MOOCs: Building Personal Learning Networks

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A PLN represents the pinnacle of informal learning. PLNs can foster teamwork, cooperation, creativity, innovation, and problem-solving by opening access channels between different departments. For the past year or so, massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been busy upending all kinds of assumptions about education: content is king, quality education is expensive, and instructor-led training is the gold standard, to name just a few. But some subtler shifts are also taking place.

Developing Training With What You Carry In Your Pocket

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However, the explosion of video usage in educational settings has not occurred solely because of technological innovations. Mobile apps for editing video like iMovie, Vitrimpro or Pinnacle are cost effective and easy to use. Web video, as a means to deliver educational content, is clearly an idea whose time has come.

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A Vital View on Learning

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Among the first programs she implemented at Signature was the CNA training requirement for all top management, which lead to another innovation for the company. To do that, McNevin worked with Vermilyea to create Pinnacle, a clinical career ladder for CNAs that will help keep them engaged with the company and improve their skills through training and development to increase their earning potential.

The 3 Ps For Effective Courses!


The online trainer functions have been the pinnacle of debate for the past two decades. This is a common area for all eLearning programs, where learners are instructed “at a glance” in regards to the common productivity tools that enable learners to publish their assignments online or present them in an innovative manner. Trainers have several roles and responsibilities in the eLearning environment.

Merging Purpose with Design in the World of Gamification

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Mastery by game is the pinnacle and most complex aspect of gamification. He now brings that experience to clients across the world, as he presents onsite about key trends and innovations in the learning and development industry Gamification and gamified elements have been a hot topic for the last year or two. However, too much of the conversation stays at the superficial level of how to make learning fun, without delving into the real reasons gamification works to change behavior.

Ideas, Tips, and Resources for Using Video in Your Online Training


Give your employees a video camera and ask them to film their team’s best practices, innovations, or ideas. Pinnacle Studio. I have a love/hate relationship with training videos. On the one hand I love how engaging video can be for demonstrating complex concepts or processes. On the other, I hate the cringe-worthy corporate training videos we’ve all endured in the past. You know the ones I’m talking about.

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3 Simple Learning Strategies To Implement Today


” It’s the pinnacle of pressure and competition. It’s about being a well-rounded department that focuses on employee growth, powerful development programs, and innovative thinking. There is no better words in sports than “Game 7.” Tonight is Game 7 of the Major League Baseball World Series. While it might not be currently but there is no arguing that baseball is America’s favorite pastime.

The Best of Both Worlds: Learning Through a Marketer’s Lens

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Today, at least a third of the company’s sales success comes from innovations created in the past five years — and clever marketing has helped to ensure the public knows how relevant the company still is. Catalyst, 3M Leadership Way’s pinnacle program, is a yearlong, externally focused development journey with a great deal of commitment from top leadership.

GETOGETHER 2017: Celebrating Customer Success!

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Eventually they reach the pinnacle of their development and are crowned ‘Superheroes’ on the platform! Tusker also showcased their other innovative engagement ideas, like the brilliant ‘advent calendar’ which invites learners to open a door every day in December on the LMS. Gamification Guru: GAME… The leading video game retailer in the UK and Spain won for their innovative use of gamification features on the Academy LMS.

Creating business value through IT

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He says, To survive, or better yet thrive, in this more competitive environment, the mantra for any CEO should be, "Deploy, innovate, and propagate". An effective leader and a well-designed organization will need not only to aggressively seek out and identify such individuals and the innovations they generate but also to develop and reward them appropriately. Conversations among peers are the stem-cells of innovation.