Crowdsourcing Curriculum Development – The Low-Cost Option for Building Content within Organizations

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Before the internet, people had to be physically in one place to be together. Thus, the internet has created a virtual medium which allows us to be virtually connected or to be at one place even when we physically aren’t. Crowdsourcing capitalizes on this basic functionality of the internet so beautifully to tap into the knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred otherwise. What is crowdsourcing?

10 Low-Cost Ideas for Employee Training

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So, What Will it Cost Me? In terms of pricing, Microsoft PowerPoint (standalone, not including full Microsoft Suite) will cost you about $109, for 1 user (both PC and Mac) in the Microsoft Store, but you can shop around and check out other vendors such as Amazon, Overstock or Office Max/Depot. So, What Will it Cost Me? ON-DEMAND WEBINARS On-demand webinars are a great and cost-effective way to train your employees - as they can access the content anytime, anyplace.


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Schools turn to eBooks for low cost, convenience and engagement


Schools turn to eBooks for low cost, convenience and engagement. The advancement of eBook technology offers school systems exciting opportunities to engage their students in a convenient, cost-effective way. To accommodate the "handful" of students without Internet access at home, Marian College provides PDF versions of the materials. Benefits of eLearning resources Digital educational content offers a number of advantages for schools: Reduced costs.

Factors that Determine eLearning Costs

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With several major technology advancements, a growth in the number of internet and mobile users, learning flexibility, and easy accessibility, the eLearning market is all set to reach $275.10 Several factors impact the overall eLearning costs of your project: Volume. The duration of courses and the number of course elements have a major role to play in determining the eLearning costs of your project. The size and type of your course can impact the overall cost in a large way.

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Top 10 Free and Open Source eLearning Projects to Watch for 2012


This is why I created the following list with the Top 10 Free and Open Source eLearning projects for 2012 that will help you implement a low cost eLearning solutions => Please leave a comment if you would like me to include another Free or Open Source eLearning project that needs to be mentioned! Wallwisher is an Internet application that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Corporate Moodle: A Tipping Point?

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A ‘low-cost’ LMS starts at an average of $58K. That’s the low price. Because it’s open source, there are no licensing costs. Our customers benefit from low-cost and self-management with no technical knowledge required. John -- by "bottled pilot" are you thinking more of a tactical implementation -- low point entry to LMS to test the waters?

Elements For Constructing Social Learning Environments

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Everyone’s been talking about Social Learning Environments (SLEs), the internet offers a plethora of tools that could become a part of a SLE. While some of these tools cost money, the bulk of them are free. She covered the major tools that can be used to create a Social Learning Environment for free or at a low cost. We can construct our very SLE using these free tools.

Characteristics of a Virtual Classroom


The low costs of virtual classrooms are considered to be a major advantage. Participants also save time since all that is needed is an internet connection. The ed tech landscape is full of various buzzwords that sometimes it can be hard to really grasp the concepts that are being discussed. For example, one popular movement today being used in the education industry is the virtual classroom, but what exactly does this mean?

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We offer convenient, low-cost choices for students – print, audio, by-the-chapter, and more. Tags: Social Learning Internet I've been waiting for the flatworld knowledge site to go live. It looks really promising. could this work for business learning as well? I'll let you know what I find. In the meantime, check out the preview videos.

Artificial Intelligence And How It’s Changing E-Learning

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All they need is a computer and a smooth internet connection, and they are good to go. With Augmented Intelligence in the grind, students can now look up for study course material on the internet, often free of cost or at minimal charges.

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Mobile Learning App: Revolutionize Your Online Training

Online education using WordPress as LMS

With the evolution of the internet, many parents were suggested to keep their children away from the internet and web. But, today advancement in technologies and the internet has made it possible to adapt it as a learning routine like a classroom.

Top 10 Tips for Drama-Free Virtual Sales Meetings


Essential technologies and tools are: lighting, web camera, microphone, speakers, internet connection, and, most importantly, your virtual meeting platform. Use a direct-wired internet connection versus wireless.

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Proud to be in KC

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The bigger factor: KC has the fastest reported internet times. With a healthy economy and relatively low cost of living, young professionals can afford to buy single family homes if desired. "You’re a tech company, why are you in Kansas City and not Silicon Valley?"

