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I have shown them how to integrate these into a Wetpaint wiki (probably the best of the bunch at the moment for functionality, ease of use and ad-free response). Hopefully this will encourage all to create content that is engaging and informative.

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and Informal Learning Creating a Vibrant Learning Community Tear Down the Walls: Web 2.0 Extends Class If you want to start a wiki, try Wikispaces or try WetPaint. What information from this keynote will you incorporate into your classes?

Why It’s Your Job to Close the Skills Gap and How You Can Do It

Alex Weinstein of Wetpaint describe his company’s success with hiring good learners: “Most of the developers we hired had no or little experience in [Ruby on] Rails. Department of Labor offers toolkits and contact information for apprenticeship programs in each state.

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Also, when you do face-to-face training classes, go to the wiki and enter and look up information. Get trainees comfortable with going to the wiki to find information. In addition to the geographically dispersal of its operations, the Society also faces staff turnover, varying levels of computer expertise and the need to disseminate information in a manner compatible with existing computer systems. I have used Wikispaces and PBWiki and WetPaint.

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