JPG vs. PNG: Which Should I Use?

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This post will cover two of the most popular file format options, JPG vs. PNG, including when to use them and why. The reason is because the compression is lossy , which means that certain unnecessary information is permanently deleted. What is a PNG? So, JPG or PNG?

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How can I create a spotlight on a slide to highlight some information?

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A great question surfaced in a training class a couple of weeks ago – “How can I create a spotlight on a slide to highlight some information?”. Right click this selection to save as a picture (right-click> Save as Picture >PNG). Be sure to save as a PNG.

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Interesting Information via eLearning Learning

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Again, I'll be curious to see if people find patterns in this information. David Fair - Learning Journeys Talk to him about graphics ( PNG , JPG ) and staying organized ( Tagging , Information Overload ). We've implemented a few features in the eLearning Learning Community. You can see the first feature by visiting the site and clicking around on terms.

How to steer your client away from an information dump

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I kept track of the branching by writing the dialog and results in an informal flowchart. The “order taker&# meter is a static PNG in three versions (&# order taker,&# midpoint, and “instructional designer&# ).

eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #11

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More information on how we might use it in elearning can be found in this post on our blog. A Web-based drawing tool, which outputs the drawing as PNG file. CopperLicht – fast WebGL JavaScript 3D Engine.

Adobe FrameMaker: On-Demand QR Codes

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They are typically used for storing URLs or other information and can be scanned by QR Readers. In the  File Name  field, give the QR code a name (it will be saved as a PNG image) and specify a storage location. by Kevin Siegel      Unless you've been deliberately avoiding them, it's a good bet you've come across images similar to the one below.     The image is known as a QR code.

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How to Edit SVG Graphics in PowerPoint

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I like to save as a PNG file so that the transparent part of the image remains transparent. Contact the Houston ATD for more information. The good news is that now you can edit SVG images in PowerPoint.

Enhancing Interactions with Media Elements

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With this, course developers are increasingly feeling the need to provide additional information elements within interactions. jpg,png,gif) or text. For more information visit and explore the power of Media Toolbox A few years back, e-learning courses were largely static, with a few interactions here and there. As interactivity takes center stage, more and more learning happens through interactions.

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Guest Blogger, Bryan Jones of – How to Repurpose Content in under 1 hour


Brain science supports the idea that content needs to be repeated to open and widen multiple neuropathways to the same information. What people care about isn’t information, but how to USE the information to do something. File-Save-As, then select PNG from the dropdown.

A Simple Way to Build PowerPoint Graphics for Mobile Learning

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I usually save in PNG format. Louis for more information. In a previous post, I shared how I built an interactive scenario in Rise. I’ve gotten lots of emails asking how I built the graphics like the headers and the flashcard interactions for the interactive scenario.

Get The Big Picture With TalentLMS’ Training Infographics


This is a “big picture” infographic that shows statistics and operational information about your training program as a whole. What other Infographics would you like to see added to the platform or what other information you’d find useful in the existing infographics?

IPhone- User Interface Guidelines – Part III

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Table Views, Text Views and Web Views: Table View: It displays information in single column multiple rows format. Navigating Hierarchical Information : Mainly in productive type of application. Viewing Conceptually Grouped Information.

Five Tips for Creating Graphics for Mobile Devices

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Flexible Design: Except for Blackberry most other smart phones have G-sensor, which understands the orientation of the phone and displays information accordingly – in landscape or portrait depending upon how the handset is held.

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Detecting Mobile Platforms the Smart Way for Lectora

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On each page, there is a group with an overlay that includes a PNG to shade the content, and a button with two actions, one to play the audio, the other to hide the group.

Snagit Update: Light Theme, Scrolling Capture and More

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Starting with Snagit 9, we’ve had a very powerful and popular way to automatically save your captures and lots of information connected to your captures. However, the actual storage location of that information was controlled by Snagit.

Improve learning with worksheets and handouts


Images – gif,png,jpg. Doing so, breaks down complex information into bite size pieces for your learners and makes it possible for them to quickly absorb certain abstract concepts in your course. With ProProfs, you can supplement learning with downloadable handouts and worksheets.

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12 Top eLearning Project Management Tools You Need to Try


All the information you and your team needs is in one handy place. Used for mind mapping, you can plan, brainstorm, share information and brain dump information into a cool diagram. You and your team’s time is a precious commodity.

9 Google Search Hacks to Make eLearning Development A Whole Lot Easier

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You can trying apply these tips to whatever information you are using, this is not just for eLearning. Searching for images might be easy for you, but do you know you can use filetype:[jpg or png] to find images and document files, like PDFs.

