Don’t Pinch Us! Green eLearning Assets for Saint Patrick’s Day

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instructional design eLearning Stock Assets virtual meetings eLearning Development TipsOkay, I’m going to say it. Saint Patrick’s Day will look a little different this year.”.

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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned From Instructional Design

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Working in instructional design, I’ve had the privilege to learn a little bit about a lot of different fields. Stock teams (as in people who re-stock products, not the ones who work at the stock exchange) don’t just need to find space for everything in the back room. It can be easy to say “Let’s make some training about _,” but how accessible is it if the learners work in a kitchen, on a sales floor, or in a stock room? I’m not a “numbers person.”


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Over 60 Free Stock Images

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Now that Microsoft’s quit providing free clip art and free stock images many of you are scrambling to get hold of free resources to use for your elearning and training development. Download Free Stock Images. In a previous post I shared 45 free stock images via the Unsplash site. In today’s post I’m going to share how to get 68 free stock images via Creative Tail. You can download the free stock images here. Editing Free Stock Images.

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Top Instructional Design Tips

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At a recent workshop I was asked to put together a post with some of my top instructional design tips. Of course, over the past 8 years most of the posts are littered with various tips related to instructional design. If there’s a single best tip it’s that the course content needs to be relevant to the learner’s needs. Instructional Design Tips. E-Learning & Instructional Design 101.

Instructional Design for a New Generation

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I’m working on a presentation that covers instructional design challenges and wanted to share a few points to consider about course design and how we need to move past the way many of today’s courses are constructed. Course designers need to embrace a new role.

9.5 Essential eLearning Development Tips

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In this blog post, I mention nine and half eLearning development tips that could save you time, money, and help your eLearning to be more awesome than it already is. So if you are am elearning developer or instructional designer, these tips are going to awesome. #1. These could be eLearning interactions , graphics, quizzes, design elements, etc. Seek Design Inspiration. One of my favorite places to look is stock photo/graphic sites.

80 Free Stock Images Perfect for E-learning

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In a previous post I shared some free stock images via Unsplash. Today, I’ve done the same thing only this time the curated images are from Startup Stock Photos. You can download entire folder of free stock images here. If you’re in need of free resources and stock images these should help. Elearning Heroes Roadshows We’re hosting a series of two-day elearning workshops that focus on practical tips and tricks.

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6 Tips for Writing Training Scenarios


You may have certain verbiage that you wish your employees to use, and different options to help them satisfy the customer, including offering to special order the toy, call to sister stores for the toy or understanding your retail stock well enough to recommend alternate options that may satisfy.

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How to Customize Free Stock Photos For Your Presentations

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The good news is that there are more than enough free stock images available, such as these three earlier posts where I shared 80 free stock photos , 45 free stock photos , and 60 more free stock photos. The challenge with all of these free stock photos is that it’s not always easy using them for your presentations or elearning courses as they are. Here are some tips to help customize free stock photos to work with your courses.

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E-Learning Tidbits: Free Stock Photos & Award Winners

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More Free Stock Photos. I just noticed that one of my favorite free stock photo sites, StartUp Stock Photos , released a bunch more photos. Download the free stock photos here. Community-based elearning workshops focused on practical tips & tricks. Community-based elearning workshops focused on practical tips & tricks. Here’s a great job board for elearning, instructional design, and training jobs.

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A Dozen Free Stock Video Sites for E-Learning

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Examples of Free Stock Video Courses. Great use of stock video throughout. Love the way she tied the colors and yoyo into the design. Find Free Stock Videos. One of the first questions that comes up is where to get free stock videos. If you’re not comfortable shooting your own stock video, try out some of these free stock videos sites. And don’t forget about all of the free stock photo sites we covered earlier.

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A Complete List of Free Stock Image Sites for E-Learning

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The Internet is rife with free things, especially free stock image sites. However, there are usually three main issues with the free stock image sites: The free stock images aren’t really free. The free stock image sites are only there to point to for-pay stock image sites. You are enticed with free stock images, but when you click on the ones that look good, they turn out to be connected to a for-pay service. Free Stock Images in the Community.

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10 Sure-Fire Tips for Creating Your Own Stock Photos

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Going to a stock image site and looking for just the right pictures can be very time-consuming and a drain on your limited resources. Why not create your own stock images? If rapid elearning software makes everyone an instructional designer, then surely a digital camera makes us all photographers. Here are a few basic tips to get started. What are some other tips to help get the best image quality possible?

