Popular ID Principles For Mobile Learning: 5 Trends That Spell Success


With the advancement of mobile technology and hardware in the last decade, mobility of learning has also become increasingly popular. The good news is that design principles for mobile learning development do not have to be created from scratch. m-Learning

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Can Micro-Learning Help Stressed, Unmotivated Learners?

Bottom-Line Performance

I’ve published two posts on micro-learning in recent months. And for learners who are over-extended and not motivated to learn in the first place, they are not the answer at all. Khurgin positions micro-learning as good for 21st century businesses.

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Training Method Trends

Clark Quinn

He recently provided me some information about what learning delivery methods were being used and particularly if they were trending up or down. It's a bit complicated, but it effectively judges the trend - not necessarily the amount. So here's the graph showing all of the trending information. LMS - Learning Management Systems - are growing at one of the fastest rates of any of the established methods. What are the trends for methods in corporate learning?

What You Need to Know About Visuals, Video, and the 2019 Internet Trends Report

TechSmith Camtasia

In June 2019, Mary Meeker released her annual report on internet trends. 2019 Internet Trends Report- slide 72. How are these trends carrying over to business? What can businesses learn from people about using visual content? 2019 Internet Trends report- Slide 87.

5 Reasons Your Learning Should Reflect a University


Just when you thought your university days were long behind you, some organizations are learning that the co-ed life is the way to go for training and development. They have control over which courses they choose, which they skip, and how they learn best.

Make the Case for A Multimedia Solution At Your Company


Additionally, it is a form of byte-sized microlearning which allows for quick bursts of learning. And if you’re stumped for what type of multimedia solution to incorporate into your learning program here are a few suggestions: Videos.

Millennials And Digital Learning: How They’re Going To Help You Improve


While some organizations might bemoan the impertinence of millennials who snub old digital learning, forward-thinking companies use the millennial state of mind as a catalyst to fix bad training. By adding multimedia elements to your learning, you start speaking millennials’ language. Make sure that you give the learner control when it comes to what, when, and where they learn.

Mobile Learning and Games: 3 Ways They Mix

Bottom-Line Performance

So the next time you get lectured at your family get-together about being on your phone too much (and with the holidays coming around, you’ll have a few get-togethers to choose from), try this response: “Sorry guys, I’m learning.” mobile Learning games are social.

The Shift from Static to Multimedia Communication


Ensure a message is received and understood. Create more personalized, human-centric messaging. If you have questions about creating a custom learning experience, contact us here. . Instant messages with embedded links, videos, and photos.

Is Multimedia the Most Underrated Tool for Internal Communication?


Instant messages with embedded links, videos, and photos. Being creative with the way that you share your message might mean the difference between real change and just another workplace memo. Building A Learning Culture eLearning Solutions Learning and Development Learning Trends best eLearning business elearning eLearning design elearning solutions instructional design leadership learning Learning and development trends

Just-in-time learning in the workplace


I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught. Employees may always be eager to learn — how things work in their new team, how to be better at what they do, what new technologies can assist their jobs — but formal training can only get them as far.

Keep It Casual: Crafting Better Informal eLearning Experiences


Whether you’re short on time, learner motivation, or just need to improve your learning culture, informal eLearning experiences offer a fresh, less rigorous way of thinking about learning. Now, informal learning is no new thing. This reduces development time and learning costs.

The recipe for impactful learning: discover the 7 principles now!

Learning Wire

For L&D professionals, it’s a constant challenge to create learning programs that will engage employees and drive lasting results for the individuals as well as for the organizations. Learning must trigger engagement and motivation for every individual.

2020 learning technologies

Learning with e's

It's not even worth trying to extrapolate trends based on developments from the previous 10 years. We need a seamless provision that blurs the boundaries between what children use to learn when they are in school and when they are outside the school gates.

How To Retain Great Talent: Hiring Is Only The Beginning


On the flip side, if you are experiencing more turnover than you would like to see in your organization, it may be time to learn how to retain employees by implementing a few key strategies designed to keep people happy in your organization.

The Most Important Drivers of Employee Engagement

Your Training Edge

They pay a special attention to personal growth and professional advancement, which is why companies that encourage the concept of lifelong learning and continuous training are their top picks. Interested in marketing, startups and latest business trends. 71% of all workers in the U.S.

How Micro-Learning Boosts “At the Moment Performance” - Tip #114

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We can say with confidence that the goal of leaders, managers, and learning professionals is to help workers achieve optimal "at the moment performance." Then as learning professionals we converge at the moment of performance. The seekers look for instant answers.

mLearning: Smartphone statistics and the impact they have on learning

Zephyr Learning

We are all aware of the growth of the smartphone industry and whether consciously or not, are now witnessing the impact this is having on learning. Mobile learning (mlearning) has been around for a long time and I remember seeing the first mlearning course on a ‘Palm’ PDA in 2002.

