The Top 7 Gifts For An eLearning Professional: Our Christmas Wish List


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Chief Learning Officer Names Best Companies for Workforce Development

CLO Magazine

For more information, visit Oasis Outsourcing Inc. AT&T tops the list of companies recognized as the 2013 LearningElite at a gala dinner at the Spring Chief Learning Officer Symposium in Austin, Texas. AT&T walked away with the honor as the best company for employee learning and development at Sunday night’s LearningElite Gala, Chief Learning Officer magazine’s annual recognition of leading companies for learning and development.

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Informal learning hot list for February 2009

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It beats threshing a barrage of chaff to locate the kernels of information you want. The Informal Learning Flow aggregator is beginning to take social signals into account. Hot List on Informal Learning. The myth of the concentration oasis. You can harness the same technology to focus searches for information. Informal Learning Flow and RSS and. Innovation Informal Learning Community Web 2.0

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Learning Experience : the best workplace environment you need

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On the one hand, while concentration space should allow for no sound and should feature dim lighting and easy access to information, the collaborative space should be personal for each team and allow for ongoing projects to stay in place without being cleaned out.

Chief Learning Officer Unveils Top Companies for Workforce Development

CLO Magazine

Oasis Outsourcing Inc. For more information about the LearningElite, visit # # #. Austin, Texas, March 18, 2013 — Chief Learning Officer magazine (CLO) recognized 52 organizations as learning and development leaders Sunday night at the 2013 LearningElite Gala hosted by the magazine at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa in Austin, Texas.

Virtual Reality and Micro Learning: Ready. Set. Engage. - Tip #145

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In this story, people escape the harsh reality of the real world by entering into a virtual reality (VR) platform called OASIS. You could wear specially equipped smart glasses where the glasses display information regarding the things within your field of view, onto the lens.