Is the pedagogy of MOOCs flawed?

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Her counter argument was that the pedagogical devices that I cited – readings, online discussion forums, social media groups and local meetups – are the same learning and teaching functionalities available in any LMS. As for local meetups, in all my years I have never seen this offered in a regular online course! All of the MOOCs I have experienced include readings, online discussion forums, social media groups and local meetups.

People, politics and pedagogy

Learning with 'e's

Over the first of few months of the project, we met with local communities, selected centres, and developed our relationship with the local businesses and stakeholders. When we had explained the task, he informed us he was the chair of a local committee that was a sub-group of another committee that was associated with the district council (phew!), Working on that project, I think I learnt far more about people and politics than I ever learnt about technology or pedagogy.


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The future of MOOCs

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Sure, the pedagogy may not be perfect, but the alternative is much worse. Countries that currently attract foreign students to their shores will need to brace for the impact on their local economies, as an ever-increasing proportion of students choose to gain an international education without leaving their home country. The pedagogy of MOOCs will be enriched. MOOCs get a bad rap.

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COVID-19 and the next New Deal for artists: “Building the Vibe”


So, we have created arts kits that we are able to drop off in coordination with local school districts, at the sites where free lunches are dropped off. Digital Learning arts education community engagement online teaching pedagogy remote learning remote teaching teaching

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The future of MOOCs

E-Learning Provocateur

Sure, the pedagogy may not be perfect, but the alternative is much worse. Countries that currently attract foreign students to their shores will need to brace for the impact on their local economies, as an ever-increasing proportion of students choose to gain an international education without leaving their home country. The pedagogy of MOOCs will be enriched. MOOCs get a bad rap.

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Designing Online Courses for Different Learning Preferences


For instance, if you’re creating an introductory course on how to make use of your local library, a module that focuses on “How to Leverage Print Resources” may appeal to Gen X’ers or Baby Boomers, but it may not fascinate Millennials. Instructional Design Online Learning eLearning generational differences instructional design Pedagogy user experience

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Blends, borders and boundaries

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In online and virtual forms of education, especially blended forms of pedagogy, learners are constantly transitioning between complex states as they learn, interact with their tools, content and with others; and as they navigate, discover, create, organise, remix, repurpose and share content. asynchronous Blended learning border content distance education pedagogy remix synchronous teaching Technology

Trends and blends

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Blended learning diversity EADTU education Empower flipped classroom pedagogy Technology universityImage captured by Angeles Sánchez-Elvira Paniagua Earlier this week I took part in two online webinars. The first was a presentation of my thoughts on the state of play of blended learning methods in universities. The second, two days later was a panel discussion focused on the present day practices and the future of blended learning.

MIS en place

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Jackie Mulock, Business Manager at Marner Primary School , London said: "The move from our own system to RM Integris was seamless and happened virtually overnight, thanks to the support of RM Education and our local authority.

Productive Disruption: Kadenze’s Silver Lining in the Cloud


A violent and ugly disruption, especially for those disciplines Kadenze cares about – the creative arts, design and creative technologies – and their studio pedagogies. . overseeing arts-led pedagogies for their global online catalogue in the creative arts, design and creative education.

Use your learning powers

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Well, that is exactly what some of my student teachers practised this week when we crossed over the river to spend the day in one of our local primary schools. Bigtrak Bluebot Carbeile Junior School education learning Lego Mindstorms Makey Makey pedagogy robot Scratch TechnologyMakey Makey in action Some time ago I wrote a blog post on innovative teaching - where teachers take risks, stand back to let students learn for themselves, and provide challenging and engaging experiences.

Stuck in the past?

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In 1970, sociologist Alvin Toffler predicted: ' Within thirty years, the educational systems of the United States, and several Western European countries as well, will have broken decisively with the mass production pedagogy of the past, and will have advanced into an era of educational diversity based on the liberating power of the new machines.' By mass pedagogy, he referred to the factory production model of education that schools have been caught in for over a century.

