular movie posters, they created spoofs based on the training that was coming out. These movie posters were funny and built excitement in the learners they were marketing to.

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Now What? Beyond Networks

Experiencing eLearning

Dag: Which movie to see -> your network; When does the movie start -> google. A company that is more aware of its own information flow and network is more able to change. We are at a similar point with networks & information. information & message shaping. Posted in Informal Learning, Learning Communities. Tags: Informal Learning Learning Communities learning learntrends

Marketing Training to Your Employees: Building Excitement and Buzz

Association eLearning

Taking popular movie posters, they created spoofs based on the training that was coming out. These movie posters were funny and built excitement in the learners they were marketing to.

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SCORM: What is it?

Association eLearning

DVDs store and play movies. It’s the system that reads the information on the DVD and shows it to the viewer as a movie. Or in this case, it reads the eLearning information and shows it as a course someone can take. What version of SCORM are you using?


Production values: do they really matter?

Clive on Learning

How timely is this information? They expect Hollywood movies and big, expensive games to be awesome. Remember they are quite happy skipping from rock promos to home-made YouTube movies.

4 Ways to Make Our Ideas Stick

eLearning Brothers

An example from the book is movie popcorn. If you say that movie popcorn has 20g of fat, no one will take much notice. It also makes me never want to buy movie popcorn ever again! It helps the learners to better contextualize the information and apply it to their own situations.

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Lights, Camera, eLearning: What Project Managers and Hollywood Directors Have in Common

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I recently watched a sci-fi movie with tons of special effects. I’m always amazed at how these massive productions begin with someone’s imagination and evolve into the magnificent movies we see on screen.