Getting Started with Virtual Learning Environments

Bottom-Line Performance

One of the biggest of getting into virtual world and simulation learning is the huge gap – both real and perceived – that separates the minds of the gamer and the non-gamer. Patrick Dunn makes the excellent point in this recent post that the mindset of a game designer is very different from the mindset of an instructional designer. Game or virtual world designers attempt to focus on experiences, and figure that their players will learn as they experience.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Virtual Learning Environment


Of course, you might also consider a virtual learning platform, in which case you would join the 81 percent of companies who provide at least some of their training online. What is a Virtual Learning Environment? A virtual learning environment is an online system that allows education materials to be transmitted through the internet to transfer knowledge from organization to employee, or teacher to student. Instructional Videos.


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How To Improve Performance With Training And Development Content For The Growth of Employees

Dan Keckan

Virtual Training eLearning eBooks Employee Performance From ILT To VILT Instructional Design Challenges Virtual Learning EnvironmentDoes your current L&D approach help or hinder employee development?

A Virtual Learning Environment gets grounded

The E-Learning Curve

The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. Tags: heuristics nielsen simulation microworlds VLEs AICC principles of instruction usability guidelines HCI constructivist learning environment One of the best things about writing an e-elearning blog is its flexibility of the medium to mould itself to accommodate new events. These days, I'm regularly interrupting one series of posts to.

8 Innovative Virtual Learning Design Tips To Engage Your Remote Teams

Dan Keckan

Virtual learning is an essential component in the Learning and Development toolkit, and it is widely used for training and educational purposes. Here are some design tips from the instructional and visual perspectives to give your virtual learning a real boost.

Google Books now has Discovering Adult Learning with technology

Adult Learning with Technology

Discovering Adult Learning With Technology The Seven Year Education Itch. Adult Learning eLearning eLearning Tools Discovering Educational Technology for Adult Learners ebook Experience API Expirence API instructional designer Technical Challenges technology the seven year education itch Tin-Can API Virtual Learning Environment Why Adults LearnIt’s taken a little while, but my books are finally up on Google Books!

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How To Enhance Virtual Learning With The Help Of Social Learning


A virtual environment is a medium of learning where learners go through courses, study materials and learning aids through an online medium. It can be browser-based or a virtual training session through Zoom. The 70:20:10 Learning Framework.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Virtual Reality

Dan Keckan

Is Virtual Reality (VR) just a gimmick? Or could it actually add instructional value to your learning? eLearning Trends Augmented Learning eLearning Best Practices Virtual Learning Environment Virtual RealityThis post was first published on eLearning Industry.

3 Ways You Can Get Your Digital Learning Act Together

InSync Training

Virtually There Session Recap. But given the state of the world today, it feels imperative that we quickly adapt learning to the virtual learning environment. Blended learning Virtual Teams Virtually There

Instructional Design Questions? There’s an App for that! …You need to check it out.

Kapp Notes

My friend and colleague, Connie Malamed (aka The eLearning Coach ) has developed a handy iPhone application that will help you become a better instructional designer making tips, definitions and ideas available right at your finger tips. I have heard buzz about the application from a number of sources including Cammy Bean’s Learning Visions where she does a great job of explaining the application. How is it of value to instructional designers and other learning professionals?

Immersive learning environments – a great example

The E-Learning Curve

Adaptive learning! As it's the first anniversary of the Lehman Brothers' collapse, I've been considering writing a post on the economic "anarchy.loosed upon the world" and it's impact on the Learning & Development industry as a follow-up to my 2008 post Recession and the challenge to e-learning. 1966) Toward a Theory of Instruction.

Virtually There: Developing Competencies of Virtual Classroom Designers

InSync Training

Virtual instructional designers will need to participate as learners in the environment and be trained on how to use the technology to its best instructional advantage. If you would like your virtual classes to meet, or even exceed, the quality you expect from traditional deliveries, you need to strategically think about how to prepare your team to be successful in the virtual classroom. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design Design virtually there

101 Tips to Motivate the Virtual Learner: Design for Virtual Learner Success

InSync Training

This is the eleventh post in a series of eleven which will examine how to motivate the virtual learner. Motivation Category 10: Design for Virtual Learner Success. Do your best to create effective virtual learning environments, strong support systems, and well-designed programs and watch your virtual learners thrive! The first post introduces the series. Nothing succeeds like success!

