Rebalancing Your Training Portfolio

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All this make my training portfolio. A training portfolio that focuses your core market, contains defined and updated training objectives and uses diversified training tools both online and off line, assures your success. Your portfolio is about them not you.

Include These in Your ELearning Portfolio


I have seen many in the profession add their experience to their resumes, but not nearly as many create a portfolio oft he work they have done. Creating a portfolio doesn’t just mean uploading your projects to a website.

Why You Need a Professional Portfolio

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One way to do this is with a professional work portfolio. In previous posts, we discovered why you need a portfolio as part of your professional development. Today, we’ll look at a few things to consider when creating a professional portfolio.

Building an eLearning portfolio: what to include, formatting basics, and tips


An eLearning portfolio is one of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal. In this article, Christopher Pappas from eLearning Industry highlights 5 formatting basics, 5 elements you should include, and 3 tips that will help you to create an effective eLearning portfolio.

March’s #LCBQ- Assessing Informal Learning – Are you an accountant or financial adviser?

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How do you assess whether your informal learning, social learning, continuous learning, performance support initiatives have the desired impact or achieve the desired results? change the balance of formal vs. informal in our organizations?

7 ways to assess without testing

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This is a very personalised form of self-assessment, which can be facilitated by the teacher as an informal method of assessment. 4) e-Portfolios. The feedback is informal, and the learning is variable, but such activities can clearly lock into the demands of future work.

Situational Leadership II Model: 5 Tab Interaction

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Using tabs is a good way to cover a large amount of related content without splitting it into multiple slides – making content more manageable for learners by chunking of the information into smaller pieces.

How to Become an Industry Pro

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How to build your online portfolio through community Tips & tricks on establishing your expertise. In this video, Tom Kuhlmann, VP of Articulate Community talks about how to become an industry pro. The presentation was the closing keynote at iDESIGNX in Sydney 2014.

Professional Learning: The SCOPE Approach and Plan

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2 – Deciding the What and How : this involves deciding the personal learning strategies that best suit you, e.g. it might be a formal, structured approach to learning, or an informal approach; it might involve accessing content or interacting with people in different ways.

Corporate informal learning culture

The Learning Circuits

Dave Grebow sees a danger in meddling with the processes of informal learning, and I have to agree. The aim in all cases is to respect informality but because the efficacy of the means employed doesn't depend on elaborate control systems, those means should be theoretically less difficult to implement. Do some formal training, especially at the managerial level, on the complementarity of formal and informal goals.

The Top Six Things Organizations Must Do to Enable Emergent Learning


Today in the face of rapid change and technological evolution, this same model is failing us; it’s becoming a roadblock to seamless collaboration and flow of information. “ …changes in mindset are more important than changes in hardware or software. ” ~ Steve Denning.

Customer Experience Key to Product Design

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Well, that’s what the retailer, whose brand portfolio encompasses five pillars of luxury – fashion & accessories, beauty & fragrances, watches & jewelry, wines & spirits, and food & gifts, opted for! Let’s start by presuming that your social learning flight has taken off.

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Where is L&D heading?

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I prefer to see MOOCs through the lens of informal learning which values the learning over its bureaucracy. As for big data, there is clearly a lot of potential in using it to inform our practice – if we can access it. Informal first.

Learning with 'e's: The 5th Plymouth e-Learning Conference

Learning with e's

The 5th Plymouth e-Learning Conference (8-9 April, 2010) will examine the theme of e-learning in a time of change, and will challenge notions of traditional boundaries, learning spaces and roles. We will focus on new practices, new technologies, new environments and new learning.

Measuring eLearning Success: What’s Your Data’s Story?

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In order to know whether your eLearning programs are meeting the mark, consider setting three levels of measurement: Strategy, Portfolio Performance, and Learning. Question: What are our strategic goals for our eLearning portfolio? Portfolio Performance.

Finance Market Simulations Teach You How to Grow Your Wealth

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One can also analyze their investment strategies in detail using metrics like Sharpe Ration, Information Ratio, Sortino Ratio and Treynor Ratio. Portfolio Management Simulator (PMS). Here, you can put the theories of asset allocation or modern portfolio fundamentals in practice.

Move Forward

Nick Leffler

The post Move Forward appeared first on Nick Leffler's Learning Insights & Portfolio. General Information Technology Innovation TechnologyProgress can seem like a scary thing sometimes.

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Ryan Tracey – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Since I was dabbling in web design at the time, I naively volunteered to take care of the New Media portfolio. Ryan: My caution here is in the context of the ever informalizing workplace. What I don’t think a lot of people realized back then was that the emergence of MOOCs was converging with the informalization of learning. Under a more informal paradigm, it doesn’t matter where or how you learn something, so long as you can do it to the standard required.

