eLearning: When Should You Record Your Voiceover Audio?

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by Kevin Siegel      Adding voiceover audio to eLearning enhances the learner experience. And before you spend thousands of dollars hiring voiceover talent to record your audio, you should know: your voice is fine (nobody likes their own voice so trust me on this, yours will do nicely). I've found that the voiceover audio does not have to be highly produced to be effective. more informal

Get Voiceover Right First Time with this Essential Checklist

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More and more learners are demanding voiceover in their eLearning courses and for good reason – a great voiceover can bring your content to life. Question 1: What is your voiceover preference? Click here to see some examples of courses with high quality voiceover.

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eLearning: What's the Best Microphone for Voiceover Audio?

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each can produce awesome eLearning content that will be enhanced if you include voiceover audio. Here is some of the feedback I received, then and now: From Alveno Smith, eLearning & Development, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Information Technology Services. On occasion I record voiceovers at home on my laptop. From Mike Baker, Information Resource Consultant II. Kristin Westrum, Metafile Information Systems, Inc., by Kevin Siegel.

Discover the Right Way to Choose A Voiceover for Your Digital Learning


Voiceovers are a lot like design: you only really notice it when it’s bad. That’s because a good voiceover is so seamless that it becomes an integral part of your digital learning, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

How to Localize Your E-Learning Training (and Get Ahead of the Competition)


Using innovative approaches in presenting new information and teaching skills is always a fun and productive method. eLearning cultural difference elearning localization elearning tips elearning translation elearning voiceover language service provider translation agency

ARTICULATE STORYLINE 3 & 360: SRT Files Make Quick Work of Closed Captions

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Closed captioning allows you to display a slide’s voiceover audio as text that is synchronized with the voiceover audio. For instance, an SRT file (a file containing text and timing information) can be created for free on YouTube. by Kevin Siegel, COTP.

Effective Video Training – Breaking it down

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In this post and others she’s written, Ross cites research that learners can more easily understand material presented in video that allows them to both hear and see the information. by using a variety of methods – titles, voiceovers, different camera angles, music.

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5 keys for Section 508 Compliance and Web Accessibility

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Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act , as amended in 1998 (PL 105-220), sets the minimum level of accessibility for electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by Federal agencies. 3) Provide a Transcript for Voiceover Audio.

Adobe Presenter 9: Beginning Training

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Adobe Presenter 9 allows you to transform your existing PowerPoint deck into eLearning complete with voiceover recordings, interactive objects, screen characters and videos. You will learn how to set up PowerPoint with slide notes that double as your voiceover script. Then you will learn how to record and edit voiceover audio. More information. Have you created a PowerPoint presentation and need to convert it into an eLearning course?

eLearning: Should the Captions Match the Audio?

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If you want to include an exact transcription of the audio voiceover, consider adding closed captions (which are required if you are creating Section 508-compliant eLearning). For more information about screen text that matches the slide audio, read this article by Jennie Ruby I recently received the following question from a reader of my skills & drills newsletter :   Question: I have been asked to make the text captions in my Captivate project exactly match the audio.

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Planning Computer Simulations for Delivering Information Through Video: STC Meeting

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People are increasingly using video to provide technical information. He will cover the following topics: * Developing a storyboard for your project * Writing a script for actions and voiceover * Practicing and recording your content * Editing the resulting video * Publishing to various formats Please bring your own laptop to the workshop. From YouTube to free webinars and services like Lynda.com, recorded video training is a powerful medium.

Writing Effective eLearning Narration: Making It Easy to Read, Say, and Comprehend

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Many courses rely upon voiceover to help connect with their learners. But this can lead to “content fatigue,” where they try to cram in every last tidbit of information on a given subject. This is a solid approach and, when used well, can make for great learning experiences.

A Narrative Approach to e-Learning: Have we had enough of it?


This style is suitable for such courses, to provide the option of just ‘listening’ to the information, instead of reading it thoroughly. For others keep the option of ‘muting’ the audio voiceover, to make sure it does not hinder their learning preference.

Microphones and Audio Information

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The keywords on the left are highly related to audio as well, so I'll drill down to pages on Audio Voiceover or Audio Microphone. I just saw a couple of comments on my post Recommended End of Year eLearning Tools Spending?

How to Navigate Difficult Internal and External eLearning Customers

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Changing the voiceover that we’ve already recorded is like altering the script an actress uses for her lines. For example, a cheat sheet might include information about the time it takes you to: Create the course structure. “That should be easy to change, right?” . “It

Adding the human touch to digital learning content

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To learn successfully, it requires us as human beings to exchange information, give and receive feedback, share perspectives, engage together in practical activities, support each other through the bad times and get together to celebrate our successes. Learning is a very human experience.

Moving Classroom Training to eLearning

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by Jennie Ruby    When information needs to be moved to a new medium, we have a tendency to try to make the new medium fit the mold of the old. But soon we realized that reading on the screen was ineffective, and we learned that a good website  chunks  the material and uses a series of hierarchical hyperlinks to get us to the exact information we need. 

