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Billed as one of the largest learning technology trade fairs in Europe, it dwarfs the likes of mega conferences such as Online Educa Berlin , with well over 7000 visitors over the three days of the exhibition and conference. learning technology Learning Technologies Conference LearnTEC

Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


magazines, the industry voices of the enterprise learning and workforce technology market, announced today the Best of Elearning! Our industry continues to innovate and evolve. We are committed to recognizing innovation and user satisfaction across a diverse group of solution providers,” reports Jerry Roche, editorial director of the Elearning! Questionmark. Executives Nominate 100 Solutions Across Expanded 30 Categories for Excellence. Elearning!

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Explore an innovative framework for how character is best developed at every level of leadership. Your technology has been tested. How important are technology skills, and which ones are most critical? " Green, bugs, insects, fly, flies " by Emilian Robert Vicol is Public Domain.

43 Great eLearning Posts and 5 Hot Topics Including Google Buzz and iPad

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To add to the changing learning landscape, technology has helped support and develop online learning environments in ways that were not possible in the past. Sensing and Thinking - Learning and Working on the Web , February 16, 2010 Tim Kastelle (a great source of knowledge on innovation) discusses how it’s better to have a good idea than a large network to fire off any old idea. This is an important innovation lesson as well. Best of eLearning Learning.