The Real Killer Feature in Apple iBooks Author is Preview

mLearning Revolution

Most prototypes I have seen thus far are cumbersome and require you to compile an App on your desktop, add it to iTunes and then sync up your iPad in order to see your work. Articulate, Adobe, Camtasia, Lectora) implement the way iBooks Author ‘Previews’ content on iPad.

Apple 149

DevLearn, Reflected #dl10

Learning Visions

Couldn’t stay but will definitely look for their slide deck. His slides should be up soon on the DevLearn site. I’ll try to get my slides in shape and post on slide share so you can check out my big idea – it involved pie. As always, the eLearning Guild puts on a great show and this year’s DevLearn in San Fran was no exception. Heading home completely exhausted and in dire need of a foot rub – good signs of all the action there was.