Teacher Voices: Naomi Hancock

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I had been judged as not meeting the teaching standards in the first two terms and a representative from the local authority came to observe me alongside the headteacher and with a little help with my planning and emotional support from my team and family I pulled off a great lesson and got enough encouragement to turn things around for the last few months. education learning Naomi Hancock pedagogy primary school Technology

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#40years of educational technology: Computers

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Pedagogy and technology are in a symbiotic relationship, and I have been privileged to witness its development first hand over the last 40 years. We established the ITMA project - Investigations into Teaching with Microprocessors as an Aid and took the computers into local schools. Acorn computer BBC CAL computers education graphics ITMA learning pedagogy research Technology

Teacher Voices: Megan Douglas

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Whilst at university she heard news of a new free school being set up in her local area, which grabbed her attention. The schools are very good in my local area and I have been lucky enough to attend these schools as a child but gradually over the years the funding has been decreased and cut. Resources are so limited and some local schools are even asking parents to foot the bill. education learning Megan Douglas pedagogy primary schools SEN STEM teaching Technology

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Teacher Voices: Chris Nesbitt

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I spent some time in local primary schools and when I saw the impact I could have just as a teenager on work experience I knew teaching would be right for me. Chris Nesbitt education learning pedagogy Plymouth Institute of Education primary teaching TechnologyThis is number five in the ongoing blog series about the lives of former students who have gone on to become teachers. This post features Chris Nesbitt, who graduated from Plymouth University in 2015 with a first class B.Ed

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Memoirs of an "Instructional Designer"

Learning Visions

I have never taken a class in pedagogy. We cater to local customers and accept international projects. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Thursday, April 26, 2007 Memoirs of an "Instructional Designer" I dont have a masters degree in instructional design or education. In fact, I dont have any kind of masters degree at all. I have never taken a course in adult learning theory. And yet here I am.

Why Higher Education Institutions Need an Education Services Company

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Also Read: eLearning Localization – The Next Big Trend in Employee Training. The higher education community is at an inflection point today with technology, cost inflation, and social change being three main elements posing challenges to students.

eCombat: Lessons from the Interactive Battlefields of Afghanistan

Vignettes Learning

Plurality Element: Encourage membership in and participation from groups and professional associations related to the learning focus, including those from other countries or locales pursuing similar goals and issues. Integration Element: Articulate a common set of beliefs or group norms as they emerge within a learner-centered philosophy and pedagogy that celebrates individual accomplishments while building group identity and momentum. Our Belief.

Little Whinging

Clark Quinn

Who says it’s in the network, not the local connections and other techs will work on it, and I don’t have to be present, and they work 24/7 and it should be fixed in a couple of days. And authoring tools should make it easy to do good pedagogy and difficult to do info dump and knowledge test! Every once in a while , I have had enough of some things, and want to point them out.

Authentic Learning

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The process was good too; the firm had organized a visit to their local (world class) research center, and were available (through a limited process) for questions. This sort of grounded practice in addressing real questions in a structured manner is a great pedagogy. This week, #change11 is being hosted by Jan Herrington (who I had the pleasure of meeting in West Australia many years ago; highly recommended).

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Education in India is taking giant leaps forward, both in terms of pedagogy as well as the technology used for imparting learning. Learnnovators’ core competencies are in the areas of Custom E-Learning , Rapid E-Learning , Mobile Learning , Gamified Learning , Blended Learning , and Localization. Chennai (India).

7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

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Whether it be via the online discussion forum, on one of the associated social media groups, or at a local meetup, suddenly you are introduced to a world of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about the topic. While corporates are increasingly realising that classroom delivery is not necessarily the most effective pedagogy for employee development, neither is delivering the training in exactly the same way via a webinar or converting the PowerPoint slides into an online module.

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Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


Pedagogy: Derived from the Greek for ‘to lead’, pedagogy is a teacher-centred approach to educational activities in online and face-to-face environments. In eLearning, pedagogy involves selecting the best methods to convey information to learners. SaaS (software as a service): Software hosted in the cloud by an LMS vendor so that customers don’t need to install the system locally. Last week, we decoded tongue-twisting eLearning terms from A-L.

