Gamification is the cherry, not the cake!


But is Jerome placing greater emphasis on the path to the badge instead of the information he can glean from the content? In order for these motivations to work in unison, the quality of both has to be high.

The Aesthetics of Games

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In Civilization V, the animation of the farmers cultivating the land in unison creates a sense of people at work which again supports the story. In those games, the visuals are how information is conveyed.

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People out there are hungry for information, but at the same time they’ve become highly selective of the source from where the information is getting generated.

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After registering, in a few days you will receive in a separate email, the link to where the webinar will be hosted, with access information. When you register and attend Social Learning: C the New, C the Possible and C the Evolution , you will be entered to win a one year subscription to Rapid Intake’s online, collaborative rapid authoring tool, Unison™. This will be a site for E-Learn Info, my company, but will provide useful information – free.

The Theory and Practice Gap in eLearning


Now, where does this information leave us? The relationship between each of these elements needs to be reviewed again if eLearning research is to inform eLearning practice. Often, eLearning professionals believe that they have been working on the latest educational technology.

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Rapid Intake Unison. A brief description including pricing can be found on this blog, under the header “ E-Learning 24/7 Consulting Services “ For information on specific services, please select and click one of the options below. So that a more constant date is set each week for this blog, the topic “Latest Content Authoring Tools Trends&# will be posted Tuesday morning, July 19th. Then going forward, each Tuesday a new blog posting will appear.

Allison Rosset Guest Post: Evaluation—Words Into Action?

The Learning Circuits

When workplace learning and performance (WLP) professionals are asked about the four levels of evaluation, in the USA and beyond, they respond in unison: “Level 1 is reaction, 2 is knowledge; 3 is behavior in the workplace; and Level 4 is results.” Technology has changed the shape of workplace learning and performance, shifting learning, information and support into the workplace, and enabling new ways of capturing and communicating data and meaning.

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Storytellers Become The Story: Obama and Hilary

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When trouble develops, they gasp in unison, and when desires are fulfilled they smile together. They helped us share information long ago, before we had a written language and Wikipedia.”

Rapid (Collaborative) Authoring Tools for developers/SMEs in multiple locations

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Thought I’d share what I found for three reasons - (1) hopefully to provide some valuable information, (2) to see who I may have missed so I can add them and/or get them added to our KnowledgeBase (3) to let you know about the type of client-driven research we do at Brandon Hall Research. Note to vendors: If you fall in that category, feel free to make comments with information about your authoring tool. Unison Web-based e-Learning Development (Rapid Intake).

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Rapid Intake: Unison. I want to thank each and every reader of this blog this year, and I hope you have found the information over the course of the year beneficial and useful. The end of the year is here, okay in just a few short weeks, but for those on vacation, the festivities have already began. In 2010, the RCAT market continued its upswing and nothing indicates to me it will be changing anytime soon. Some acquisitions, some goodbyes, but overall very strong.

A Leadership Makeover at Ingersoll Rand

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Succession planning considers the competencies, and managers inform their employees what competencies they excel at and which need further development. Ingersoll Rand informs its leaders through training, leadership conferences and one-on-one conversation that they need to: “Engage your employees. They allow us to march forward in unison to achieve more than we possibly could independently and together to arrive at premier performance.”

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How to support informal learning - Informal Learning , July 12, 2010 Interview. Cross is a champion of informal learning, Web 2.0, They are currently refining informal/web 2.0 An information and resource aggregator to collect information and resources.

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As a member, I have access to a plethora of sharing, information and intellect as it relates to how individuals are driving Enterprise 2.0 It’s Not That Hard - trainingwreck , April 1, 2010 I find it remarkably sad that ‘training’ departments within organizations continue to pump out bricks and mortar classes as their sole approach to learning instead of shifting to a formal, informal and social mix. It captures my current thinking about informal learning.