eLearning Localization – Details to Consider


One of the keys to boost your eLearning courses, regardless of whether they are part of a company training or meant for college students, is to localize them. It means to adapt it to the target audience by taking into account the locale specifications.

Translation and Localization Of eLearning Content

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Why Localization is important? Most of the global companies train their employees in the English language. People with English as their mother tongue can follow the flow with ease, but other people will find it linguistically difficult to follow.

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B2B eLearning Solutions Combine Affordable Services


Would you agree that B2B product and service providers have much to do with this? Although B2B products and services are absolutely essential to a business’s prosperity, they can seriously upset a company’s bottom line. Not many B2B services offer such solutions, but some do.

eLearning Localization – The Next Big Trend in Employee Training 

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With technology making the world a more close-knit community and a large number of companies acquiring a global footprint, eLearning localization has become a pressing need to maintain the effectiveness of training programs. That’s where eLearning localization plays a crucial role.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

services, meanwhile, allow content to be translated. can be configured to use any third-party service you. software as a service (SaaS) widely. also be able to easily ‘localize’ each language. authoring tools provide such services can. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

What’s the Difference Between Localization, Translation, and Globalization? 

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The terms localization, translation and globalization are closely linked, but with variations that can be confusing. Localization. This is the adaptation of a product to ensure that it meets the requirements of a specific local market, i.e. a ‘locale’.

Tips to Get the Best Out of Translation and Localization Services

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Translation and localization of online courses is a tricky affair. Training Translations Translation and Localization ServicesHere’s how to get it right.

5 Reasons Why Publishers should opt for eBook Distribution Services


This blog talks about reasons publishers must opt for eBook Distribution Services. For this paradigm shift to be successful, publishers must steer the transition strategically, and the choice of eBook distribution services plays an important role in that journey.

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E-Learning Localization – It’s All About the Details


One of the keys to boost your e-learning courses, regardless of whether they are part of a company training or meant for college students, is to localize them. It means to adapt it to the target audience by taking into account the locale specifications.

An Essential Overview Of Localization Technologies For Successful Implementation Of Localized L&D Content

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Localizing training content has also proven to accelerate productivity, reduce lost time, mitigate injury claims and improve employee retention. Here is a quick summary of the technologies available for localization services.

The Ultimate Guide to eLearning and Localization


The globalization of the market and the attempt to present the best content in the mother language of the learner made eLearning localization a service often associated with online learning. eLearning translation and localization.

Essential Tips To Deliver Localized Training Over Personal Mobile Devices


Localization of courses is important when it comes to training diversified audiences. With technological innovations and mobile learning development, localization has developed significantly over the past few years. How to Localize E-Learning Content Effectively?

Cloud Services Interruption

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Many TechSmith cloud services are currently down. Services affected: TechSmith Relay. Results (quizzing) service. We are still investigating the extent of the impact, but for many services sign in , uploading content , and/or viewing content may be affected.

Localization & eLearning: What Languages Should You Use?

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Often this request flows from a grand vision--your products and services spanning the globe with clients and students in every continent and every country. eLearning ePub Help Authoring Localization mLearning Technical Communications by Jen Weaver. Congratulations! Your English eLearning course has achieved such tremendous success that your company is ready to produce the materials in additional languages.

Interesting Facts about Translation Services in Toronto

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Certified translation services have become more and more critical due to the integration of global business operations and also web conferences. In this article, we are going to look at some interesting facts about translation services.

In the world of contact centers—customer services rules all


Customer service is important to most businesses but when you work for a telecom company?—?it BT Consumer , a division of British Telecommunications Group, which is responsible for consumer fixed-voice and broadband services, was determined to move ahead of a highly competitive pack of telecom competitors by offering a customer service experience that was second to none. BT responded quickly by creating 2,200 new advisor jobs locally and launched a 12-month recruitment plan.

7 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid In E-Learning Localization


represents the leader in the adoption of e-learning technologies and services. Therefore, professional e-learning localization can help reach more people in more languages, improve their understanding and subsequently lead to higher retention and better results.

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Deliver Outstanding Customer Service with Screen Recording

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Consumers are no longer limited to purchasing goods and services from local businesses. Customer service is the new marketing.”. Providing outstanding customer service is one easy, attainable way to elevate your customers’ overall experience.

How to Select the Right eLearning Authoring Tools and Services

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Additional services, if any. Apart from the basic functionality, enquire if the price includes access to supplementary tools and services such as content libraries and cloud storage. The post How to Select the Right eLearning Authoring Tools and Services appeared first on Hurix Digital.

