How INNOVATION Is Driving Today’s Workplaces


Innovation and Collaboration in Plain English : This is a brilliant whiteboard animation (by Information Design Studio) that neatly illustrates the steps that you should follow in implementing innovation within your organization.

How Social Learning is Powering Up Today’s Workplaces


“ Learning would be exceedingly laborious, not to mention hazardous, if people had to rely solely on the effects of their own actions to inform them what to do. THE QUOTE.

Move Forward

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Then what happened at Oracle? General Information Technology Innovation TechnologyProgress can seem like a scary thing sometimes. It can mean that the things we’re comfortable with are suddenly pulled out from under us.

6 Ways To Create Meaningful eLearning Assessments


How To Create Meaningful eLearning Assessments Your eLearning assessments are the oracle of your eLearning course. The results can tell you if your training efforts have been successful, whether your audience learned and retained the information you set out to impart, and where […].

Learning Leaders, Get Used to Disruption

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The big ERP vendors, such as Workday, Oracle, LinkedIn and SAP have all moved in this direction as well. Workday’s new learning platform is essentially a video delivery system; Oracle’s new video learning platform is a YouTube-like system; and SAP JAM was originally designed for video sharing.

More Employee-centric Talent Management in 2017

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Informed by needs employees have expressed themselves, these efforts could involve implementing a flexible work policy, and driving a culture of recognition among other things.

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

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Imagine that your organization is informed in real-time about individual and program progress, as well as relevant business impact. Salesforce , Microsoft Dynamics , Oracle Fusion and SugarCRM are the most common CRMs integrated with learning platforms.

3 Ways to Earn More Money as an Instructional Designer


I sent this information to the person who contacted me, and the next day received one a follow-up question: “What factors determine where you fall within the salary range?” I remember being on a project where we were creating training for Oracle PeopleSoft (an ERP software).

Channel Learning and Business Success: Can Your LMS Connect the Dots?

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I see and hear details of real, measurable programs that blend formal, informal and social learning. This includes companies like Dell, Oracle, Honeywell, AT&T, Saver and Stanley. Very basic information. ” What is an example of informal learning in the channel?

Make Your Software Training Handy with These 10 Job-aids

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Want to keep job critical information at the fingertips of your employees? A series of actions you perform on the software will give certain outcomes such as creating an invoice using SAP or Oracle Apps.

Creation of Value and Intangible Assets: the Paradigm Shift

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A study published in 2015 by the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) association and sponsored by Oracle focused on the measurement and management of new key indicators in the era of digital finance.

Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


Company: Product: Oracle. Oracle. For more information about the Enterprise Learning! Executives Nominate 100 Solutions Across Expanded 30 Categories for Excellence. Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines, the industry voices of the enterprise learning and workforce technology market, announced today the Best of Elearning! Awards 2015 Finalists.

What Does the Modern Learner Look Like?

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They must simplify the employee experience and enable connections anywhere and on any device, personalize information for relevant communication, create a culture where employees want to share their knowledge, and encourage them to engage with each other in new and creative ways.

LMS State of Affairs

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Training communities – not actually part of the system, but provides a wealth of information including how to videos for administrators. Many people are only aware of the bigger names such as Cornerstone, Saba, SuccessFactors, Oracle Learn, Infor and Sum Total. 620 and counting. . Learning Systems. Learning Platforms. Learning Management Systems. Maturity stage? Not close.

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How Does Learning Affect Franchise Success? Measuring What Matters

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Working together, they can help you tie learning behavior to performance outcomes, and provide insights that inform your business decisions. Like other corporations, large franchise companies already rely on enterprise business systems with familiar names like SAP, Oracle and Workday.

#HRTECH Learning Vendors Preview – Who to see and who to avoid

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The administration side can be overwhelming – sometimes too much information isn’t a good thing. Oracle Taleo. If you are an Oracle customer, you can interface or API with many LMS vendors in the market. I say this because I surmise there are Oracle customers who decided to go with the learning system because it was also Oracle. . Welcome, welcome all! To those from HR who are new to this blog, I give a high five.

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Will I Still Be Relevant In 5 Years?

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In line with this mindset, analytics are now an integral component of common HR software such as Oracle, SAP, SuccessFactors, ADP, Cornerstone, and Visier — but just collecting numbers isn’t enough.

5 Essential Qualifications to Look for in an Instructional Designer


While resourceful, Instructional Designers still rely on subject matter experts for much of the information they are training. Application Experience – If your developing training for a new system, such as an ERP like SAP or Oracle, then make sure your ID has experience with similar projects.

LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

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Most commonly, LMS vendors do not collect or store credit card information, but rather integrate with a third-party payment gateway. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

How do you measure how training creates value? – The 7 learning principles

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Phillips identifies several intangibles: leadership, innovation, creativity, teamwork, quality of service, reputation, intellectual capital… which happen to be some of the key values of companies such as Coca Cola, Boeing, Oracle and Novartis.

