Lessons Learnt From The Evolution Of Journalism - Part 3


Digital storytelling: what makes a good story and how do you write one? Made you look. But fire does play a part here, as you’ll see.

Lessons Learnt From The Evolution Of Journalism: Creating Content In The Digital Age - Part 2


Open, frequent and real - taking lessons from The Guardian. I shared the parallels I’d drawn between the evolution of journalism and elearning and how we might learn from the way journalists are responding to the opportunities posed by the digital realm in which they now operate. In my last blog I talked about my recent attendance at a Guardian Masterclass with senior feature writer Jon Henley.

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Lessons Learnt From The Evolution Of Journalism: Creating Content In The Digital Age - Part 1


The focus of the class was on feature writing and digital storytelling (I’ll come back to this in a later blog) but it began by exploring why – and how – journalism in the digital age has to be different. . A few months ago I enjoyed attending a Guardian Masterclass with senior feature writer Jon Henley.

Lessons Learnt From The Evolution Of Journalism: How To Construct a Great Interactive Experience - Part 3.1


The right tool for the job. In my last blog I shared feature writer Jon Henley’s tips for writing good feature stories and suggested how we could apply them to digital learning content. One tip he shared during his Guardian Masterclass on digital storytelling was to identify the right type of media to tell different parts of the story. I felt it was worth expanding on this, hence the arrival of this unplanned, additional blog. So let’s remind ourselves what works best when….

Journal of Learning Design

Sticky Learning

I have been reading articles lately from the Journal of Learning Design. For those who don't know of the journal, it is a journal that focuses on designing the learning environment to assist the learning process, concentrating on a design focus rather than technology and looking to move beyond a traditional instructional focus. In this instance the lesson is simple, successful learning design can draw influences from many fields.

The Art of Reflection: How to Become a More Thoughtful Educator

Your Training Edge

Maybe you crib a little more on how they cannot get their lessons right despite you trying so hard to make them understand the core concepts. Keeping a teacher journal. Keeping track of lessons. Take help of your teacher’s journal. Keep a teacher’s journal to pour your thoughts right after each class disperses. Try putting aside five to seven minutes after each class to jot down the crucial pointers about the lesson when it is still fresh in your memory.

Accessanatomy: Making anatomy lessons accessible to all students in higher education

TechSmith Camtasia

But, James wanted students to be able to access the information he teaches at any time and even go back and re-watch lessons. So, he began using a Wacom tablet to draw anatomical structures during his lectures, and then used Camtasia to record video of his lessons. James has even published a research paper in a peer-reviewed journal on the use of video in anatomical education.

Donald Kirkpatrick’s four levels of training: Lessons from a Legend

Origin Learning

Kirkpatrick , Professor Emeritus, University Of Wisconsin first gave his ideas for a series of articles to be published in the Journal of American Society of Training Directors in the year 1959, hardly had anyone anticipated that this was to be the stuff of legend. When Donald L.

mLevel’s Top 3 Learning and Development Lessons Of 2017


According to an article in the Neuroscience Leadership Journal, “Information and skills from events that only cover concepts one time have been shown to yield little long-term retention, even when quality and satisfaction ratings for the learning event are high.”. The post mLevel’s Top 3 Learning and Development Lessons Of 2017 appeared first on mLevel.

30 Day Brainstorm Challenge: In Sickness and in Health!

Learning Rebels

But there is a lesson to be learned here. Now, those of you who are going to be vlogging or doing a photo journal, simply paste your link within the comments for each of the 30 Day Challenges. 30 day challenge blogging Challenge Michelle Ockers photo journal vloggingHere we are. Day 1 of the 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge. . And, I’m sick. Can you believe it? Part of my brain said, can we start this challenge tomorrow? You know, when water isn’t a scary thought?

Looming Lessons Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

CLO Magazine

I’m a recent graduate of Illinois State University, with a degree in journalism and a minor in sociology, taking on the big city of Chicago with my first full-time job as an associate editor for Chief Learning Officer magazine. Hello CLO audience! You may have seen my stories floating around the magazine and website over the past seven months, but I’d like to formally introduce myself with the start of my new blog, Life and Learning, where I will explore all things life … and learning!

4 Tips for Offering and Mastering Online Coaching


Unlike class-specific tools, educators have more control over what is shown to specific pupils and are better able to tailor specific lessons to those needs. Any worksheets or interactive components like calendars, journals, and goal setting needs to be fully transparent – e.g. visible to both you and your student at all stages of completion. Particularly useful with ongoing workbooks, journals, calendars, etc.

