NEW: Camtasia Studio Vimeo Integration

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Vimeo integration has arrived. With the new Camtasia Studio Vimeo integration, you’re able to gain more control over your content and enable your videos to be viewed in gorgeous HD quality on desktop, mobile, tablet, and TV. You asked, we listened.

3 Critical Questions To Ask A Learning Technology Vendor


IT’s concerns lie within the technical infrastructure of the solution, including system maintenance, integrations, security, plus how it would cooperate with existing IT systems. What Integrations Does It Have? Important integrations to consider: API and SSO.

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Scalable Web Meeting Solutions made Possible with LMS Webex Integration


LMS Webex Integration – What it brings to the Table! Hence, the need for web meeting solutions… or so to say, LMS Webex integration ! This godsend integration is extremely useful for organizations, especially those who have their employees scattered around the globe.

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What’s New in Adobe Captivate Prime

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PowerBI integration. General Data Protection Regulation is a new standard for privacy protection adopted by nations in the European Union which becomes a legal requirement on May 25th. PowerBI Integration. This week Adobe launched the latest updates to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS.

How Docebo LMS is Compliant With GDPR


While there’s a ton of info available about GDPR itself, it’s important as an LMS user to know how your learning activities could be impacted by this unprecedented data privacy regulation. Ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of processing systems and services.

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Is Your Cloud-based LMS the Ideal Platform to Train Employees?

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The best way to provide this opportunity is through integrating a Learning Management System (LMS) within the organization. The privacy of the data of every user is ensured through encryption.

Capture Learner Data with Google Spreadsheets


In the session, Lectora®, Meet Google , presented at the 2012 Lectora User Conference, Becky Goldberg shared valuable tips for capturing learner behavior without LMS integration. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. ReviewLink. CourseMill LMS. Community Forum. Products. Authoring Tools. Lectora Inspire. The Full-Featured Authoring Tool. Lectora Publisher. e-Learning Authoring Software Made Easy. Lectora Online.

STRIVR is Soc 2 Certified


Information and systems are protected against unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure of information, and damage to systems that could compromise availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Processing integrity. Privacy. We take your privacy seriously. Personal information is collected, used, retained, disclosed, and disposed of in accordance with STRIVR’s Privacy Policy. “At We take the protection of our customers’ data very seriously.

How Data Analytics Helps Boosting Your E-Learning Experience


As more aspects of everyone’s daily lives are integrated with technology, the way people amend their ways of attaining knowledge and recording that information has become the prime key to the e-learning industry today. In addition, managing data privacy is also a big concern.

Growing Use of Social Media in Education


Participants of the survey indicated that their number one concern of using social media in the classroom is the integrity of student submissions, followed closely by concerns about privacy.

eLearning in the GDPR era: What you need to know


After decades of relative neglect, online privacy concerns have become increasingly important in the last few years. This year, especially, has brought privacy on the forefront of public discussion, while a host of state and corporate initiatives have been launched to address the issue.

GDPR came and went: how it impacted our products

Rustici Software

At Rustici Software, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came at an ideal time for us to complete a self-review of our data privacy. Our tools can be many things to many people, with each product having its own set of data privacy scenarios to think through. Of course we went through the normal process of evaluating our company-wide privacy policy and made some small changes. SCORM Cloud API: Many of our SCORM Cloud’s integrations are purely API based.

Blockchain Solutions for Cyber & Data Security

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In the world of increasing cyber-crimes and businesses’ struggle to cope with data security, its regulation and privacy concerns, can blockchain be a great relief? Previously in our posts at [1] , we have discussed the potential of blockchain in terms of security and privacy of the transactions. The distributed network that verifies the transactions’ integrity and related accounts balances make even the smartest attack quite impossible.

Host Your Corporate Training Videos on Your LMS – Why & How

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Ensure the privacy and confidentiality of organizational information. Instead, uploading them on online video hosting provider sites and integrating with your LMS is a better option. You can access the <embed> code to integrate with your LMS.

WhatsApp For Learning?

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All you need is a working phone number and an internet connection, and it seamlessly integrates all your contacts into your WhatsApp friend list. Would that be too much invasion of privacy? You probably say “WhatsApp” just as often as you’d ask someone “What’s up”.

Web Conferencing with OpenMeetings

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We did try a couple of the free web based services for this, but ran into some problem s with privacy and to a certain extent security. While the application can be run as a remotely hosted service, it can also be integrated with Moodle and Facebook.

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Transition Doesn’t have to be a Challenge


Performitiv uses modern software security, integration and data protection and privacy protocols. 5.Advise on the integration process. This means our clients don’t need to divert their own IT resources to integrate with Performitiv.