Successful Product Training Through e-Learning: Strategies For Success


The course catalogue may include courses on enhancing business acumen, developing organizational knowledge, and acquiring pertinent product information. The e-courses need to address this duality of imparting a lot of information but in a way that would not overwhelm the learner.

LUC Recap: Multimedia Localization for eLearning Content


Improving access to information not only equips employees with the skills they need to achieve personal goals, but it also fosters an open global culture with a shared sense of purpose.

6 Ways to Knockout the Challenges in E-learning Localization

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Native English speakers using some terms informally can be misunderstood by employees or learners who are not proficient in English. Solution: If you have initial plans of localization, you can translate audio, video, and voiceover scripts right at the beginning.

Screen Readers and How They Work with Section 508 E-Learning

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They present this information to learners by converting text-to-speech and using sound icons or a Braille output device. Mac VoiceOver. Hope you find this post informative.

eLearning: Become a Pedagogical Agent

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There is research that shows that using a screen character as a  pedagogical  agent or learning coach, who speaks informally and appears to be giving the lesson, increases learning. (My Join me for an  afternoon mini course on writing voiceovers  to find out.

5 Tips on Using Videos for eLearning


The length should help learners digest the information easily. Voiceover for Videos. If you want to emulate the classroom training, add voiceover to your videos. Voiceovers are easier to prepare nowadays, with various websites offering professional VO services on the cheap.

Seven ways that video can transform learning at work

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Interviews People love looking at and listening to other people, particularly if they are providing useful information concisely and in a relaxed, informal manner. Screencasts A screencast is a demonstration of some aspect of a piece of software, usually with a voiceover. Video is very much the medium of the moment. Not only do we spend many hours each day watching it on our TVs, it has become an integral part of the online experience.

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Writing & Grammar: Location or Name: Which is Best?

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As the voiceover or screen text states each part, the learner does each step in turn, first clicking the menu, then pointing to Toolbars, then selecting Formatting. If you used Method A in that context, the student would sit waiting while the voiceover said "Formatting.toolbars." " and then click the menu when the voiceover said View. The information about the location of the tool is just a reminder. by Jennie Ruby.

Why online learning is better than in-person learning


They can be instantly altered to reflect new learning initiatives or updated to include new, more relevant information. Well-designed online learning delivers the same information in the same format to every single person who takes the course.

Why Engaging eLearning and a Fancy LMS is Not Enough

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The learner can quickly see which part of the course they should access to find the relevant information - we've even added timings onto each module to really give the learner control over their decision on what to click on.

e-Learning budgets: Doing more with less


Create learning content templates with suitable guidelines to help gather pertinent information out of SMEs. Your SME can double up as your audio-voiceover artist. This rough-cut can then be transcribed and edited to create the final script for the audio-voiceover.

What new designers really need to know

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When to simply present information, when to use an instructional approach, when guided discovery works better, when to create a resource. How to write for the screen and for voiceover. In my post last week, I identified four elements that I felt needed to be in place if an organisation was to make a success of in-house e-learning development: tools, talent, training and, above all, time - the four Ts.

Develop Killer Product Training Videos Using VideoScribe

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Comparatively, the retention rate of information presented through images is as high as 65%. You can upload music and voiceover to the videos. When you hear something, you may remember only 10% of that after three days.

5 Reasons Why eLearners Feel Grateful for Your Content

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Reason 2: eLearning provides information learners can always use. Cutout characters , interactions, voiceover, video, and scenarios are ways that learners emotionally connect with eLearning content.

Using Lectora to Make eLearning Accessible

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Some markups work better than others with these devices, so be sure to format your course so that a screen reader can repeat the information in a way that is descriptive and coherent to the listening audience.

Wired for speech

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The implication for voiceovers is that it may be better to use a subject specialist than a professional voiceover artist who clearly knows nothing about the subject and is simply reading a script. The lack of a record allows people to speak with a sense of informality and plausible deniability.'

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8 Awesome Online Tools to Create Captivating Learning Videos

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The ready-made templates for plenty of business situations help you create some wonderful PowToons so that you can interact, teach, and inform in a fun and entertaining way. Developing a live video can be an easy task. But an animated video? It’s a tough task.

Client Review for Translations: Setting Expectations

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The process goes like this: The vendor provides the translated text files and then waits for approval from the client before proceeding with voiceover recording and integration into the authoring tool. Provide information about what things the reviewer really needs to watch for.

Surviving Cold Weather With the Swedish Defense


That way, learners could access information when they have time, and the training could be used for recruiting too. Both text and voiceover were provided because more senses in use equals better learning.

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For more information on Rapid Course in Australia and New Zealand visit our webpage or contact us today. Consider the Uber revolution, an idea based on simplicity and born on the evolution of personal technology devices and functionality.