Benefits of Mobile Devices in the Classroom


Another study found that 60% of faculty thought that students were more motivated by lessons that incorporated an iPad (compared to those who did not). First, it is difficult for students to avoid distractions, opting to watch a funny YouTube video instead of the lesson lecture. References: Student Engagement & Experience Journal | apple.com | depts.washington.edu | mobl21.com | campustechnology.com | education.com.

Bringing out the Best through Online learning: How can e-learning help introvert learners?


Study journals: Many workplaces swear by blended learning, where classroom sessions are followed by online re-enforcements in the form of learning nuggets – textual, audio as well as video. In addition, you can utilize the LMS to encourage learners to keep a learning journal – which can include lesson recaps, highlights of what they have learnt over a week or fortnight, and even questions or queries that they have on the subject.

Do You Have a Blog? Sell Your Content!


Its use was often followed by an explanation that “blog” is actually short for “weblog”, and it was a form of online journal. Perhaps give away the first couple lessons for free. These first lessons can be the original content you already had on your site. Using this free plugin , you can turn any blog post into a LearnDash Lesson. I can recall a time when the word “blog” would raise eyebrows and generate looks of suspicion.

Questions of the Week

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

My problem is I'm not sure how to get the lesson to stop playing while the student checks out the site. as it stands now, the lesson continues to play in the background. Journal of Educational Psychology, 94, 428-434. Journal of Educational Psychology , 93, 187-198. Journal of Educational Psychology , 94, 156-163. Adobe Captivate: Can I Stop The Presentation From Continuing After a Web Link?

Abstracts of Three Studies Related to Pedagogical Agents

Kapp Notes

Journal Of Educational Computing Research, 49(1), 1-39. Journal Of Educational Technology & Society, 16(4), 275-286. 56 university freshmen (23 males and 33 females) interacted with either the peer-like agent (female college student) or the expert-like agent (female college lecturer) in computer-based multimedia lesson on C-Programming. 2) female learners assigned higher trust to the lesson presented by expert-like agent that to the lesson presented by peer-like agent.

Study 184

How to Encourage Physical Activity as Part of a Learning Strategy

Absorb LMS

Studies published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that people who sit for the majority of the day are 54 percent more likely to die of a heart attack. In traditional online learning, keep lessons short. Many learners will feel they can’t leave a lesson midway. Short lessons allows them to engage with learning content yet take breaks. The year 2012 will likely be remembered as the “ Get Off Your Butt ” year.

How to Encourage Physical Activity as Part of a Learning Strategy

Absorb LMS

Studies published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that people who sit for the majority of the day are 54 percent more likely to die of a heart attack. In traditional online learning, keep lessons short. Many learners will feel they can’t leave a lesson midway. Short lessons allows them to engage with learning content yet take breaks. The year 2012 will likely be remembered as the “ Get Off Your Butt ” year.

Writing & Grammar: So Many Commas, So Little Time

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

In this lesson, you will learn to apply a cover page, add a contents page, and set up custom page numbering. [I I would put a coma after lesson, but I'm not sure if it's technically required. In this lesson you will learn to apply a cover page, add a contents page, and set up custom page numbering. I edited scientific journals for years, and that style was the preferred style. by Jennie Ruby. Are you guilty of overusing commas? If so, you're not alone.

Breakthrough eLearning: Time = Money: The Driver for Rapid eLearning

Breakthrough eLearning

Its difficult to read an eLearning journal, or go to an eLearning conference lately, without someone talking about rapid eLearning. It is better to have instructional design experts interview SMEs, distill a lesson down to its essence (less is more), and bring the learning alive with relevant stories.

10 Guidelines to Help Your Learners Find Credible Online Sources


Prominent publications, such as news websites and journals, can also be reliable, but learners should take extra steps to consider how biased an author or publication may be, and if possible, should look at the lengths they go to fact check their articles and how transparent they are in printing corrections or retractions. In fact, you could even create a whole lesson around evaluating information sources. Assigning your learners a research project for your course?

14 Stories from Our Users about Creating Courses during Covid-19


Language lessons to support teachers. Fortunately, the pivot was a success: We have been putting all our courses online now, with a particular focus on our Digital, Media and Journalism course. We asked members of our community to share how they’ve used our platform to create new courses during the Covid-19 pandemic. The responses have been astounding.