Business applications of Twitter

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Some of the ideas specifically relate to e-learning, while others may fall more comfortably into other portfolios. I see this kind of activity falling into the Public Affairs portfolio, as it concerns brand management.

Mobile Learning: e-learningnext

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Why Mobile Learning The strongest Value Proposition for mobile learning comes from connecting people with ideas, information, and each other—anytime, anywhere! Information explosion across all spheres and domains 5.

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Gift horses

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In The best of both worlds I promoted Design Thinking as a means of using customer insights to inform strategic decision making. I also get paid to focus on my portfolio every day. If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

The Surge of Corporate Training Videos: 6 Styles to Engage Your Learners

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During our annual development team retrospective, we realized that video has begun to comprise an increasingly larger share of our project portfolio.

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5 Ways to Kickstart Your E-learning Career

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You’ll be able to build a professional portfolio using those tools especially if you take advantage of the community resources and the Content Library that comes with Articulate 360. Build an E-Learning Portfolio. And without a portfolio how can you SHOW your work and skills?

Megatrends in MOOCs: #11 Alternative Credentials

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Second, they are modular and information-rich, which means that each badge contains information about exactly what learners had to do to earn it. Digital portfolios. Digital portfolios, or e-portfolios, provide flexible ways for learners to showcase their learning.

SCORM: What is it?

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It’s the system that reads the information on the DVD and shows it to the viewer as a movie. Or in this case, it reads the eLearning information and shows it as a course someone can take. If someone is showing a course on their website as a portfolio piece, that doesn’t matter.


Here’s Another Free Way to Share Courses Online

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I get a lot of questions about free ways to share courses and portfolios. In previous posts, I shared t ips on managing an e-learning portfolio and I also shared a few ways to share courses online for free. Contact the Houston ATD for more information.

Is Your Learning Organization Agility Fit?

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From an employee development perspective, how prepared are CLOs to demonstrate the agility to lead the change in culture, programs, processes and policies that were originally designed for full-time employees to an expanded talent portfolio increasingly represented by contingent workers?

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E-Learning Advice: Where to Find Work

Ashley Chiasson

Both of these posts are certainly worth the review though, because I’m going to regurgitate some of the information in this post (and offer some other resources). So, stop making excuses for your lack of portfolio and just take the time to get something together!

I’m Speaking at DevLearn 2017!

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This year, I’ll be talking all about Building Your E-Learning Portfolio. If you’ve taken the free Build Your E-Learning Portfolio mini-course over at Sprout E-Learning , you’ve had a taste of what I’ll be talking about, but this will be the latest and greatest!

Investors Double-Down on ELearning


Entrepreneurs have also gravitated towards the elearning industry because of how it makes it easy for them to monetize information. Investors aren’t going to let major portfolio projects like these slip to the wayside.

The Changing Face of Life Science Product Launch, Part 2: The Launch Toolkit


Ann Stott: It is beneficial to take a portfolio view, looking at all product launches over a three-year period. Not only do you create a launch plan for each product but you create an overall launch portfolio plan for all of your products.

8 E-Learning Tips I Wish I Knew When I First Started to Build Courses

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Go Beyond Information Sharing – 5 Ways Your E-learning Courses Can Create Understanding. This is something to keep in mind, especially when building a portfolio. Maintain a Portfolio. It’s important to maintain a project portfolio.

Population Health and CME

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This integration of EHRs, CDRs, and online learning tools will save time for busy clinicians by helping them to meet CME and MOC requirements while they seek out information needed to improve their practice.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Half of Companies Blocking Facebook

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This August 21 article posted by Sharon Gaudin in Information Week reports that Half of Companies are Blocking Facebook: "Employers are increasingly blocking access to Facebook because theyre concerned about the time wasted and the information leaked when workers use social networks on company time." But what information is it that is actually being "leaked" through Facebook by these irresponsible employees ?

"Why Learning is the New Work" with Melissa Daimler @mdaimler - opening keynote @ATDCore4

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We asked managers, “what kind of information do you need?” (A What I’m less good at…How I’m working on it What I care about…what I’ve done (stuff I’ve shipped) Today it’s called “Our portfolio” – it’s an internally developed online hub. Portfolio: give, get, develop. So the Our Portfolio comment/feedback systems includes these org skills as drop down lists. “I’d

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Marketing Your ELearning Skills


First, whenever you create an elearning course or instructional design graphic, save it for your own personal portfolio. It is very important that you take the necessary steps to remove any sensitive information.

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Is the LMS DOA?

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In fact, instead of hesitating to invest in learning technology, now may be the best time to build a robust eLearning portfolio. For more information please visit