What's Wrong with Traditional Stock Photography Sources for eLearning

Tony Karrer

Back in 2007, I provided a long list of sources of stock photography for eLearning. And there are lots of other posts available on eLearning Learning Stock Photography. But I really missed something important: traditional stock photo sources are often a pain for eLearning.

Win a Lectora Inspire and eLB Stock Asset Library License

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Just to prove that this is even more awesome than you at first suspected, Lectora is giving you a chance to when a one free Lectora license as well as a free subscription to our expansive Stock Asset Library.

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Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 10/24/2010 Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning As an e-Learning developer I had to invest a lot of time to find images for my e-Learning projects.

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Taking Stock and Making Choices: Working from home and other such stuff

ID Reflections

Technology —is great for exchange of information, updates and other transactional stuff. Working from home offers me plenty of solitude but not the intellectual stimulation and those over-the-shoulder conversations so crucial to serendipity, ambient awareness, and informal learning. I have come back to blogging after a hiatus of almost 5 months. Mostly, business as usual at work and crisis situations at home took my time and attention.

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Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


▼ 2010 (24) ► December (3) Top 10 e-Learning Blog posts for 2010 Free Storyboard Templates for e-Learning e-Learning Glossaries ► November (4) The most updated and informative e-Learning commun.

Sahana Chattopadhyay – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


This includes areas of her expertise from the effectiveness of MOOCs in corporate learning to informal learning, collaboration, community management and organizational culture. I see purpose-driven organizations that go beyond just increasing shareholder values and stock prices thriving.

Adapting Stock Assets to Chunk Learning Events

Adobe Captivate

This posting discusses the use of Captivate 9 stock assets to assist with reducing cognitive load in learning events by chunking information. Why Chunk Information? Chunking Information for Instructional Design – the eLearning Coach. Overview.

The most updated and informative e-Learning community on Twitter


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 11/28/2010 The most updated and informative e-Learning community on Twitter On Twitter exists a resourceful community of e-Learning professionals. As a result, I have created the following list of the most updated and informative e-Learning community on Twitter. Hi Paulo, thank you for the information that you share!

Before You Add One More Image to Your eLearning Course, Read This!

SHIFT eLearning

Bad Stock Photos Make for Bad eLearning. Does it do anything to enhance the information that’s there? The dilemma with stock photos is that cheesy-to-the-maximum, cliché, exaggerated, awkward and fake photos do not connect with an audience of learners.

10 Do’s and Don’ts for eLearning Visuals

DigitalChalk eLearning

Your images must add value to the course, whether it is a graph or chart explaining the information, or just an example photo that the student can relate to. Different medias and visuals help the student organize their information better.

eLearning: Copyright Caboodle

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

  Copyright information: Is Using Copyrighted Materials Okay for eLearning? The second is another stock photo resource that I hadn't previously heard of:  Foter. by AJ George  Copyright in the eLearning biz can get confusing.

Diverse Characters In Learning Scenarios

Experiencing eLearning

An informal poll in a LinkedIn group showed that most IDs and eLearning developers are already trying to represent diversity in race in the images in their courses. This can be a challenge with stock photos. I often use stock images for mini-scenarios.

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The 70:20:10 Model – Today, Tomorrow & Beyond


Charles: We now know that people learn more about their work informally than they do formally. So we are seeing increasing interest in social and informal learning. Of course, structured learning approaches can support social and informal, but social and informal learning don’t need structured processes to happen. More and more work involves dealing with tacit information, and less and less work involves purely transactional work.

Jay’s stocks and flows

Jay Cross

Increasingly, posts about learning will appear in the Informal Learning Blog. Informal Learning Blog. Stocks are persistent; flows are transient. Rapid change cuts the shelf-life of stocks. Yesterday’s stock becomes today’s flow. Stocks are often pushed.

Stocking fillers for e-learning enthusiasts

Clive on Learning

In 2007 I got to read and report back on a whole range of interesting books, articles and reports.

Social Learning in Financial Services – Tales from the Real World

Dashe & Thomson

In the past, it was about stocks and bonds, now it is more complex than ever. Rob : Seems like a great opportunity for reps to share information – an internal wiki or portal. Advisors love to be receivers of the information posted, but don’t always want to contribute information.

12 Top Video Footage Sites for E-learning Designers

CommLab India

Videos add great value to learning, reducing the load of reading and helping the learner retain information for a longer period. Videvo : This website offers 100% free HD stock footage and motion graphics, which can be downloaded and used in any project.

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Building Convenience Stores for Learning

Dashe & Thomson

Let’s say for a minute that our most important job as instructional designers is to create simplicity and relevancy out of chaos—the chaos of way too much information. There is a ton of useful information here; however, it gets complex very quickly.