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The A to Z of eLearning Acronyms Part 2


Expanded to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard this acronym describes whether or not a vendor is adhering to the appropriate industry standards of payment information collection and processing. We have a free eBook available containing more information on SCORM.

Technical Communications: Online Versus Paper

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 If your print document includes cross references (such as, "For more information, see page 11"), you could end up with a mess. To use the images, you'll need to allow time to save the images as online versions (in jpeg or png format). by Tony Self    What is more effective, a print document or an online document?

Free eLearning resource screen template and tutorial


If you’re building a good eLearning course, you don’t want to cover EVERYTHING (even if your SME tells you that learners need ALL the information in the history of mankind). You’ll highlight the important stuff, like what do DO with the information and how to connect the learner to outcomes.

The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | August 24, 2018

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VectorMagic -Easily Convert JPG, PNG, GIF Files to PDF, SVG, EPS Vectors. Learn more in my Speaking and Workshop Information Sheet. “There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth.” – Leo Tolstoy. It is getting to be my favorite time of year.

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HTML5 Interactions: Why business platforms are converting Flash courses

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The learners can also receive information in the form of eBooks, where you can add page turning effects. The scalable vector graphics (SGV) files, unlike GIF, JPEG or PNG files, are scalable and does not suffer a loss in quality. Over the years, eLearning developers have used Flash in developing the courses. The coding process had been complicated until HTML5 made its way onto the scene. Previously, the developers used tools like XML, Java, and Flash to code the courses.

Building Finger-friendly Buttons for m-Learning


All you need are two image files (any file format will do—png, jpeg, bmp or gif)—one to show as the unselected radio button/checkbox, and one to show as the selected radio button/checkbox when your learner taps the button.

Review before Retake?

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To create a Review slide , where the learner would see the same information for normal quiz slides. Correct state: shape is filled with a PNG representing a green tick symbol. Wrong state: shape is filled with a PNG that is the Cross symbol.

5 Lessons for Learning Photoshop

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Don’t confuse this with file formats like jpeg, gif and png. I hope that this post has been informative and that you enjoyed reading it. Adobe Photoshop, that amazing image editing tool that seems to fall somewhere between technology and just pure magic.

10 Design Standards to Create Better eLearning!

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Should you be formal or informal? mov,swf,avi,png,wmv, etc.). If you’re thinking about creating online courses you’ve probably started to think about standards. eLearning content needs to follow standards just like classroom manuals and material. When content is standardized it makes it easier for the learner to understand and quickly process the content. They stop noticing inconsistencies and focus on what you’d really like them to – the meat!

More Than 100 PowerPoint Tutorials & a Free Template

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Animated effect to introduce new scenes or information. Here’s the difference between PNG and EMF images. How to reduce file size by saving slide as a PNG.

Optimize your eLearning courses for mobile


Breakpoints are useful in an elearning context as they can inform the way in which you design your courses. Think about whether or not a person can derive information from a particular course whilst also “on the go”. If you do have to make compromises go for a lighter resolution of video, and if you are using images, use jpeg and gif rather than png. Recently one of our customers asked us for some advice on how to optimize their courses for mobile devices.

How to Repurpose Content in under 1 hour


Brain science supports the idea that content needs to be repeated to open and widen multiple neuropathways to the same information. What people care about isn’t information, but how to USE the information to do something. File-Save-As, then select PNG from the dropdown. Goal: Repurpose content for a blog post, quote images, and a video. Time required: 60 minutes (+/- 30 minutes). Overview.

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Open Source E-learning Development 2: Image Manipulation

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The application has read/write support for popular image formats such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF, as well as the proprietary file formats of several other applications such as Autodesk *.flic GIMP can also read and write path information from SVG files.

10 ways to enhance the LMS experience for your users


As research has shown, humans are wired to pay special attention to storytelling and can retain things that they heard in story form much better than other information. The key to success in eLearning, as in any other business for that matter, is to never rest on your laurels.

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How to use Photoshop for eLearning – Part 2: Cropping & Resizing


You can also choose to save a compressed version of the file in a web standard like JPEG, PNG or GIF. The Navigation panel also displays zoom level information and shows where you are in the document in case you’ve zoomed into a preview image.

Balancing image quality and SWF output size in CP 5 – 1

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In this two part blog series we look at information that you can use in Adobe Captivate 5 to parallel decide the quality of an image and the SWF file size and bring forth the differences between the publishing of images in CP 4 and CP 5. Note that JPEG does not support transparency and transparent images such as PNG images do not appear clearly if published with this option.

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