Non-Profits: 13 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your On-Demand Learning

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Low costs of delivery for you as a non-profit. Cost savings for the learner. As well, having a cost associated with your online learning elevates it in the mind of your learner. They see the cost as a sign that this has a higher value than a free item.

Debunking Misconceptions about Video Learning


There are more than bil lion users (almost one-third of all people on the Internet) on YouTube, who spend extensive hours watching YouTube videos for entertainment as well as for education on a daily basis. Through this blog, we will try to clarify some of the most common misconceptions around video learning: Video is Expensive : The cost of producing a video has gone down drastically over the recent years.

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Envisioning the Future of Higher Education

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Elementary students are now growing up with laptops and the internet has become an essential tool to prepare the students effectively for the modern digital landscape. Low-cost degrees will be created, and outcome-based education will be offered.

Why is eBook security software integration crucial for publishers?


Publishing and distributing content online is relatively simple today and involves very few overhead costs. Protects your revenue: Online publishing can ensure huge reductions in costs. The Internet allows you to publish online content at hugely reduced costs.

Micro-Learning: Why Aren’t You on the Bandwagon?

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Easy to develop – Thanks to technology, the process to develop micro-learning is quick with the Internet being the collaborative medium. Low cost – While some time will likely be spent on the initial process, the long-term cost associated with the training drops. It’s no secret that technology has evolved tremendously over the past decade, and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

Snake Oil and (April) Fools

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For April Fool’s of this year, we (the Internet Time Alliance , with large credit to Jane and Harold) posted a message on our site: The Internet Time Alliance (ITA) has spent much of the past year on a mission. The Internet Time Alliance can help you navigate the snake oil and work smarter with Informal and Social Learning. As things get more complex and faster and more unique, the need for access to others and the rich resources of the internet are a bare minimum.

Open Source LMS vs. Cloud-Based LMS: Which is Right for You?


In addition, open-source learning management systems are usually free or available for a very low cost. You will need an in-house development team or will have to outsource that department, which will increase your costs. These factors will make your cost-saving benefit futile.

The Return Of Video To eLearning

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Some of the interesting stats for these videos: Video is currently 50% of the Internet traffic. Low Costs: Video production costs have come down drastically in last few years. With camera phones recording a video is a breeze and at almost no cost. Josh Bersin cites YouTube Videos as one of the best learning tools available in his session at the HR Technology Conference last week. I agree and see a bigger role for videos in the learning mix.

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SCORM Cloud- Will It Really Change The Game?

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From what I read on its ‘What it does’ page it appears to be a mini (or maybe micro) LMS hosted on internet allowing anyone to upload SCORM courses and through user registrations offer it to users. Low cost of SCORM player. In addition to my comments on point 2, if you are using the SCORM Cloud with your LMS which doesn’t have SCORM capability I am guessing that along with the pricing (based on registrations) there would be cost of integrating your LMS with the SCORM Cloud.


Social Learning: Part 2

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Of course, you'll need to check the links on a regular basis - the Internet is an ever changing tool - but you can take advantage of really great information at a low cost. [link] This video led me to an interesting website that has great links on how to help your family and friends reduce your environmental impact. The learning idea I took away from this site is a good example of to incorporate good resources from other websites into your training.

Confused with learning technologies? Choose your best option

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Open-source application: Now a day most organizations both corporate and non-corporate are looking for open-source applications because of onetime cost, quick setup, low cost, user-friendly, and highly customizable. Outsource: You can outsource eLearning development to experts to create high quality courses in lesser time which can save development costs. Training progress will get synchronized when there is internet connection and the device is connected.

A Step-by-Step Guide With Video Editing Tips for Beginners


Try not to fall down the internet rabbit hole, it’s an easy thing to do, and you will never run out of fascinating things to read or watch. You’ve got it in you, and there’s no reason to let your message get lost in the vast well of the internet due to budget constraints or lack of experience.

Top Trends in Digital Disruption


Important indicators of growing technology include falling prices of storage, low cost of compute, voice and artificial intelligence, and hyperscale. Taming the internet : Companies are now finding lucrative business opportunities on the internet. Orchestrate things : Enterprises should familiarize themselves with the “Internet of things” and utilize multiple devices.



More and more, the workforce is getting used to easily accessing the internet through their phones and the content that they consume is short. The ease and relatively low cost associated with microlearning make it a no-brainer tool to use when it comes to upskilling employees. .

