Six reasons why you should use polling in virtual classroom


When it comes to instruction, educators and trainers all aim for perfection — a compelling presentation that engages everyone while conveying information seamlessly and effectively. Virtual Classroom Online Teaching polling in classroom

Six reasons why you should use polling in virtual classroom


When it comes to instruction, educators and trainers all aim for perfection — a compelling presentation that engages everyone while conveying information seamlessly and effectively. Virtual Classroom Online Teaching polling in classroom

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They’re not like us

E-Learning Provocateur

As learning in the workplace becomes increasingly informal, the motivation of employees to drive their own development becomes increasingly pivotal to their performance. My poll results from Drivers of Yammer use in the corporate sector are somewhat enlightening.

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Social, Informal Learning Can Be ?Measured

CLO Magazine

Key performance indicators for social and informal learning identify knowledge hubs and lead to better results. Where the changes show up is in the data points companies analyze in conjunction with social and informal learning.

How Performance Support Apps Are Faring In Today’s Workplaces


LearnQ – a mobile-based performance support app – a reference version of our Quality Management System (QMS) that provides an ubiquitous way to access the required information on the LMS while on the go.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Poll Results: Learning Visions Readers

Learning Visions

Tuesday, October 30, 2007 Poll Results: Learning Visions Readers The poll results are in. Does this better explain the results of my gaming or second life polls ? Women Gamers on the Rise Second Life and Gaming Poll Results You're So Immature: e-Learning in Some Organizatio.

Organizational Change Management Cited – Again – as Key.

Dashe & Thomson

In a recent post, he cites a recent poll by Panorama Consulting , in which IT executives are asked about the “deadliest sin” of ERP implementations. My learning philosophy: dont make people tote around loads of information in their heads just so you can say you trained them.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Bloggers New Polling Tool

Learning Visions

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 Bloggers New Polling Tool As you may know, Ive been playing around with Polls on this blog. If you havent responded to those polls, please click on the links here and do so!) Today I just noticed that Blogger has added a polling tool. Just edit your Template layout, add a New Page Element , and choose Poll. Although the poll style is sparse and not as sexy Poll Daddys , it does the trick.

Know your audience better with ProProfs Poll Maker


Want to create smart polls that capture more than just opinions? With ProProfs Poll Maker, you can even capture voter’s information such as their names, email addresses, phone numbers and more. Example poll capturing voter’s name, email & phone no.

Social Learning Demonstration: How to Be a Backup Singer

Dashe & Thomson

View This Poll. View This Poll. Video social learning backup singers general hilarity Informal Learning video video demonstrationWe talk a lot about social learning on this site. And we link to lots of others who talk – and talk, and talk.

Harrisburg Presentation Resources

Kapp Notes

Here is some additional information. Polling Software. Poll Everywhere. Here are some resources from my presentation in Harrisburg. Defining and Exploring Gamification from Karl Kapp. Articles and Blog Entries of Interest. 8 Types of Stories to Effect Change.

ASTD Philadelphia Presentation Resources

Kapp Notes

Wonderful people, fun time and great exchange of knowledge and information. We played the game “Fact or Fishy” where I gave some information and using the software Poll Everywhere , the audience members answered the questions, one half of the audience against the other.


When is eLearning a Smart Management Decision?

Dashe & Thomson

There is a tremendous amount of information available about the advantages of eLearning as a delivery method, but there is not a whole lot devoted to this particular question. I decided to poll some of [.]

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9 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 21

Upside Learning

Today, we have new forms of learning like – blended, informal, social, mobile etc. Informalize Formal Learning: Smarter, Closer, Simpler, and More Appealing. Know how you can informalize formal learning. 30+ Tools For Building Mobile Apps (+ Poll!).

9 Tips To Maximize Employee Involvement In Online Training Development


Conduct Social Media Polls And Surveys. Social media polls and online surveys are quick and convenient. First and foremost, they give your organization a platform to share information and online training updates. Employees are the ones who have to take your online training.

I Don’t Care What You Had For Lunch: Finding Professional Value in Twitter

Dashe & Thomson

Here at Dashe & Thomson, we made a New Year’s resolution for 2011 to dig a little deeper into social media and explore how to use it for social and informal learning, increasing website traffic, and building networks.

Informal Learning About Accessibility

Experiencing eLearning

Two weeks ago, I posted a poll that asked How Do You Learn About Accessibility? The poll is still open, so you can still vote, but I wanted to share the results so far. It does seem like there isn’t much formal learning about accessibility happening though; most of the responses were for various kinds of informal learning. Informally from coworkers: 11%. Posted in Accessibility, Informal Learning. Tags: Informal Learning Accessibility

20 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 13

Upside Learning

As people increasingly embrace social media and new technologies with open arms, social learning, informal learning and blended learning continue to gain a strong foothold in an organization’s learning palette. Time’s Up – Learning Will Forever Be Part Formal, Part Informal and Part Social. Hassle-Free Scheduling

E-learning Uncovered

Step 1: Provide some general information. Just provide some general information; the only required fields are your event title, name, and email address. If you’re creating a “basic poll,” you can immediately move to the next step.