Differentiated Instruction and Corporate Training: Accommodating Diverse Learning Styles in the Workplace


In other words, n obody learns in the same way or at the same pace. Everyone can learn—but just not in the same manner. And that’s the basis of differentiated instruction. Carol Ann Tomlinson, a leader in differentiated instruction and a professor of educational leadership, foundations and policy at the University of Virginia, defines this type of instruction as the need to consider students’ individual learning styles in order to create the best learning experience possible.

The Value of Using Technology Designed for Virtual Learning

Jigsaw Interactive

Virtual training makes it easier than ever to provide comprehensive professional development opportunities to everyone within your company. And, when it comes to innovative virtual training technology, Jigsaw Interactive is at the top of the class.

9 Planning Steps for Your Virtual Learning Program

Learning Rebels

First posted on Linkedin) As the need for widespread social distancing increases, the need to move from traditional training to a virtual learning program is becoming more the norm. Below are 9 planning steps to take before running your next virtual learning program.

2017: The Year of User Interface Design

Web Courseworks

When I was tasked with identifying and elaborating on an instructional design trend for 2017, I did what most people do when they have no ideas: I asked Google. On top of being an instructional designer, now I also have to be an expert in UI? Learning does not occur in a vacuum; learning occurs within a specific environment, and that environment affects the ways in which learners interact with the course content. Are you an instructional designer?

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Top 6 Cornerstone Alternatives and Cornerstone Competitors in 2020!


Cornerstone learning an award-winning learning management system (LMS) enables companies to create a culture of continuous learning and train their employees as per the requirement. Docebo is a software used as a full training tool for service learning platforms.

How To Enhance Virtual Learning With The Help Of Social Learning

Tesseract Learning

A virtual learning environment is a medium of learning where learners go through courses, study materials and learning aids through an online medium. It can be browser-based or a virtual training session through Zoom. The 70:20:10 Learning Framework.

The Benefits of Offering Virtual Classes For Brick and Mortar Schools

Jigsaw Interactive

That’s why it’s so important that brick-and-mortar schools don’t overlook the many benefits of offering virtual classes inside of their traditional classrooms. And even the most introverted students are more likely to collaborate in a virtual learning environment than they are face to face.

Why Virtual Education Requires an Actual Virtual Classroom

Jigsaw Interactive

Although online learning has experienced a steady increase over the past decade, it was the COVID-19 pandemic that undeniably spurred its meteoric rise around the world. Here’s where the problem lies in not choosing the right learning technology.

6 Blended Learning Success Tips


Blended learning is quite effective across a variety of contexts. The goal of blended learning is simple: expose learners to content across a variety of channels, primarily in-person and digitally. The entire blended learning concept is what can make flipped classrooms so effective. But simply setting up a virtual learning environment and expecting it to be successful is not the best way to go about implementing this strategy. blended learning

Steps for Designing a Virtual Learning World Experience

Kapp Notes

Here is a step-by-step process for designing and launching a virtual world learning experience within an organization. Step One: Identify the learning objective and outcomes required of learners. Step Two: Determine the content that must be learned to enable participants can achieve the desired outcomes. Step Three: Determine if content is appropriate for learning within a virtual world environment. Create debriefing exercises to ensure learning.

Why Create a Virtual Classroom?


Designing and delivering instructor-led webinars and courses in an online environment is sometimes more of a necessity than a luxury. Thanks to the plethora of educational technology tools available, eLearning developers can quickly create a virtual classroom. The question is, why should you create a virtual classroom? Ever since the concept of Human Computer Interaction has come to the limelight, all things virtual have become increasingly important.

How Educators Can Avoid Panic and Find Success Teaching Online with Janet Lee

TechSmith Camtasia

Pivoting your skills from in-person to a virtual environment comes with its challenges in any industry. Janet has developed many tools over her 25 years in education and instructional design. Janet notes that you can still use this time to establish learning expectations.