9 Biggest Myths about Digital Publishing finally debunked!


Digital publishing has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of benefits such as low cost of production and the ability to reach out to a wider audience on a global scale. Like printed books, eBook readers or mobile devices cannot be used to read offline without internet connectivity.

Advantages of Ready-to-use Custom Learning Content For K-12 Students

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Rapid technological advancements, easy access to the internet and a significant improvement in communication technologies have equipped K-12 institutes with some excellent tools and learning strategies to ensure effective education. Low Cost.

Mobile broadband the route to universal access

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According to Finishing the Job in this week's Economist, mobile phone access will soon be universal and the next job will to do the same for the internet: " at current rates of growth it seems likely that within five years, and certainly within ten, everyone in the world who wants a mobile phone will probably have one. The next priority is to ensure universal internet access.

Best Ways to Deliver Online Learning Courses to Employees

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The rising penetration of the Internet and easy availability of the smartphones have further built the case for online learning courses or eLearning. Creating Online-Learning Communities : The LMS allows educators to create cost-effective and collaborative online communities and scale up to accommodate a larger user base. Technological advancements have made the world a global village, with people and organizations now working across geographical boundaries and time zones.

6 Reasons Why Publishers Need a Mobile App to Expand Reach


The rise of mobile apps has been fueled by the low cost of smartphones and easy availability of internet connection. Mobile apps have become the primary access vehicle to the Internet, representing half of the total digital time spent.

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Keeping IT Training and Sales Personal in an Age of Social Distancing


The cloud is the “great enabler,” offering the potential to eliminate distance, save time and costs, all while reducing the personal gaps resulting from social distancing. Trade shows, instructor led training, user groups, physical sales presentations.

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5 Keys to Success With the Knowledge Guru Game Platform

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Quest will not work within Internet Explorer 8. Two of these are durability and low cost of operation. He is concerned about replacement costs of Widget A. Want to make your first Knowledge Guru game roll-out a success? While the platform itself is easy to use, a bit of planning and preparation goes a long way.

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Pricing Your eLearning Materials: Subscription versus One-Time-Fee Models

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Additionally, this pricing model offers members with a low-cost way to gain access to the eLearning materials they want—especially if you offer a monthly subscription. Quality & Creation Costs. You might consider starting with the creation costs involved in preparing and maintaining your eLearning materials. For example, if you need more immediate revenue to make up for creation costs, then a one-time-fee model may make more sense for your organization.

Part III : Where Are You with Your Blended Learning Strategy?


Before the spread of the internet in the early 2000s, there was the essential blend of instructor-led (ILT) training and self-paced “training in a box.” Along came the internet and duplication, packaging and shipping costs gave way to low-cost digital delivery on the internet. Adobe Flash started as an internet player that eliminated browser incompatibilities and provided simple animation. Part 3 of Part 4.

Video’s Role in Your Learning Strategy

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It Cuts Costs. Video can help your organization save significantly on training costs. And with the proliferation of low-cost, professional-quality video technology, creating and editing video doesn’t require a huge investment of resources. Instead, they snatch bits of knowledge from their co-workers or the Internet, or they simply dive right in and learn by trial-and-error.

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The Advantages of DRM in the Publishing Industry


We all know how simple and easy it is to distribute and share content on the Internet. The very nature of the Internet makes file sharing a piece of cake. Apart from the fact that you can publish your eBooks at minimal cost, the Internet is also a means to achieve additional savings.

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Professional Development for L&D – Learning To Teach Online MOOC Augmented by LearningCafe

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How much will it cost ? LTTO can be accessed free but an optional verified Coursera certificate is available for cost 63 dollars. Browser and internet connection either on your Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Learning Café & KnowledgeWorking views MOOCs as high quality, low cost learning resource which should be used for employee learning. It offers in most cases high quality low cost learning content. Frequently Asked Questions.

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The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning

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3D-printed, low cost prosthetic limbs will bring the smile back on many faces. On March 1, 2011, IBM announced the IBM SmartCloud framework to support Smarter Planet." - Wikipedia The rise of mobile computing in the form smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices accompanied by ubiquitous Internet connection is creating unforeseen change--in how we work, learn, communicate, do business, conduct personal tasks, and myriad other aspects. I am not the kind to crystal gaze.

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