As learning designers, it’s impossible to learn, know, and keep up with all the advancements and innovations in our industry, but I do think it is important to be aware of the ever-changing landscape. The initial request was an explainer video with follow up game-like interactions.

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This post is for vendors, developers and implementers of the Experience API and for anyone who may one day create something with xAPI. I’m going to ask you as vendors, entrepreneurs, developers, designers from all around the world to provide me with your counsel as I ultimately must direct the effort. Consider Breaking Up the Spec Into Separate Standards Efforts. I personally lean on the side of breaking up the spec into three standards.


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NextGen LMS Features (Now and Later)

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Personalized/localization of the learner home page. General items include custom domains (included at no charge), AES 256 bit for security, Multi-tenant (aka extended enterprise, should be at no charge, but some vendors charge for the children or to go multi-tenant), and API integration. API integration – yep, either the vendor has open APIs or they can accept any API – and have it work with their system (usually a fee, but that is besides the point).

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Top 5 Talking Points from 2013 #LSCon

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Security is a big issue in the corporate world and I picked up some useful pointers, although no definitive answers. But then there is the issue of the security or otherwise of your local Starbucks Wifi connection (70%+ of tablets are wifi only). As XAPI is taken up and evolves, so more verbs will be added. Authoring system vendors are ahead of LMS providers in embracing XAPI and are even creating new verbs already. What does the future hold for learning?

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