Writing & Grammar: Working with Pronoun Case

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by Jennie Ruby    Here are the answers to last week's pronoun challenge , brought to you, as so many times, by  Jing Ping Fan. Moran, Ginny Supranowitz, Jing Ping Fan, Leigh Pedwell, Tara Allen, Vera I. The problem is that the sentence uses the passive voice, so that the grammatical subject of the sentence, the word  who , seems to be on the receiving end of the action, causing many people to mistakenly think it was the object.

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Writing & Grammar: Precise Placement of Only

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Several respondents to  last week's challenge  entered into the spirit of deciding where to use passive voice based on what they wanted to emphasize in the sentence. I especially liked the treatment of damp earth and debris in this take by  Jing Ping (JP) Fan : Keep your new blower vac clean and use it only with dry leaves. I also appreciated  Mary Jo Feeney's  take on the paragraph, which was very similar and all active voice.

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