Making Sense of the World

Jay Cross

Concept work relies on pattern recognition, tacit knowledge and the wisdom borne of experience. The 21st century workplace is so different from its predecessor that managers and professionals must follow a new set of practices to succeed. My research methods — my personal knowledge management system, if you will — are also different from yesteryear’s. You have to develop an approach for making sense of this sea of information and knowledge.

Jive 49

The key to understanding what’s going on

Jay Cross

Extreme swings toward technology and institutions were Taylor’s Scientific Management, robber barons, Business Process Reengineering, and narrowly-defined eLearning (removing all the people to make it work.) Knowledge management and corporate learning may never be the same. By definition, you’ve created a small community of recipients who are part of the communication stream. Consider whether you read the cc: line in email messages you received.