Competing conference contexts

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There were few people who aren’t reasonably on top of tech for learning, at least conceptually, and more aware of online pedagogy. I was somewhat surprised to not see as much on things like new pedagogies at VSS, but wish we were talking more about standards at DevLearn. There were some other differences: DevLearn had a pre-conference online game, while VSS had a dinner at the local history museum.

Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering: An Edtech Evolution.

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Empower teachers to use digital tools/pedagogy . It also entails localizing problems and fixing individual parts so that all red flags are addressed before the whole software gets annexed. The Impact of the Pandemic: .

Barking at ants

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Below is the abstract of my presentation to staff in the Brighton Business School: New Pedagogies for the Digital Age The rapid emergence of new, participative and social media in higher education has caused teachers to question what they have previously believed about university teaching. Here is my slideshow: New Pedagogies For The Digital Age View more presentations from Steve Wheeler. I had just enjoyed a rather large dinner at a local Tex-mex.

Franchise Custom Elearning Development


We also specialize in translation and localization of elearning to simplify the build of training for global audiences. At Learnkit, we use our proven digital teaching framework ( Learncycle pedagogy ) to maximize learning in the shortest amount of time. One of the biggest challenges for Training & Development and People Departments today is how to translate in-person training to online learning.

In Challenging Times: Make Lemonade in eLearning


I’m working with the local Community Emergency Response Team on training volunteers, but getting hands-on with a fire-extinguisher and putting out an actual burning device, or bandaging wounds on a patient, and doing search and rescue drills, just can’t be faked.

Back to ‘what’ Normal? #AulaCon

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Technology: loss of community exposed in Zoom, what is the role of technology and pedagogy? – High impact locally, working nationally on this, growing to international audience too from work rooted in local policies.

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Online Classes vs Traditional Classes – Find the Best for You


In traditional classrooms, social interactions are limited to local people. This new type of instruction prompts faculties to revisit questions about pedagogy and improve student learning.

The evolution from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering in the edtech world.

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Empower teachers to use digital tools/pedagogy. It also entails localization of problems and fixing of individual parts so that all red flags are addressed before the whole software gets annexed. The Pandemic Impact: .

Issue-based projects increase student engagement

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Students research and write on NGO (nongovernmental organizations) advocacy, environmental issues, Millenium Development Goals, human oppression and exploitation, and other local, national and international issues. Now in the fourth year of teaching the class, I can attest to the high levels of student engagement that can happen when technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge hit the sweet spot.

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Learning and instructional design strategies for adult learners


Education in the light of present-day knowledge and need calls for some spirited and creative innovations both in the substance and the purpose of current pedagogy.”, Pedagogy and Andragogy: are they different sides of the same coin, or are they different coins altogether? Let’s look at some industry-accepted definitions: As indicated above, pedagogy and andragogy focus on different, but not opposing, learning models.

Employee reward and recognition: How your LMS can help in 2021

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Our pedagogy lesson was split into 1.5 Your organization offers real prizes such as coupons for free coffee/tea at a local cafe, discount cards for shops, small items such as luxury toiletries or digital gadgets, etc. Here’s a shout out to all the bosses in cyberspace….

Award Press Release

Kapp Notes

LOCAL COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR RECEIVES AWARD FOR INNOVATIVE EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING, LEARNING, AND TECHNOLOGY International Conference on College Teaching and Learning Honors 40 Teaching Faculty The International Conference on College Teaching and Learning and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning congratulate Karl M. In April, I was honored with an award for innovative excellence in teaching, learning and technology. Here is the photograph and the press release.

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Interactive Andragogy or How to Motivate Adult Learners


While the term “pedagogy” is pretty much well-known even to the broader audience, the term “andragogy” is mainly familiar to education experts. Unlike pedagogy, which focuses on teaching children of different ages, andragogy focuses on adult learning. . For a course to be adequate, it also means, being properly translated and localized when intended for speakers of different languages. .