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7 eLearning Design Trends for 2017

eLearning Brothers

As with last year, designers are still seeking ways that they can create unique images from scratch rather than using stock photography to tell their story. Still, that stock library you have can be put to good use. Make the information small, and make it interactive.

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eLearning and PowerPoint: The Right to Bare Slides

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

However, just because PowerPoint defaults to using a bulleted format doesn't mean that you should go with the flow and present all your information with a bullet in front of it.  It is not necessary to have every bit of information you cover on the slide.

Successful Online Employee Onboarding Strategies


No information on what would happen next? Companies now offer sign-on bonuses, yearly bonuses, a percentage of stock, competitive health and tuition benefits to attract the top talent. All we wanted was the right information at the right time without asking around too much.

A Guide to Superior eLearning Graphics

Bottom-Line Performance

All too often you find unrelated stock photography , huge chunks of text in awkward places , and mismatched color schemes in eLearning courses. I also am not a fan of stock photography when it doesn’t serve a meaningful purpose.

Guide 154

New blends in learning

Learning with e's

So I'm using this blog to elaborate on my ideas in the hope that a more informed discussion can ensue and that this time I will not be misunderstood. I said that the 'new blend is to blur formal and informal learning.' Someone said that the idea of formal/informal learning wasn't 'new'.

Designing Member Engagement into your Website

Web Courseworks

Get rid of the stock images. We are all guilty of over-use of stock images, and as a web visitor – do they really grab your attention? We have hit a state of information overload. Member engagement is a topic we can’t ignore in 2017.

Guide to Good Online Learning


Online learners are not excited by our factoids, stock photos and effects. Step away from the information dump Find creative ways to place the course content in a context that is relevant to the learner.

Guide 98

Illustration vs photography for elearning

Sponge UK

Palaeolithic humans clearly understood how to use illustration to present information effectively. Stock images Most stock image libraries include photos and illustrations. Any stock images need to be chosen carefully for consistency and relevance to your content.

The 12 Best Free eLearning Tools and How To Use Them to Improve Your Corporate Training


It’s an incredibly effective way to pass along information to your workforce, and makes the training process easier for the heads of departments, as they don’t have to spend their time training each new group of employees. Pexels Videos - If you need some stock footage to use within your video, then start your search with Pexels. Pexels provides thousands of free stock videos, that you can easily download and add to your video.

A problem shared is … a launch pad for social learning


At Kineo we believe the key to success is as much a matter of taking stock of what's out there and what's going on (social is after all, happening all the time of its own accord), as it is about making the most of that information to enrich the solutions we design for our clients. What’s the key to making social learning work in the workplace?

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5 Common eLearning Myths Debunked

eLearning Brothers

“I Can Get All of My eLearning Assets Using Stock Image Websites.” ” There are millions of different images and videos currently available through stock asset websites that can be used for eLearning.

8 Ways To Use 360-Degree Online Training Videos In Corporate eLearning

EI Design

This gives them the information and experience they need to seal the deal and help customers make an informed decision. Are you looking for stock footage to add to your 360-degree online training video? Videos are one of the most interactive online training tools available.

Disaster Preparation and Training Have Something in Common

Association eLearning

Many people wait until the last minute to stock up and then they panic when there are shortages. Keep learning and development (L&D) informed about new initiatives or, better yet, consult with them along the way.

6 Tips To Improve Customer Service With Online Training


Online tutorials give them the ability to access “moment of need” information that helps them do their job more efficiently. These online tutorials should be as brief as possible, given that employees require targeted information that they can absorb quickly and conveniently.

5 Ways to Kill an eLearning Course

eLearning Brothers

Keep things concise and feed the information to the learner in manageable bite-sized chunks. It’s the job of the text to give the same information in an abbreviated form, a small sentence at most. We at eLearning Brothers do our best to teach you the best way of doing things.

Making Learning Go the Extra Mile: A Spaced Learning Case Study


The underlying reason for failure to retain knowledge is that our brain is simply designed to forget information it perceives as insignificant. To retain the information, we need multiple opportunities to review the information periodically.

LMS dot.com 3.0?

eLearning 24-7

40,000 share of stock. I received 40,000 shares of stock in a company that was pre-IPO. Heck, I’ve had VCs call me – they want the information – but pay for it? 300 million invested capital. Billion acquisition of HomeGrocer.com. Billion to Yahoo.

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How to Make Infographics Work for eLearning Courses (Tips and Tricks)

SHIFT eLearning

But before you blindly jump on the infographics bandwagon and splatter your course with these visuals, make sure that you stock up on information about how they work and when to use them.

How Bloomingdale’s delivers instant active shooter training to associates in wake of looming terrorist threat


A large percentage of Bloomingdale’s employees—in areas such as warehousing, stocking, cleaning and maintenance—don’t have email or company phones. So Axonify became an ideal method to get this critical information to them quickly. When people are afraid, information can empower them.