The Kirkpatrick-Phillips Model – Part 4

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I mentioned the Kirkpatrick-Phillips Model of Evaluation in passing, and promised you more on this “ evolved ” model. I call this an “ evolved ” model because, the Kirkpatrick-Phillips Model of Evaluating a training program is based on the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation.

More on Re-evaluating Evaluation – Jack Phillips and ROI

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I just realized that I haven’t included a single word about Jack Phillips , who introduced Return on Investment (ROI) as Level 5 to Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation. Years later, I realized that she had skipped Kirkpatrick’s Level 4: Results and substituted Phillips’ ROI.

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The Phillips ROI MethodologyTM – Measuring Data at All Levels – Part 5

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In the fourth part of the series, we saw how the Phillips ROI Methodology TM suggests that measurements be taken at every level. Related Posts The Kirkpatrick-Phillips Model – Part 4 Is Kirkpatrick’s Model of Evaluating a Training Program The Best?

Interview with Jack Phillips on ROI for eLearning


Jack Phillips is founder and CEO of the ROI Institute, Inc., Phillips developed the ROI Methodology™, a critical tool he has used for measuring and evaluating programs such as training, human resources, technology and quality programs and initiatives.

Why is eLearning undervalued? Peter Phillips considers.

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Peter Phillips'(Unicorn Training Chairman) considers why eLearning may still be undervalued as a training resource despite the cultural fascination with online technologies. As it would be in their everyday job, if they don’t know the answers to customer questions, at any point they are able to pop back into their virtual office and search for the information using a range of interactive tools. Listen to Peter Phillips' thoughts on immersive learning here

How do we measure value creation from training?

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The company generally gets this type of information from annual appraisals. Even though certain things are hard to measure reliably, Phillips (2015) suggests a way of getting round this when evaluating the impacts of a training course. Phillips J, Pulliam Phillips P.

Is Kirkpatrick’s Model of Evaluating a Training Program The Best? – Part 3

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Here is a model that when used – as it is meant to be used – has the power to give us immensely valuable information about our learners, their needs, what works for them, and what does not work for them, and how they can deliver better performance. His name is Dr. Jack Phillips.


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It’s already easy to disseminate basic information, and training initiatives can be reliably and economically delivered via intranet, Wiki, Electronic Performance Support Systems like Robohelp, YouTube, and so on.

Bloomingdale’s, Toys”R”Us, Toyota and others tout the benefits of Axonify


Mia Phillips – National Manager of Dealer Education Strategy and Digital Solutions at Toyota. Mia Phillips – National Manager of Dealer Education Strategy and Digital Solutions at Toyota. And what I see happening with Axonify is we truly are creating a learning culture in the stores and that informal learning culture. Axonified customers use our Employee Knowledge Platform in a variety of applications and industries.

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Discussing the ASTD Handbook, eLearning, and Published Expertise with Elaine Biech

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Reading up on a topic in a handbook article written by an expert can only better prepare you to hunt down (and properly digest) whatever granular information you ultimately need to find. JA : Our Blog is focused on information for the eLearning manager.

Our digital future 4: Pervasive computing

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All of the museum exhibits have information embedded within them. When the smart phone is produced and is lined up with the Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) sensor in the exhibit, information starts to flow from the exhibit to the child's smart device.

Join us at World of Learning Conference & Exhibition, to see our award-winning LMS, custom eLearning & learning apps

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Our minds-i app was designed in response to client-demand, tapping into the potential and power of self-directed informal, mobile-first learning, to complement and reinforce enterprise-driven formal learning activities.Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, said: “We’re delighted to be at World of Learning for the first time. We're excited to announce we will be exhibiting at the World of Learning Conference & Exhibition, 17th - 18th October at Birmingham NEC.

Learning to Learn from Evaluation of Learning

The Peformance Improvement

The Kirkpatricks have four levels, the Phillips have ROI, and Brinkerhoff has the Success Case Method. In a learning culture, employees are continually acquiring knowledge and skills not only from training but also from a myriad of other formal and informal learning interventions.

What is an Instructional Design Model?

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This phase involves collecting data, organizing the information, and looking for patterns in the information to identify gaps. E-learning Design: Instructional Design Models Vs Strategies The Kirkpatrick-Phillips Model – Part 4.


NEWS: Unicorn Partners With YUDU For New Training Information App

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Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, said: “Mobile is an integral part of all online learning development now. Unicorn’s latest training App will be unveiled next month after Unicorn partnered with digital publishers, YUDU, to create the ‘Unicornucopia’ App.

Are You Ready? Your ATD ICE Conference Bag!

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There was a lot of good information captured from a variety of people. So now with Dave’s blessing, is a bit of information about my own personal conference preparations. You know you want insider information!

Learning by Creating: Turning Bloom’s on Its Head

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Guest post by Library Media Specialist, David Phillips. I now believe the years I spent honing my presentation skills, thinking my students would learn better if I only presented the information in a more engaging fashion, were efforts on a wrong track.