Localization: Training and Development in Ireland

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Irish is a required subject to study in school and is necessary for careers in academia and civil service, but the native language for Irish inhabitants is English. Localization TechComm Technical Communications Technical Writing training UA User Assistance User Experience by Jen Weaver      Most of us have limited awareness of Irish culture beyond Saint Patrick's Day and leprechauns. Never fear!

Key Benefits of Managed IT Services for Business


Managed IT services can support the business by supporting their entire technology environment, including infrastructure, platforms, software, network, and more. However, here are the following benefits of managed IT services : Table of Content. Provide Cloud-Based Services.

A message from Janison’s CEO: Service continuity amid the coronavirus pandemic


NEWS A message from Janison’s CEO: Service continuity amid the coronavirus pandemic March 13, 2020 As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we want you to know about our contingency plans which ensure Janison’s ongoing resilience and capacity to provide you with uninterrupted service.

How to Pick the Right Fire Watch Service

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In most cases, the only option is to contract with a company that provides fire watch services. There are several reasons why you should hire a security company to provide fire watch patrol services rather than attempting to do it yourself. Determine How Long You Need the Service.

Local Business Video Marketing – 2020 Guide, Strategies, Statistics


Local business video marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with a local target audience. An excellent video marketing campaign will generate highly relevant and qualitative leads and improve your brand’s awareness in a local community.

Localization: Is There Value Above and Beyond Translation?

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In a previous article , I defined localization as the process of adapting a product (in the context of translation, usually software) to a specific locale (i.e. Localization includes, but is not limited to, translation of the screen texts and help files. You may be thinking, "Isn't translation enough; why do I need to localize too?" " Localizing a translation personalizes your product or service to your intended audience. by Jen Weaver.

3 Differences between Translation and Localization You Must Know

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The terms Translation and Localization are used interchangeably in the Training industry. If you want to expand your business and make it global, you have to add local color and flavor. Translation and localization do that effectively. Definitions of Translation and Localization.

Localization in eLearning-Tips and Best Practices

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Organizations opt for localization in eLearning to meet specific expectations of their employees (learning in a language they prefer), or to address new markets. What is Localization in eLearning? What Are the Key Benefits of Localization in eLearning?

5 Best Practices for Localization of Training


Quality localization of training often proves difficult for global companies. To retain consistency of the brand image, the quality of products and services, and employee engagement and productivity , the localization of training is a necessity. Start with localization in mind. If beginning in English, be sure that your content is originally designed to facilitate localization and translation. Coordinate with local stakeholders.



Learnnovators, a leading provider of innovative e-learning solutions, has won the ‘Training & Development Leadership Awards’ under the ‘Innovation in Learning Services’ category from Global T&D Congress. Learnnovators’ core competencies are in the areas of Custom E-Learning , Rapid E-Learning , Mobile Learning , Gamified Learning , Blended Learning , and Localization. Chennai (India).

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6 Ways to Knockout the Challenges in E-learning Localization

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Want to provide localized training for sales teams in order to better position your products and services in extended markets? You’ve got to rely on the translation and localization of training. If you are localizing it for Swiss employees, convert dollars to Swiss Francs.

Localization & eLearning: Taking Dialect Into Account When Translating Content

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Your translation service provider should ask you about dialect requirements prior to the start of your translation project. eLearning Localization mLearning Technology training by Jen Weaver. Everyone has a dialect. Sometimes we think of dialect as an accent; however, an accent is merely how words are pronounced. A dialect has its own grammar, vocabulary, syntax, slang, and pronunciation rules that make it distinct from other dialects of the same language.

How Does E-Learning Localization Differ from E-Learning Translation?


In order to reach a broader audience, a course needs to be presented in the mother tongue of the learners, which can be done using two main principles – e-learning translation and e-learning localization. What is e-learning localization?

Localization & Training: The Logistics of On-Site Interpretation

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Additional services may include foreign language subtitling or voiceovers. Localization Technical Communications Technology training by Jen Weaver. Sun Tzu is credited with saying "The line between disorder and order lies in logistics." " As professional trainers, you know this truth all too well.

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The Best Approaches to E-Learning Localization  


Successful localization of e-learning courses is critical for their realization on the market regardless of the purpose of their creation. The best way to achieve proper translation and localization is by selecting the right Language Service Provider (LSP) to do the job.

Localizing Visuals- There’s A Better Way

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When you begin your localization journey it can seem so complicated and overwhelming. There are literally thousands of websites offering advice, ideas, solutions, and services to help get your global growth underway. Let’s start with some considerations for localizing visuals.