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What is Elearning?


Learners can acquire qualifications or develop new skills using electronic devices such as a laptop, mobile device or tablet, accessing educational material often delivered through a learning management system (LMS) which is hosted online. With the ongoing development of the internet and the advancement in elearning technologies, the way in which learners learn will continue to evolve into the future. Thank you to our Guest Blogger spearhead eLearning.

Moodle Cute Repository

Moodle Journal

I received an email recently describing a new content repository from the Worcester College of technology, its called MrCute and is intended to be an optional add-on to the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment. IMS (Instructional Management Standards) Global Learning Consortium is an international body which aims to set standards for interoperability between learning systems.

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How To Use Social Intelligence In eLearning


By immersing learners in social situations and encouraging them to examine their communication skills, social intelligence can be cultivated in online learning environments. Even in virtual learning environments where there is less face-to-face communication, each individual has feelings and thoughts that they are bringing with them when they attend the online courses. In other words, they quickly learn what is acceptable in social situations and what is not.

How elearning should be made better for students?

Creativ Technologies

But it has put an additional responsibility on schools to see that the students are learning something. The schools have made learning more interactive and fun for students. These are the following ways in which they are doing so: Proper space for learning.

How To Easily Implement Blended Learning in the Classroom


What the students can expect to learn. When students arrive into your virtual learning environment, you should set-up an introductory questionnaire or forum for them to introduce themselves and to ask any initial questions. The course overview can be as elaborate as you like, include videos, printable instructions, documents, and so forth. When possible, offer the content via audio, video, and text so that multiple learning styles are addressed.

Online Learning Takes Special Skills

eLearning Brothers

What skills are needed to successfully learn from online training? Are the skills needed to learn in a classroom environment different from skills needed online? A learning space created by user. Images can really improve the learner’s comprehension and speed up the learning. Put the learners into virtual groups and have them do some online training and then hold a team discussion over the phone/email. Lack of Learning Space.

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Learning in 30 Seconds-Learning ala The Matrix Style

Vignettes Learning

How would you like to learn the way they do in the blockbuster movie "The Matrix"? According to T eemu Torvelainen in a newsletter entitled "What are nano-learning and m-learning?," "In the Matrix films, new skills were learned fast. Instructions on how to fly a helicopter, the characteristics of a motorcycle, and many other things were downloaded in a couple of seconds. This could be called nano-learning. What is Nano-Learning?

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Going Digital: How to Move from Instructor-Led Courses to Online Distance Learning

eThink Education

Times are changing and digital learning and remote work is becoming increasingly more common as organizations and institutions shift their policies to accommodate the convenience, wellbeing, and safety of their learners and teams. How to Move to Online Distance Learning.

How is E-learning Transforming the Entire Education Sector?


That was the time when rote learning played an important role in the entire education system. . At that time, learning involved in-person instructions, home assignments, exams, use of specific course materials, and classic pedagogy. What Exactly is E-learning?

Role of Stories in Learning - A Map

Vignettes Learning

He covered the promise (or not) of AI, learning, stories, and the implications for education." Known the world over as the leading visionary in virtual learning environments, artificial intelligence, learning theory and cognitive science, he is the CEO of Socratic Arts, a company that specializes in the design, and implementation of story-centered and learning-by-doing curricula both in the academic and corporate worlds. Diagnostic is key to learning.

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The 6 Hottest Training Technologies That You Can’t Overlook


It is redefining workforce learning methods and tools, allowing organizations to nurture their talent in the most effective way. Struggling with gaps in talent and skills, organizations are starting to invest more heavily in technologies to predict their training requirements, understand their learners and to create exciting ways to deliver training and learning to their employees. is encouraging organizations to leverage mobile learning technologies for their workforce training.

Avoiding the Virtual Ghost Town

Kapp Notes

It can be lonely in a virtual world with no friends and nothing to do. One common mistake organizations make in designing learning experiences in virtual worlds is failing to have specific learning objectives, either formal or informal, for the intended interactions. Some organizations create a virtual space with only vague learning outcomes and no formal assessment plan. If not, the result is a virtual ghost town.