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A Quick Tip on Developing Course Content

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Here’s a quick tip for those building e-learning courses: as a course developer you serve as the intermediary between the organization and the learner. This is a simple tip but one I see neglected often. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images.

3 Production Tips for E-learning Developers

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Here are three production tips and shortcuts from previous posts to help save time (and sanity) when building e-learning courses and online training. Check out this blog post to get production tip on setting learning objectives for your e-learning courses.

7 Tips To Evaluate Your Resources Before Outsourcing eLearning

Infopro Learning

In this article, I’ll share 7 tips to evaluate your assets before you outsource eLearning. Here are 7 tips to take inventory of your current eLearning tools and materials before you outsource. Include a good mix of eLearning professionals; from IT experts to Instructional Designers. These 7 tips can help you take stock of your current resources and get your eLearning team ready for the task ahead. Are you getting ready to outsource your eLearning?

A Super Simple Tip When Testing E-Learning Templates

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Simple tip. Here’s a great job board for e-learning, instructional design, and training jobs. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images. Articulate 360’s Content Library comes with thousands of e-learning templates.

9 Tips To Repurpose eLearning Content

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Before you do, take a moment to read these 9 tips for re-purposing your existing eLearning materials. In this article, I’ll share 9 tips to repurpose eLearning content that you already have on-hand. Before you can repurpose your eLearning content, you have to take stock of your current eLearning assets. Use A Responsive Design eLearning Authoring Tool. As such, you may want to consider a responsive design eLearning authoring tool sooner rather than later.

Placeholder Images: Do They Help or Hurt in an eLearning Storyboard?

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The final course was going to use a different set of stock photos. Lead to confusion about the layout and visual design in general. Unlike a temporary stock image, it won’t misrepresent age, gender, race, facial expression, etc. If you’d like to read more about instructional design best practices, check out the rest of this author’s blogs. Not so long ago, in a nearby place, someone spent a lot of time leaving notes about the photos in an eLearning storyboard.

Tips for Starting to Freelance

Experiencing eLearning

I want to share my experiences and tips from these first three months as an independent contractor for anyone else thinking about making this change. As with the previous tip, I know not everyone is in as fortunate a position as I was. The design document is approved, but the rest of the project is held up. Michele Martin made this great observation a few weeks ago: “Would you rely on a single company’s stock for your retirement fund? Your Tips?

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Course Design Tip: Test the Learner’s Assumptions

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Here’s a great job board for elearning, instructional design, and training jobs. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images. Assessment Book Branched Scenarios E-learning E-learning 101 Instructional Design Interaction Design Online Course Design

Thought and Speech Bubbles

eLearning Brothers

eLearning Instructional Design Tips Stock ImagesLooking for a great way to create scenarios and conversations in your course? Check out our latest product…Thought and Speech Bubbles! You get 300 different images in 6 different styles. The images all have transparent backgrounds and are ready to drop right into your course. (By By the way, you also get the Illustrator files so that you can tweak them if you’d like.).

8 Online Presentation Ideas for Instruction Designers


Most instructional designers take the safer route – PowerPoint or a tool that produces the “PowerPoint effect”. Learners get tired, and so do instructional designers, by looking at the same monotonous slideshow. In this article, we divulge some fresh tips on giving life to your online presentations – all tried and tested! This process requires a great deal of creativity in terms of planning as well as visual design. Instructional Design eLearning

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8 Visual Design Mistakes to Avoid When Developing eLearning

Tim Slade

When developing an eLearning course, it’s easy to put all of your focus towards the instructional design aspects of the course. And while instructional design is a vital component to the effectiveness of an eLearning course, other elements can either help elevate your course content or detract from it. One of these elements includes visual design. How to avoid this visual design mistake. How to avoid this visual design mistake.

Updated – Multimedia Resources For Your eLearning Projects

Adobe Captivate

One of the challenges of working as a freelance instructional designer is the high expectation put upon you by your clients to deliver amazing looking eLearning for as little money as possible. I’ve also experienced this when working in an organisation also had similar expectations but no budget for stock photography, background music, or video. I’ve found some significant resources for stock photography.

