How Carrot Creative Uses Jing. Jing Art and more!

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I 'met' Chris Petescia, the VP & Director of User Experience at "Carrot Creative":[link] on Twitter when he was talking about Jing. I don't think I've heard from anyone using Jing more than Chris and in some very creative ways including creating a whole site dedicated to something he calls "'Jing Art'":[link] I love all the different ways he and Carrot Creative are using Jing and I had to share that with you! How did the idea for "Jing Art":[link] come about?

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Jing Screencasts Bandwidth Limit

Tony Karrer

I had used Jing several times recently to create screencasts. I have been pretty happy with it as a tool, but I got a message from Jing that told me that I had nearly used up my monthly bandwidth. Still the bottom line is that Jing works great, but it definitely is not something you can use if you plan to have more than a few people viewing your movies. So, as a blogger, you probably can't use Jing to record things.

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You Can Do It - Screencasting in 7 Minutes!

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Ian just participated in BarCampBrighton4 and led a talk about ' 'Screencasting in 7 minutes with Jing' workshop at BarCamp Brighton 4 '. You'll see his video of his session and him helping others install Jing and make their first screencast. Tags: Jing Screencast 23 193 32 Sometimes I hear people say that it is too hard to make videos. Think again! If you have 7 minutes, Ian Ozsvald of ProCasts can have you screencasting!

Screen Capture on Tablets Made Easy

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You can, however, use Camtasia , Snagit , or Jing to record the window which – huzzah! ScreenChomp acts as a recordable whiteboard, upon which you’re able to record your drawing actions and voice. Tips & How To's Ask3 camtasia how to iPad Jing screen capture Screencasting ScreenChomp Snagit tabletAs users of our software will attest, Camtasia makes screencasting a piece of cake on laptop and desktop computers.

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Christmas in July: Our gift to you…Screencasting tips!

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Demo Girl Molly McDonald talks about timing in screencasts, and we give away the “Jing Love” song. Axel Becker shares his tips about voice training in a screencast. Tips & How To's Camtasia for Mac Camtasia Studio Jing Screencasting Snagit Tips and TricksBack in December 2010 we posted a series, The 12 Days of Screencasting, where each day we asked a guest blogger to provide a valuable tip on screencasting.

Dev Corner - Interview with Dennis Cornwell

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DC: My name is Dennis Cornwell, and I'm a Software Engineering Intern on Jing Team for the Windows platform. I am also the internal security liaison for Jing. DC: Mark Schall, a fellow Jing developer and MSU graduate, told me about who we are and how awesome TechSmith is. Note: A Jang is the unintentional sending of a Jing that was not the Jing you meant to send.). Here's a glimpse inside of TechSmith.

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Writing & Grammar: Working with Pronoun Case

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Jennie Ruby    Here are the answers to last week's pronoun challenge , brought to you, as so many times, by  Jing Ping Fan. Moran, Ginny Supranowitz, Jing Ping Fan, Leigh Pedwell, Tara Allen, Vera I. The problem is that the sentence uses the passive voice, so that the grammatical subject of the sentence, the word  who , seems to be on the receiving end of the action, causing many people to mistakenly think it was the object.

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12 eLearning Audio and Video Tools

DigitalChalk eLearning

Chirbit is a useful and fun tool that enables you to record, upload, and share your voice or audio files easily. Record your voice using a webcam or microphone connected to your computer, or upload an existing audio file. Just click the record button, capture your screen and voice, and share the link. Jing allows you to capture basic video, animations, and still images, and share them on the web.

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We made this app for my son (and yours)

TechSmith Camtasia

I’m fortunate to work for TechSmith corporation, the makers of Jing, Snagit, Camtasia. The app helps teachers and students with iPads to: create a video with a whiteboard, picture, voice and drawings. My son, Cameron, struggles with high school math. I was a German teacher, not a math teacher. Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube. His sister helps him. He can’t ask his classmates. How do you text questions or answers to algebra problems?

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Become Better at Screencasting: Tips from Anton Bollen

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You might even recognize his voice from the Jing Project tutorials. Stop hating your voice. It’s yours, it’s the way you sound ( Why your voice sounds different ). He suggests that, even if you have an accent or some other distinguishing feature of your voice, you should embrace it. You might find, as he has, that you will be recognized by your voice. This year at Screencast Camp , things were pretty low key for me until it actually started.

Using screencasting in training: What? Why? How?


Explain Everything is a whiteboard app where you can show step-by-step actions, add videos, images, voice-overs, audio files, notes, annotations or whatever else is necessary to clarify the message, and then export as a video or an image. Jing is simple screen sharing without any intricate additions that can complicate the activity. ShowMe is an interactive whiteboard app that allows drawing, handwriting, text, and voice-over.

Writing & Grammar: Precise Placement of Only

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Several respondents to  last week's challenge  entered into the spirit of deciding where to use passive voice based on what they wanted to emphasize in the sentence. I especially liked the treatment of damp earth and debris in this take by  Jing Ping (JP) Fan : Keep your new blower vac clean and use it only with dry leaves. I also appreciated  Mary Jo Feeney's  take on the paragraph, which was very similar and all active voice.