When CEs Aren’t Enough: How to Engage and Empower Learners

Association eLearning

He can obtain his CEs by attending meetings, reading journals, and taking instructor-led or online classes. What’s the lesson here? In this example, scenarios and the use of simulations elevated what could have been boring “page turner” lessons into something these learners will likely never forget. My husband works in the emergency medical and public safety field and is required to complete X number of continuing education (CE) hours per year to keep his certifications.

3 Ways to Grow Your Online Course Business


For example, maybe you can create some Advanced lessons as an up-sell to your course that teach some special techniques. If your course is on physical fitness, maybe you up-sell a physical workout journal. Starting a business selling online courses takes time and energy but is only half of the battle. You also need to formulate a growth plan. The skills needed to launch a business and grow a business aren’t always the same.

Artificial Intelligence And How It’s Changing E-Learning

Your Training Edge

are joining hands to use machine learning to automate the process and serve up the next best lesson. With AI and Cloud Technology paired up, administrative tasks like recruitment, collecting and maintaining student information, tacking attendance, and journaling payment have become less tedious and time-consuming.

Change 133

Swimming against the tide

E-Learning Provocateur

That’s a lesson I’m sure Aneel Karnani learned earlier this month when he argued The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility in The Wall Street Journal and the MIT Sloan Management Review. Swimming against the tide is a dangerous pastime, whether it be real or metaphorical.

10 Blogs Every eLearning Professional Should Read

Matthew Guyan

Recently my friend Ryan Tracey posted a list of 10 journals every e-learning professional should read in response to my list of 5 Books Every eLearning Professional Should Read which was in response to his 5 papers every learning professional should read (this feeling like the blogging equivalent to a game of tennis).

Extend eFront with modules for fun and profit


In a similar vein, the “Last logins” modules allows users to see who last logged on to a lesson from the dashboard, while the “Quick mails” module allows users to send e-mails directly to their students/professors from a lesson’s control panel. Or installing one somebody already shared, like the GIFT/AIKEN module, which allows users to import test questions to their lessons using the GIFT or AIKEN format.

ARCS motivation model. What should be included in an a learning activity to make it more appealing?

Educraft.tech - Technology meets Education

It is useful to have humorous reports that will maintain the interest and give a fun note to the activity / lesson. If students feel that they are not able to achieve the goals, then this will lead to reduced interest in the lesson. Moreover, if their internal satisfaction is enhanced, students may realize that the time they spend on the lesson is essential, thereby fostering their will to return to the learning program. Journal of Instructional Development, 2 (24), 26–34.

Transform your PowerPoint into a PowerCast using Camtasia!

TechSmith Camtasia

For example, online resources, such as TeacherTube, Khan Academy, and YouTube provide thousands of streaming educational video clips for teachers to use in their lessons. Communication through the use of video can bring lessons to life, initiate discussions, and impact learning on both an emotional and cognitive level. For many teachers searching and prescreening videos that align to specific lesson objectives can be a very time-consuming task.

Silicon Valley Parents Question Value of Technology in Learning. Should We?

Dashe & Thomson

Advocates for low-tech instructional methods say that computers in the classroom are distracting and inhibit creative thinking, movement, human interaction, and attention spans, and that “real engagement comes from great teachers with interesting lesson plans.”. My collegue, Jim, just wote a blog post highlighting recent Wall Street Journal article, Companies Adopt Gaming Techniques to Motivate Employees , which describes how the “big boys” are using game technology to engage employees.

A Tale of Two Cases: Mobile Solutions with Phillip Neal #ASTDTK14

Learning Visions

may have gotten this as part of core training, but now you can refresh) Mini learning lessons tied to competition - -videos and lessons. A Learning Center within the app: Flash cards, lessons tied to the application (5-7 minutes in length around specific subject tied to that product). The challenge was figuring out how we narrow down the bigger formal content into mini-lessons, mini-quizzes, drag and drops.

5 Ways To Build Learning That Engages and Resonates


Do you remember a time when people told us we had to go to journalism school in order to be published, in order to be taken seriously as content creators? The lesson I hope to share – in these interviews – is that all of us can make a career pivot and. You don’t have to be a “certified” instructional designer to start building training content that resonates with your learners. Be your own learning content producer with the 5 tips below.

Designing a game

Clark Quinn

One of the lessons from this was important. I wrote a journal article (with my student) that captured what I will suggest are critical realizations (still!). When I was a young academic in Australia, a colleague asked me if I would talk to some folks about a game. He knew that I had designed games before returning to grad school, and had subsequently done one on my thesis research.

Games 126