The 70:20:10 L&D Model for Developing a High-Performing Workforce


They have realized that, with the traditional approach, it is impossible to achieve a high growth or efficiency because the way people learn has undergone a disruptive transformation…from formal ‘structured’ learning’ to informal ‘social learning’.

Why MOODLE Is the Most Widely Used LMS

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Easy integration with other enterprise systems – Facilitating seamless flow of information. MOODLE can be integrated with various enterprise platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Workday, SalesForce, and SugarCRM and so on. .

Moodle 101

Why MOODLE Is the Best Course Management Software

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It is important to facilitate effective “communication” between the course management application and other enterprise tools such as your ERP system and CRM software, to enable the hassle-free flow of information. The market for corporate e-learning solutions is growing steadily.

Top 50 LMS Report for 2016 – What you need to know (criteria, approach, and yeah some vendors)

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I identify the Big Dogs as SumTotal by Skillsoft (yes, that is the actual name), Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, SucessFactors and Oracle Taleo (although, I ask myself who is using this and if you still are why?). Oracle Taleo – Seriously, either overhaul this thing or dump it and torch it. I feel bad for the folks who were, then thought Taleo would improve it, then Oracle. And BTW, nearly every LMS can interface with Oracle products.

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LMS & LCMS Directory

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To view the specific system, click on the system’s name and it will take you to the site or if possible, directly to the information on the system. Open Source LMSs are not on the list, you can find this information here. SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle and HRIS systems; thus if you have one of those systems you are now open to a greater number of vendors, rather then staying with your ERP or HRIS provider. Contains over 200 systems.

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Learning Audiences Are Not Created Equal: Employees vs. Extended Enterprise

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In employee LMS deployments, user accounts, profile information, and organizational hierarchy are typically synced through integration with an HR or enterprise resource planning application such as Oracle or SAP.

Put Insight into Practice


If you lean on those assessments to inform the numerous choices you make along the way, your chances of achieving the desired outcome—helping employees realize their full potential with technology—become much greater. IT Adoption Insight Report , 2012, Oracle UPK & Neochange.

Latest Negative E-Learning Trends

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The point of it all, is that this negative trend skews the data out of the gate and your results on future depth will provide you with erroneous information, especially as part of a gap analysis for future learning and growth. Next Taleo got bought by Oracle. Trends.

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RIP Old LMS… Say Hello to the Next-Gen LMS


It is seen that a majority of everyday learning happens informally, i.e. socially vs. while sitting in a classroom. Hence, we designed an LMS that’d blend informal training mode such as social learning with the e-training modules. Is your current LMS giving you nightmares?

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Don’t Believe the Hype. Learning Management Systems Are Alive and Well

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That’s why Salesforce still competes against Oracle and Microsoft — the CRM old guard — as well as Base — the innovative new guys in the CRM space. Recently, Carol Leaman wrote an article for this publication in which she proposed that learning management systems are so five years ago.

Get Ready for a Season of Learning Tech Success! Fall Webinar Series

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In keeping with our reputation for no-sales, high-impact events, these sessions will be packed with actionable information and independent research. A whole new season of learning tech guidance is coming this fall, and we saved you a front-row seat!

CRM-LMS Integration: A Smarter Choice for Customer Education

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Most Salesforce users rely on this powerful software-as-a-service suite for its original purpose – centralized management and tracking of customer and prospect account information. Think Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, EMC, Red Hat and Hubspot.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Market Differences in eLearning

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According to the reports there has been a substantial growth in hiring of IT professionals in India related to Oracle, Web-Designing, and other courses. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

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Give User Adoption the Respect it Deserves | Social Learning Blog

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Whether you’re implementing SAP, one of the many Oracle products, or the latest Business Intelligence tool, user resistance, misaligned business processes and lack of user skill and understanding are most commonly at the root of most failed technology initiatives.

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Airtable’s Chief Product Officer on Building Products that Amplify Our Creative Potential

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Geographical Information System tutorial. a database front-end to an Oracle database. We’re thrilled to feature this guest post from Andrew Ofstad, Chief Product Officer at Airtable. Humans are preternaturally skilled at amplifying their inherent abilities through tools.

Gamification: How Gamification Benefits Corporate Learning

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As a result, they can retain more information and utilize new skills in real life applications in the workplace. Game-based support applications for Oracle, SAP and other companies are an integral part of most company-wide implementation programs.

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

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Instead of dismissing the LMS altogether, I think people mean to say that they have had it with big, boring, complex, expensive, talent management LMS systems that look like databases, are socially unaware and ignore informal learning. #14