The Shoemaker’s Children – How Travel, Training and Social Learning Expand Your Mind


Look for similar programs offered by local chapters of ISPI, SHRM and other organizations. International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). The Masie Center. “ The shoemaker’s children always go barefoot.” – Proverb. The saying goes back at least to the Middle Ages.


My evolving learning journey

Jay Cross

I attended ASTD, eLearning, Online Learning, Elliott Masie’s TechLearn, Training, ISPI (then NSPI), and many others. When I first attended TechKnowledge six or seven years ago, the content was all stuff I’d heard before. I grumbled. Lance Dublin set me straight.

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eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

Clayton R. Wright has done his 28th version of his amazing list of conferences again this year. Past years eLearning Conferences 2012 , eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. You can contact him at: crwr77 [@]

Lean ISD, Social Learning, VAK, Joe Harless Video, & Google

Big Dog, Little Dog

Social Learning Survey - The Masie Center. It was him as a Wizard doing the Banquet Speech at the 1993 Chicago NSPI (now ISPI) Conference. Lean Instructional System Design - by Wong Yew Yip (YY) in Ditagroup.