Essential PowerPoint Animations Tips

Rapid eLearning

And one last tip, because you can animate doesn’t mean you should. One production tip is to use the animation painter to copy animations from one object to another. Here are a Couple of Bonus Tips. Do you have any PowerPoint animation tips? Here’s a great job board for elearning, instructional design, and training jobs. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images.

Visual Design Tips from the eLearning Coach


Connie runs a fabulous eLearning website and newsletter , and is the author of Visual Design Solutions , the highly rated and reviewed book on visual design for eLearning professionals. Connie was kind enough to share some really useful and practical tips on how to improve visual design, and more, below! For the next few days, I’ll be doing a giveaway of 5 copies of Visual Design Solutions. What are the most common visual design mistakes?

10 Tips for Better Troubleshooting & Technical Support

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Today, I’d like to offer some timesaving tips that will help you troubleshoot your projects when asking for help. In fact some of these tips will make it easier for them to help you. Two quick tips here: Be liberal with paragraph spacing so it’s easier to scan and read. Here are a couple of tips that helps when sharing files: There’s no need to share the entire course , especially if it’s a 400 MB download. Bonus Tip.

3 Tips When Converting PowerPoint to E-Learning

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Those are three real quick tips when converting PowerPoint to an e-learning course. We’ll look at other things to consider when converting PowerPoint to an e-learning course with a lots of practical tips and tricks. Here’s a great job board for elearning, instructional design, and training jobs. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images.

Three E-Learning Tips to Help Build Better Courses

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The tutorials offer little bonus tips and focus on some production nuances that aren’t always apparent to new users. E-Learning Tip: Simulate Right-Click Interactions on Mobile Devices. E-Learning Tip: Combine Animations to Create Fast-Slow-Fast Animations. E-Learning Tip: How to Keep Objects Persistent and as the Top Layer. Here’s a great job board for elearning, instructional design, and training jobs.

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4 Ways to Develop Learning Agility - Tip #188

Vignettes Learning

Take stock of what level of learning exists within your organization and if the organization’s environment supports this learning., May 16, 2018 Tip #57 - Episodic Learning-Learning Like Watching Your Favorite Soap Opera! e-Learning Strategy eLearning instructional design micro-scenarios microlearning ray jimenez small bites learning social learning stories story-based

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A Simple Course Production Tip to Use Every Day

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Here’s a simple tip that I use all the time. Here are three reasons why this is a good tip. Often it’s a PDF, where this tip really make a lot of sense. This is a simple tip, but it is one that I use all the time when building e-learning courses. What simple tips do you have that help in your day-to-day production? Here’s a great job board for elearning, instructional design, and training jobs. In fact, I use it multiple times a day.

5 Tips To Build In Storyline Like A Pro

Roundtable Learning

In this article, we will discuss what Storyline is, Storyline tips and tricks, and the ways a learning partner can help. . Storyline is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool where developers and instructional designers can create custom, interactive courses.

Two Quick Time-Saving Tips

Rapid eLearning

Here are two simple tips to help save time and frustration as you work through the day. What simple tips or hacks like this do you use to save time? Here’s a great job board for elearning, instructional design, and training jobs. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images. One shows how to autosave files so you don’t need to worry about losing your work.

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What’s Wrong with Retrofitting an Accessible E-Learning Course

Rapid eLearning

Many e-learning designers are challenged because they don’t often build accessible e-learning courses. So, they’re not sure what accessibility means and how it impacts course design. Want to learn more: Download this free e-book: 6 Best Practices for Designing Accessible E-Learning.

Tips for creating real-life learning experiences in online training


However, it’s important the simulated universe does not seem like unicorns and wild rainbows so there are a few things you can do as an instructional designer to make sure the course is as real as possible. If, for example, the unit’s learning goal is to teach about the stock market, it is important that the learner actually feels as if he had stepped into the stock exchange. E-learning Instructional Designers

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PowerPoint Tip: Here’s a Simple Way to Build E-Learning Graphics

Rapid eLearning

Here’s a PowerPoint tip: build your e-learning course graphics in PowerPoint. PowerPoint is great for simple graphic design projects. In a previous post, I shared visual design tips for graphics I built in Rise 360 for an e-learning scenario. I cover a lot of little PowerPoint tips. PowerPoint Tip: Step Away from PowerPoint as a Presentation Tool. PowerPoint Tip: Save Slides as Images. PowerPoint Tip: Create Custom Slide Sizes.