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The Future of the LMS

Bottom-Line Performance

These include blogs, online coaching, polls, self-study programs, communities of practice, and more.&#. And in the place of multiple-choice and true/false tests, more complex polling features keep learners engaged. With the addition of informal learning opportunities, hopefully, learners will stop thinking of the LMS as “the place to go to get to the training&# and start viewing it as “where I can find what I need to know.&#

Increasing student engagement through Interactive Learning Design


Polls. Though not strictly part of asynchronous learning, polls can be included within the e-course for learners to discuss relevant topics and get the general views that other learners have. The results of the poll can be shared with learners – in real time or later.

InSync Presentation Resources: Case of the Disengaged Learner

Kapp Notes

Information about using Poll Everywhere. Using Poll Everywhere to Create an Interactive Story-based Presentation from Karl Kapp. Visit for more information on gamification and learning.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Instructional Designers Poll: Market Sector and Advanced Degrees

Learning Visions

Friday, April 11, 2008 Instructional Designers Poll: Market Sector and Advanced Degrees My original survey on Instructional Designers and Advanced Degrees had some holes in it. Please take the latest poll! Posted by Cammy Bean at 10:21 AM Labels: instructional design , poll , survey 2comments: christytucker said. Instructional Designers Poll: Market Sector and A. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

Presidential Politics, LMSs – The Cycle

eLearning 24-7

I am a huge fan of polling and statistics. When done right the data can identify certain longitudinal information, forecasts and other useful analytics. Cycle A – Polling Political Style. They conducted a poll using a sample of folks , using some type of methodology. . The way to offset it is to simply state, according to the XYZ poll 56% find blah blah, etc. Or 56% of those polled found blah blah. Cycle A – LMS Polling data.

Poll 66

Native Apps vs. Mobile Web: Pros and Cons [infographic]

mLearning Revolution

Infographics provide an aesthetically-pleasing way of presenting complex information quickly, clearly and cleanly. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post''s poll.

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How many hours do you spend learning a week?

Jane Hart

But how much time would you say you spend learning – in planned ways – every week – in any way or format, formal or informal? Here’s a mini-poll.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): New Attempt at Conference Polls

Mark Oehlert

» January 09, 2008 New Attempt at Conference Polls Im trying this again with a new service.lets see what happens.well, the polls seem to be working.please use "Comments" for other conference suggestions. January 09, 2008 in Conference News | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference New Attempt at Conference Polls : Comments The comments to this entry are closed.

Just How Micro Is Microlearning?

ATD Learning Technologies

ATD Research recently conducted a short poll on microlearning that focused on two key questions: What’s the ideal length for a microlearning event and what’s the maximum length for a microlearning event?

2 Simple Steps to Create a Minimalist eLearning Environment


Some administrators cram eLearning programs full of more information than any human can absorb, process and recall. The task of eLearning involves capturing a subject area and giving learners the information and tools they need to understand it.

Tools of Engagement Slides from Texas Distance Learning Session

Kapp Notes

Here are some slides and information covered in my presentation at the Texas Distance Learning Association conference. Using Poll Everywhere to Create an Interactive Story-based Presentation from Karl Kapp. It’s called Gamification via Segmented Polls.

70:20:10 For Trainers


Learning & Development Professional has been running a poll on the following question: Is the 70:20:10 model still relevant today? As a trainer, you will smash the “10” with an informative and engaging workshop filled with handouts, scenarios, role plays, activities etc.

4 Reasons Social LMSs are Replacing Intranets


Employees use secure intranets to share information with one another. When you think about it, the purpose of an intranet, which is to allow employees to share information with one another, is much like one of a social learning management system (LMS).

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Surprising ELearning Survey Results


In their study, 4500 resources were polled about various components of their elearning program. Most surprising, the least reported demographic of elearning courses currently in use by the respondents to the poll were courses that were developed by a third party.

CFOs Say L&D is Critical to Career Success

CLO Magazine

The world is changing quickly and constantly, and it’s vital to stay informed of the latest trends and sought-after skills in your industry.”.

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Snapchat, Millennials, and the Micro Revolution


Snapchat posts are informal, in-the-moment, and small. Other user polls have reported the same finding, and the company’s usership data corroborates it: 80% of all content is sent during the day.

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Benefits of Mobile Devices in the Classroom


For example, students can answer polls, tweet questions, and look up information during lectures. In addition to finding real-time information, an app can also provide a student with a convenient study tool.

Guarding Against Primitive eLearning Programs

Vignettes Learning

But not knowing when and how to stop to reflect and contemplate on the barrage of information, causes some harm. People’s inability to take a pause and reflect deprives them the need to assess the value of information.” “The It is a carrier ofmessages and information.