Writing & Grammar: Hyphenating Adjectives (And Answers to Last Week's Challenge)

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by Jennie Ruby    Answers to last week's  comma challenge , as presented by Jing Ping Fan  (Correct answers were also sent in by  Susan Benson ): The tall and hollow trunk (or The tall, hollow trunk). " When you read that out loud, it sounds a little odd. If you say "my blue and suede shoes," it sounds as if you are talking about two different shoes.

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Writing & Grammar: More Confusing Words

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She slept fitfully/soundly knowing that the puppy was safe.   Jing Ping Fan  pointed out, however, that if you did mean that the hurricane filled you with  horror  over its monstrous  size, then maybe there is enough emotional/moral valence to tip your description over into  enormity. by Jennie Ruby    Because the results of last week's challenge were so revealing (see below), I bring you a similar challenge this week.

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