In Learning, Size Matters

CLO Magazine

Business is about productivity, not learning. The learning challenge is to keep employees productive and learning simultaneously. Learning and consumption have several similarities. There is a lot to be said for applying the same strategy to learning as to nutrition.

The Future of Mobile in L&D

Growth Engineering

The future of mobile learning is sure to change the face of L&D. This means that the learning assets will remain more relevant since the learners are constantly updating them. In fact, we’ll begin to see the hidden 90% of informal learning coming to the fore.

Don’t Underestimate the Effects of Poor Communication

CLO Magazine

The workplace is increasingly connected, with 24/7 email, instant messaging and phone calls pulling employees into work matters both during and after work hours. Only 12 percent of baby boomers reported a similar trend. We all learn how to communicate.

Lectora e-Learning and IBM to Offer Social Learning Solutions


e-Learning Authoring Software Made Easy. Web-based Collaborative e-Learning Authoring. Affordable Rapid e-Learning. Learning & Talent Management Systems. Fast, Flexible & Powerful Learning Management. Enterprise Learning Management System. Mobile Learning.

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What is a Learning Management System? Who uses LMS?


Education, in recent times, has undergone an e-learning revolution. What started as a mere venture to facilitate distance learning has become no less than a phenomenon in the education industry. Learning Management System, popularly known as LMS is one integral component of this new cultural shift in learning. What is a Learning Management System and who uses it?”. What is a Learning Management System? Components of a Learning Management System.

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MOOCs and Microlearning

Your Training Edge

MOOCs allow education to occur in highly flexible and adaptable environments, and one consequence of this is that learning is not only getting much bigger, but in some important ways it is also getting significantly smaller. Access to anywhere, anytime learning has liberated instructors and students from the four-hour seminar and the three-day workshop: they can now make the most of even five spare minutes, which has led to a new interest in microlearning.

What is an LMS?


Learning Management Systems Allow Powerful Training Programs to be Delivered on the Go. The result is a technology known as the Learning Management System (LMS). Interaction between and among students, such as instant messaging, email, and discussion forums.

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2020 learning technologies

Learning with e's

It's not even worth trying to extrapolate trends based on developments from the previous 10 years. We need a seamless provision that blurs the boundaries between what children use to learn when they are in school and when they are outside the school gates.

The State of E-Learning in the Medical Device Industry


With this being said; the innate necessity for e-learning has become crucial to the expansion, and learning strategies bring both understanding and ease in terms of knowledge and the sharing of it, within its vast framework of operation. The next generation of e-learning is here.

Applying Design Thinking for Employee-Driven Solutions


Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends research revealed that the more an organization values and prioritizes design thinking, the faster the organization grows. Other companies are using design thinking to improve their learning offerings.

How to Design Addiction from “FOMO” into eLearning


Notifications can become a powerful tool in mobile learning. That’s because when people fear that their friends are doing something cool or that everyone’s talking about the latest trending topic, they want to hop online and get involved. It’s OK to build a little bit of suspense into your learning modules, especially when they contain game-like elements. Giving Instant Feedback. When you send a text message and get one in return, it floods your brain with dopamine.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning

Learning Visions

Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Wednesday, September 12, 2007 Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning Welcome to stop #3 of The Karl Kapp Games, Gadgets, and Gizmos Virtual World Book Tour.

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LMS Selection Checklist: How To Choose The Best One?


With so many learning management systems (LMS) flooding the eLearning space, selecting the best platform is definitely a daunting task. All-in-all, learning management systems have simplified the learning process. Supports mobile learning. Learning & Training

5 Ways to Engage Your Millennial Employees with Your LMS


The main reason for hopping jobs is the lack of interest and engagement with the job, which has surged as a trending issue. Yes, the solution is the evolving trend of using learning management system (LMS), the market for which rose over 21% in 2014. Personalize the Learning.

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 3/26/2006

Big Dog, Little Dog

Although multitasking kids may be better prepared in some ways for today's frenzied workplace, many cognitive scientists are positively alarmed by the trend. Kids that are instant messaging while doing homework, playing games online and watching TV, I predict, aren't going to do well in the long run," says Jordan Grafman, chief of the cognitive neuroscience section at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

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Collaboration Tools

Tony Karrer

As I mentioned in Real-Time Collaborative Editing , I had a fantastic experience participating in group editing of a Mind Map of collaborative tools during a session at Learn Trends.

Your next employee training techniques are on this list!(Part 2)


The learning professional’s repository of training and development approaches just keeps on expanding. Now, with technology also being added to the equation, keeping up to speed with recent developments and current trends can be quite a struggle. Experiential Learning.