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Data privacy for learners: What is your policy?

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Data privacy is an important policy element for any organization, and one that has been receiving more, but perhaps not enough, attention. Honestly, I did not expect this to be a controversial issue, but it has become one in the United States and probably elsewhere.

Beyond Expensive Lawyer Fees and Cheesy Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Generators with Donata and Hans from Termageddon


How you can go beyond expensive lawyer fees and cheesy privacy policy and terms and conditions generators with Donata and Hans from Termageddon. The terms and privacy policy will also update automatically when new laws that affect your setup are put into place.

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Improving Regulatory Compliance Training


Company Policies and Procedures. Compliance training helps employees understand the issues and how to identify and report problems before violations can occur. FERPA Compliance: Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.

Navigating the Digital Ecosystem, Preselling, and the Problems with the Culture of Free with Robin Harris


Navigating the digital ecosystem, preselling, and the problems with the culture of free with Robin Harris in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. We talk a lot on this show and I go on and on about it, the five hats problems.

Mobile Learning: 3 Security Threats & 7 Ways to Beat Them

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However, security and privacy issues in mobile learning may play spoil sport. Malware/viruses, system and data security, users’ privacy, Copyright and Intellectual Property Right (IPR) issues pose challenges in the path of mobile learning. Users’ Privacy.

Effectiveness of E-trainings for Compliance in the Pharma Industry

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Adding a pinch of workplace incidents to online compliance courses helps reps connect well and they get engaged since the courses promise solutions to compliance issues. Here, videos can help reps connect with their work issues.

TCC08: Wikis and Blogs and Tags: Oh Why?

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Question about FERPA (student privacy law in the US). Wikis make it very clear who did what–always a problem with group work for grading. If students are really uncomfortable sharing online, you need to make accomodations–one participant said he dropped a class b/c it required Blogger and he doesn’t like Google’s privacy policies. Privacy issues: Edublogs may be better than Blogger, or do it on your own servers to control information.

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The Smart Worker : relies on a trusted network of friends and colleagues

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In recent postings I focused on how L&D can support the content needs of the Smart Worker, but in fact it is clear, that most people first try and solve their problems by calling upon the people they know to help them, so this is the topic of this posting. Tweet.

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Curating content for learning: Is it legal?

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There is just one simple rule that will keep you on the right saw of all curation issues before we begin: Never copy content, always link to it. . Fair usage policies . Check privacy statements and terms and conditions of websites, especially if you use is commercial in nature.

Big Learning Data

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The problem with learning data is historically we’ve always gone for the low-hanging fruit. • Privacy, security and transparency issues : Strategic, legal and codes of conduct elements. • Externally referenced phenomena : Greater context for how big data issues evolve externally, including governmental, consumer and judicial elements. • Values sensitive : Alignment to an individual’s beliefs about privacy, openness and individuality.

The Role of Scenario-Based Learning in Online Training

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Learning based on real-life scenarios, day-to-day work issues and specific cases in projects can be known as scenario-based learning. As soon as you think of compliance, I am sure you are reminded of those insipid rules and regulations, dry policies and code of conduct.

How to be in Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation


Furthermore, minors under the age of 16 need parental consent to share personal data, meaning that companies need to be mindful of adding age clauses to their privacy policies. Issue warnings, fines and bans for any violations found.

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I want to make it as easy as possible for people to innovate and solve real-world problems with this specification. Some in the LTSC are very familiar with the European Union’s policies on privacy, security, data ownership and the rights of individuals in digital spaces. One reason is that there are over 60 vendors adopting it with no interoperability issues with the data — but there are few who have tried to share data across different LRSs.

The Flexible eLearning Framework


Are the grading policies and feedback strategies clearly explained to learners? Ethical: This dimension relates to social and political influence, cultural diversity, bias, geographical diversity, learner diversity, information accessibility, etiquette, and the legal issues.

Top 25 Training Topics for Small Business Employees

By addressing the problem as a team, everyone has ownership for deciding how to deal with challenging customers, which will in turn strengthen employee relationships and teamwork. Problem solving. Here are some great ideas for problem solving.

Presidential Thoughts on Innovation and Technology

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Gordon Synder of Gordon's Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Blog has a great post titled Obama on Technology and Innovation where Gordon summarizes Obama's policy.

Nine Challenges with Compliance Training in Biotechnology

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Some refer to developing regulation and legislation; others to issues within the organisation itself, which will impact on its ability to respond to external forces. But there are clear implications for privacy, and the regulations applying to data mining are evolving rapidly.