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Creative screencasting

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

A screencast is a recording of your computer screen to which you add an explanation by voice- combining it into a video. self-announced by the way) : Some of the mistakes are: Background noise Uninterested, level voic No clear storyline You have no clue what the screencast is about To avoid all this you should give a clear introduction, make sure you have a storyline and talk clearly but also engagingly. So use your voice!

Congratulations ScreenChamps!

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Category advice: choose & mix music carefully, cut out fluff, use natural-sounding voice. Jing, ScreenChomp, Snagit, ScreenCast, iMovie11, Quicktime, PC & Mac. Introducing.our 2011 ScreenChamps! Be sure to watch the full episode of The Forge for in-depth comments from the judges on what they thought worked well and could be improved across each category. There was also some good conversation in the chat room.

Top 5 Free Screen Recording Tools for Mac and Windows

eLearning Brothers

It offers numerous options for editing your videos: speed adjustments, video cutting and rearrangement, screen drawing, adding stamps and highly customizable text slides, and voice synthesis, but can’t remove selected parts of footage. Jing is an offering from TechSmith, the creators of Camtasia, which provides the most basic screen recording features – 5 minutes long videos, no editing, no system sounds recording, saving only as a.swf file.

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European Evangelist Position - Come Work With Us!

TechSmith Camtasia

And, we make sure the user's voice is heard back at TechSmith so we can make products that meet the needs of our users. You will also create lots of screencasts and screencaptures with Snagit, Jing, and Camtasia Studio. :-). As you know, I love my job and I love working at TechSmith! :-). I feel very fortunate that I look forward to going to my job to every day. And for me, my job is perfect - I'm surrounded by smart and inspiring TechSmithies and users who continually amazed me.

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You (Probably) Have the Technology

Rob Hubbard

Here are some ideas for the sorts of resources you can develop cheaply and quickly: Screencasts – short videos that capture what you are doing onscreen along with your voice. These can be captured using free or cheap systems such as screenr , Jing and Screenflow. As well as our free online Rapid eLearning Development (ReD) course we also deliver a one-day workshop covering some of the same material. In fact it was from this workshop that ReD grew.

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Great FREE Software Downloads

The eLearning Coach

Jing works on both Mac and PC, to capture single pictures or to record video of screen activity. VOICE OVER INTERNET (VOIP). I don’t mean to sound dated, but sometimes I use the type of software that installs on my hard drive rather than an online application. And every so often, some great software comes along that saves time and frustration and can be downloaded for free.

10 Top Tools to Develop First-Rate Product Demonstration Videos

CommLab India

Record the voice over with your iPhone in an echo-free space. Jing enables you to capture basic videos, animations, and still images and share them on the Web. Your potential Business To Business (B2B) customers are empowered with the whole gamut of information available on the Web. Before they buy a product or approach your sales team, they do extensive research by going through your website and seeking information from other sources.

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7 Tech Tools & Skills Trainers Must Have


There is nothing more powerful in an eLearning setting than a person’s voice talking to a distant student. Screencasters like Jing, Screencastomatic and several others will help you capture complicated topics on your screen and illustrate them clearly. Educational technology research journals are now rife with the mandatory technology skills trainers should have. Are you hiring someone for developing eLearning training programs for your organization?

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 3

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Instead of creating multiple Jing videos—once I have replicated a bug—I can create one Camtasia recording of my tests, and edit that video to share highlights with developers. While Jing has been my go-to option for quickly responding to questions, Camtasia does seem to offer more polish. " Including analysts, programmers and designers, here is our top 5: 1) Skype -- Video, voice and especially chat.

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 2

TechSmith Camtasia

Before using Camtasia, we recorded with Jing, which had a five minute time limit per video. I think splicing together several clips, recording voice-overs, and perhaps adding a sound track will be fun and open a new avenue for more professional-looking video production. We're turning the corner to the second week of the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive ! If you missed out on the first week, catch up here.

Working Remotely: Managing a Remote Team


Verbal communication can be broken down into 7% text, 38% tone, and voice, and 55% body language. This means that we are missing voice, tone and body language cues, often resulting in misunderstandings. Working from home used to be an exciting opportunity any team member would jump at the chance to get. Companies have begun offering remote work opportunities, as the conventional “office space” shifts to digital environments.

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Tech Tuesday Toolbox | Issue #06

Mike Taylor

Voice messenger with built in speech recognition designed for teams working remotely to replace unnecessary texting and foster human connections. Video Meetings Screen sharing Voice channels Chat & more. TechSmith Capture (Jing) | TechSmith . Spotlight App.

Issue 52

Working Remotely: Managing a Remote Team


Verbal communication can be broken down into 7% text, 38% tone, and voice, and 55% body language. This means that we are missing voice, tone and body language cues, often resulting in misunderstandings. Working from home used to be an exciting opportunity any team member would jump at the chance to get. Companies have begun offering remote work opportunities, as the conventional “office space” shifts to digital environments.

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