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Welcome to our new blog

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We are excited about the launch of our new site, we hope visitors will be able to find information on Unicorn’s learning solutions with ease. Welcome to our newly redesigned blog, which is part of our website relaunch.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Super-Close Google Map Zooms

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I stumbled across this blog entry today from Phillip Lennsen, Google Blogoscoped. Games for the Brain Super-Close Google Map Zooms Rock On with e-Learning from ZVEX Informal/DIY Learning: Montessori School for Adul. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Wednesday, March 07, 2007 Super-Close Google Map Zooms How low can you go? Thats pretty crazy. I like the folks playing ping pong in the pool.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Games for the Brain

Learning Visions

Wednesday, March 07, 2007 Games for the Brain These brain games are from Phillip Lenssen, via Dean at my company who was thinking about how we could use brain teasers or games to get a learner prepped to learn. Games for the Brain Super-Close Google Map Zooms Rock On with e-Learning from ZVEX Informal/DIY Learning: Montessori School for Adul. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

The Evolving Face of Embedded Performance Support


Learning is largely informal (on-the-job), a little social (peer), and least formal (training programs and courses). LearnQ : a mobile-based performance support app for our Quality Management System (QMS) that provides an ubiquitous way to access information while on the go.

Book Publication Day!!

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If smile sheets were feeding us bad information, maybe we should just stop using them. I got feedback from learning-measurement luminaries like Rob Brinkerhoff, Jack Phillips, and Bill Coscarelli. Wow!! I almost can't believe it.

ADDIE Backwards Planning Model

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The steps in the Analysis Phase closely align with Phillips' Needs Model and Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluations. Training Needs - define appropriate performance, instructional, and informational material (includes both formal and informal ).


The Training Evaluation Framework of the Future: The GEvaluation Framework

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We drew inspiration from heroes of old like Donald Kirkpatrick, Roger Kaufman and Jack Phillips and injected these old models with a serum that transformed it into a lean mean evaluating machine.

Weighing the Options: Different Schools of Thought

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Jack Phillips, chairman of ROI Institute Inc., Phillips, who started the ROI Institute in 1993 and has written a number of books on the subject, adds a fifth level, return on investment, to the taxonomy. To measure level 4, or impact, Phillips said learning leaders take the predetermined outcome measure. In the following example, Phillips uses new accounts, with the aim of isolating those connected to training.

What is stopping companies from measuring learning: Skillsets, datasets, toolsets or mindsets?


Yet, L&D professionals continue to herald formal evaluation - Kirkpatrick and Phillips - as industry standards, essentially disregarding new tools at their disposal. It''s clear we have to demonstrate value of informal learning supported by ongoing, granular analysis using the right tools.

A Day in the Life of a Learning Objective

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The outcomes of this gap analysis inform the newly defined roles, as well as the performance expectations that define the corresponding competencies. Learning and development is a process not an event, and the one constant aspect of this scientific process is the learning objective.

Serious Play Conference

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Jon Twing, PhD, EVP and Chief Measurement Officer, Assessment & Information Group, Pearson. Patti Phillips , CEO, ROI Institute. The Serious Play Conference, taking place August 23-25 at DigiPen Institute of Technology, has announced the International Serious Play Awards , a program to recognize and certify exemplary products for training or learning in the education, corporate, government/military, healthcare and consumer markets.

Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation


Information from each previous level serves as the foundation for the next level’s evaluation, offering, in stages, an accurate reading of the effectiveness of the training program.

Evaluating Training – Capturing the Benefits Aspect of ROI

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Reactions to a learning event are important and the happy sheets do serve a purpose, but will they really provide enough hard data for informed decision making when greater investment in training is needed, budgets are cut, competition for resources is fierce, and times get tough?

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Training

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Something must be done so that business leaders can find useful and pertinent information about the effectiveness of training programs, make better use of the training budget, and obtain the results they seek. Jack and Patti Phillips’ model of evaluation emphasizes the importance of tying evaluation to learning objectives. It is essential in today’s business environment to demonstrate an impact from learning initiatives.

4 Critical Factors for Evaluating a Learning Company

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Obsidian’s Distributed Learning model – click the link to learn more) that informs design strategies? Are you kept informed of project progress, and do you know what your learning provider is doing at each stage of the project?

Is Image Memorability Important to eLearning?

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Shouldn't we be more excited about the possibility of selecting better images that help learners retain more important information in long term memory? I discovered this interesting research report from a tweet that pointed to an article in Scientific mind titled Haunting Scenes.

Three Challenges Faced by Today’s L&D Leaders

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Rob Brinkerhoff, a professor at Western Michigan University and thought leader in the field, puts that number 80 to 85% (Phillips, 2016)! In a 2008-2009 study, Jack and Patti Phillips surveyed the CEOs of Fortune 500 and large, private-sector employers. 7. Efficiency/Cost information. Jack & Patti Phillips, Measuring What Matters: How CEOs View Learning Success 2009). Phillips, Jack & Phillips, Patti. Phillips, Ken.

E-Learning & Instructional Design 101

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We are continually learning as we take in information, explore and solve problems, and interact with people. Our brains just keep on working, whether we plan it or not (unless of course you’re at an Emo Phillips show ).

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

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How do I search for information?”. Reduced email traffic and information overload. Social and informal learning are the hottest trends in corporation learning and development. What Universities Must Learning About Social Networks.

Product Review: BlueVolt

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Under Featured or Enrolled the following information is present. At one time BlueVolt was just a spark, a system among many other systems in the market. Those days are gone forever.