There’s a Lesson Learned in a Fire Chief’s Incendiary Posts

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And one of the topics on which I’ve been focusing of late is the balance between an employee’s privacy and an employer’s right to know. County Governement recently published a Social media policy, which the Department then published it’s own.

xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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Part of the problem though is that there is a lot of information out there, some of it erroneous in nature and honestly, equally confusing. The problem was just that there was no *one* way to do it. The name issue is confusing to the industry and the market for adoption.

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Corporate learning in the digital age

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They just have to be aware that there are privacy and identity issues, issues of safety and content management. Well, corporate barriers are a problem - for instance when the management says you are not allowed to use Facebook because it's against company policy.

Q&A With Nichole Pitts (Ethintegrity)

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There needs to be an innovative method marrying the educational piece (teaching employees about the law & company policies) with facilitating discussions on how it applies to their day-to-day job responsibilities. anti-bribery, privacy, etc.).

What is Considered the Perfect mLearning Onboarding Strategy?

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Define the real problem. Discuss with stakeholders, team members and anyone else involved to find out what the learners are not doing now that they should be doing in terms of the identified real problem. Involve your IT folks at an early stage to avoid facing problems later. Determine whether your organization mobile learning policy will use a BYOD approach or provide users with devices. This is the age of Mobility. Wondering what ‘Mobility’ is?

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

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I discussed a bit of these issues in First Thoughts After ASTD Sessions. No problems getting things here. Honey Pots - Create pages that people are likely to update such as Common Support Issues, FAQ, etc. IP - Making sure it's clear about ownership of content is definitely an issue. Privacy / Confidentiality - Limit the visibility. So, yes, you have to set up policies and alert people just like you do around any form of electronic communication (email, IM).

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WorkSearch: A New Concept In Hiring & Job Search Is Born

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With that in mind, I established the policy that if one party spends their token to attempt to contact the other party, and the request is declined, their token is returned for reuse. What was the specific problem with each? Click To Tweet The biggest issue for me was the wasted time reading countless, unqualified resumes. How does WorkSearch address those problems?

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

mLearning Trends

This shift will be driven by a combination of factors including learner (and executive) demand, IT acceptance and infosec approval plus a movement towards the adoption of “bring your own device” use policies within the enterprise. It is time once again to ponder the research, extrapolate on recent experience, and attempt to read the tea leaves so we can predict the future of enterprise mobile learning in 2011.

The future is not here yet

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Brian Lamb, who is a Canadian academic and a friend of mine, recently said: “With this economic crisis that we are in now and the global problems that we are experiencing it seems perverse and wrong to hoard the knowledge and only give it to people who can pay for it”.

Creating Value in e-Learning Part 5: The Symptom |


It was during this journey that I came to identify the underlying issue generally impacting e-Learning. Experts all over the world offer assistance to solve problems posted by motivated learners or those in need of a knowledge-based or experience-based solution. Creating Value in e-Learning Part 1: The Problem. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. ReviewLink. CourseMill LMS. Community Forum. Products.

APUSH Quarterly Ch 8-11 (2nd Quarter)


Which issue aroused the strongest sectional feeling during the presidency of Andrew Jackson? id="" value="" disabled="disabled" />--> D) sympathy for agrarian problems. Which of the following resulted from the policies of the Andrew Jackson administration? id="" value="" disabled="disabled" />--> B) The value of paper currency issued by individual banks became uniform. President Jackson's Native American (Indian) Policy resulted in which of the following?

eLearning Cyclops: Signs of Being in e-Learning Hell #eLearningHell

eLearning Cyclops

Privacy Policy. Thankfully, the above are resolvable issues and are becoming less and less common. Solves at least 50% of problems. Also, generally, another 48% of problems can be solved by restarting the local machine. To show good faith I printed my activity report to show all I had done but they r refusing it as a solution to this problem and saying I'm making excuses. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages.

What Online Video Platform is Most Popular for Screencasts?

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In a recent change to retention policy, content in free Screencast accounts is deleted if inactive (not viewed) for one year. That upgrade brings additional security functionality for embedded videos, such as domain-level privacy (limiting where content can be embedded).

eLearning Conferences 2011

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December 2010 November 30-December 3, 2010 International Workshop on Cloud Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust (CPSRT), Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. Clayton Wright has done his amazing list of conferences again this year and has asked me to post again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Adobe Captivate

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Lay font-substitution issues to rest and present content exactly as you intended with Adobe Typekit integration. Are there policies I should be aware of? What is the return policy? For details on Adobe return policies in your region, visit the return or change Adobe orders page. What if I have problems downloading my software? Visit the Adobe Store where you can find information about typical software download issues. On this page. Basics.

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