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Mobile Learning: 3 Security Threats & 7 Ways to Beat Them

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However, security and privacy issues in mobile learning may play spoil sport. Malware/viruses, system and data security, users’ privacy, Copyright and Intellectual Property Right (IPR) issues pose challenges in the path of mobile learning. Users’ Privacy.

Moving and receiving xAPI data in an LRS rich environment

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To correlate Slack conversations and Github commits to learning, The Brothers Donnelly use Watershed’s Zapier integration. Utilizing the Watershed Zapier integration, you can tie those external APIs to xAPI statement creation.

GDPR: Docebo is ready – are you?


In an effort to harmonize its data privacy laws, the European Union (EU), after lengthy negotiations, in April 2016 finally adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”, EU regulation 2016/679), which will come into force on May 25, 2018.

4 Reasons a Compliance Manager Changes Their Compliance Training Program

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Managing big data in today’s transparency-driven regulatory environment is a considerable technological challenge, and ever-expanding monitoring and disclosure requirements are raising privacy concerns among personnel and clients of regulated firms.

What You Need to Know: GDPR & xAPI


Find out more as we explain everything you need to know about this important set of privacy regulations. ability to ensure ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of processing systems. What about xAPI and data privacy?

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7 Reasons the Death of the Custom LMS Will Never Happen

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Integration: It’s true that lots of LMS companies have APIs, but you have to use them as they are and by their rules. Data Ownership, Privacy and Security: We intentionally and committedly steer clear of multi-tenant systems to protect our customers’ ownership and privacy.

Is Blockchain the Future of eBook Distribution & Sales?

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These include network integrity, distributed power, value as incentive, security, privacy, rights preserved and inclusion. The main advantages are reduction of intermediaries, empowered users, high-quality data, process integrity, transparency, and protection against counterfeit.

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Thank You for Sharing: The Next Generation of Extended Enterprise Learning


Degreed provides an integrated tool to allow you to easily manage multiple organizations from one central site management console. Integrations and configurations can be customized for each organization.

Can Blockchain Solutions Over-reach

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The blockchain solutions emerged with the name of web-based distributed ledger system where applications can be developed on, to achieve higher data integrity, give time-stamped attribution and verification and amplify the efficiencies via automation [2].

How Technology Partners Help Associations Comply with GDPR

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Complying with GDPR isn’t only about developing a new privacy statement and opt-in forms. Many privacy experts believe the US and other nations will adopt similar regulations given the ongoing complaints about Facebook and Google data practices. Just this week, a US senator said: “Facebook’s secret data sharing partnerships raise urgent new reasons for stronger privacy protections—beginning with a privacy bill of rights modeled on Europe’s new rules (GDPR).”.

Degreed Does Data: Data Science


Data science is useless without databases, but those databases must have integrity. Of course, don’t forget to keep the data safe, by talking through specifics security threats and privacy protections.

Training, Job Shock, and Performance

Actio Learning

In each example below, successful performance is built on the integration of knowledge and skill in a real world context. We respect your privacy.

Hands On Training: An Effective Way to Learn


And for added security and privacy, you might have to provide a training environment with non-production data. Hands on training—also referred to as experiential learning—is learning by doing.

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Twelve Ways to Add Value to Open Source LMS Systems

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Here we deal with problems such as grade data privacy, activation and deactivation of users for business reasons, and protecting sensitive business information arising from learning systems from prying eyes. using payment gateway integration. For better streaming experience third party integration with services like YouTube, Kaltura and so on. Open source platforms such as Open Meetings or Big Blue Button can be integrated with Moodle to bring in this capability.

Building the Next Generation of SCORM

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It has challenges including security/privacy complexity, verb and activity definitions, and reporting complexities in the LRS. Integrated Learning Services, Inc. This eLearning blog is brought to you by Integrated Learning Services , an eLearning design & development company. by Jonathan Shoaf. Last Thursday was the kick off of project Tin Can. While project Tin Can has been championed by Rustici software for years now, it is speeding up activity to produce a 1.0


7 Most Used Online Corporate Training Platforms


You can also integrate Kitaboo Insight with an existing LMS. The tool also automates the integration, user enrollment, reporting and syncing processes. The tool offers data security and conforms to all the laws and regulations for data privacy. Your employees might be highly qualified for their roles, but on the job, they are as good as the training you provide them.

Learning Technology Trends in 2016


These include tools directly integrated in the LMS, as well as courses which incentivize group work as well as peer feedback. . mLearning allows for people to take courses on the train home from work, a plane on the way to a convention, or in the privacy of their own home. Integration is #1. Almost every corporation submitted an appeal for integration in learning systems.

LMS Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Learning Systems Market Update

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UPDATE: Thanks to APIs that dramatically simplify technology integration, almost anyone can “snap together” compelling, customized learning ecosystems. 6) Integrated Content Authoring Joins the Modern LMS. In January, I outlined “ 18 LMS trends to watch in 2018.”