5 Creative Ways to Solve Big Problems

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Even as businesses grow, the leaders are rewarded for their ability to solve big problems smartly and maintain grace under troublesome situations and pressure. This is because the problems don’t end, even if a business has the product that earns millions of dollars a month. If you are leading a business, in either owner or managerial capacity, it is imperative to solve big problems creatively and efficiently. This article shares the top 5 creative ways to solve big problems.

Two Sigma Problem

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Burke conducted studies of this effect at different grade levels and in different schools, observing students with “great differences in cognitive achievement, attitudes, and academic self-concept” What makes this problem so valuable and interesting to me is that Bloom sought to find a method of learning that elevated the learning of students equal to the one-on-one tutoring that achieves the 2 sigma performance.

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Reducing risk of retracted irreproducible research in STM journals


Reducing risk of retracted irreproducible research in STM journals. One topic that has become increasingly controversial is open access journals. Open access journal controversy. Open access journals have different publishing qualifications that need to be considered.".

Illusions of Competence in Learning | How to Fix Your United Airlines Problem


Instead, he referred to the forcible removal of David Dao and others as being “re-accommodated!”. According to the NeuroLeadership Journal : “….all The problem at United, and most organizations for that matter, is that the only standard to follow for exceptions are cultural/environmental influences. The post Illusions of Competence in Learning | How to Fix Your United Airlines Problem appeared first on mLevel.

The Benefits of Strategic Agility and Systematic Innovation


This can be a challenge which is why so many business websites, journals, blogs, etc. In this article, we will discuss what strategic agility and systematic innovation refer to and how they can help improve the function of your business.

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eLearning Content Development: 6 Steps to Create a Learning Problem Statement


Before plunging into an eLearning course development process with your team, spend some time developing a formal problem statement. Let’s determine the research-worthiness of a problem and the steps to create a clear learning problem statement. Before the content is developed, you need to determine whether the learning problem on hand is really worthy of being researched and developed into a course. How do you determine the research worthiness of a problem?

Is the ivory tower crumbling?

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In yesterday's post entitled ' Open or shut ', I wrote about a rise in the number of academics who are turning their back on traditional research publications such as closed journals, in favour of more open, accessible outputs such as blogs and open access journals. The fact is, academics are still judged on their ability to research and publish their findings in 'high impact' peer reviewed journals. So is the journal impact system still a valid measure of academic value?

Scaffolding or no scaffolding?

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I'm co-editor of the Routledge journal Interactive Learning Environments , which this year went to 4 issues a year and in 2011 will extend its reach to 5 issues a year. We have a large amount of submissions each year and are kept very busy as a team managing, reviewing and editing the journal.

Learner Engagement: Behavioral, Cognitive, & Affective

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The version in Baker et al (2010) refers to a specific educational software program for students; I made this more general to elearning. Baker et al (2010) found that boredom is correlated with lower engagement and poor outcomes, but frustration didn’t consistently lead to problems.

Down to a 't'

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Social Software and was published in Health Information and Libraries Journal. Simply paste this reference into Google and you will see what I mean: Boulos, K. Well, there is a deeper problem here, I retort.

Why multiple-choice questions are (too often) problematic

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These and other problems (such as the problems in the list above) lead to invalid questions and assessments. Validity refers to whether the test measures what it claims to measure. References Chiavaroli, N. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition , 31, 1155-1159. Research shows that too many multiple-choice questions are written poorly and therefore create bad assessments.

"Hey ya'll": Informal Language is the way to go in E-Learning

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In the study students who learned with text that was more informal and personal (for example, used the word "you" or "I") produced 20% to 46% more solutions to a transfer problem (similar problem as presented in the instruction) than the group who only had formal language in their module.

What are you reading for eLearning insight?

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For instance, when I was in the Instructional and Performance Technology master’s program at Boise State University, the books required for my classes included The Performance Consultant’s Fieldbook by Judith Hale (included a CD with several consulting templates), Systems Thinking Basics by Virginia Anderson and Lauren Johnson (an easy-to-read workbook), and Analyzing Performance Problems by Robert Mager and Peter Pipe. Note references to books or articles within the blog posts themselves.

Questions of the Week

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My problem is I'm not sure how to get the lesson to stop playing while the student checks out the site. " eLearning Development: Can You Cite Research References? Could you provide the references for her research? Journal of Educational Psychology, 94, 428-434. Journal of Educational Psychology , 93, 187-198. Journal of Educational Psychology , 94, 156-163. Adobe Captivate: Can I Stop The Presentation From Continuing After a Web Link?

Learning Styles and E-Learning

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No one mentioned e-learning which was part of the reference, specifically related to retention. Written as a Journal Post. Again, you want that, then read an article in a journal. . Subjects played a role – i.e. situations, such as Kinetic when working on a journalism article for example, but in others, I can clearly and honestly state, visual never applied. . Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 27(6) (2011).

10 Guidelines to Help Your Learners Find Credible Online Sources


Prominent publications, such as news websites and journals, can also be reliable, but learners should take extra steps to consider how biased an author or publication may be, and if possible, should look at the lengths they go to fact check their articles and how transparent they are in printing corrections or retractions. A personal blog is not a great source, but if the blogger links to a more reliable source, then the learner can reference the original study instead.

What do we mean by learner-centred e-learning?

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According to Jonassen there are four distinct attributes of learner-centred effective e-learning courses: Context refers to the ‘real world’ scenario in which learners can carry out learning tasks as close to the real world as possible. Collaboration offers the opportunity to learners to develop, test, and evaluate their ideas with peers – which in turn exposes them to multiple perspectives in a problem-solving case. The American Journal of Distance Education, 9 (2), 7-26.

3 Steps to Graphic Record Your Next Vacation


The Problem: Growing up as a kid going on annual vacations I would always get those disposable cameras to capture the adventure. This Hawaiian visit I had a new idea where my plan was to record the trip in a journal, sketch out a plan and then draw the entire vacation into one graphic image. If so, follow these three steps: Record as much detail about your vacation in a journal. Take a bunch of photos for reference, and.

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The evolution of personal learning environments

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A personal learning environment refers to the tools, technologies, resources etc. He reads books, accesses the Britannica Encyclopedia CD on his PC, participates in group discussions at his university, reads journals, magazines and newspapers in the library, logs on to the (slowly working) internet once in a while, watches TV, listens to the radio, and so on. We look for solutions on YouTube, Wikipedia, blogs and such online resources when we encounter a problem.

Positive work environment and how it influences your work results

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Instead of solving irrelevant problems, you can concentrate on major tasks and reach the highest level of personal performance. Author: Isabell Gaylord who writes at Boom Essays review and EssayHave review is good at journalism sphere and a lot of people find her articles helpful. She contributes to publishing a lot and her essays are referred to self-improvement, writing, blogging, inspiration.

Microlearning Tip: "Let Your Fingers Do the Talking" - Workshop Tip #216

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A big, fat reference for when you need to contact a plumber, salon, bank, and almost every service provider under the sun (with a landline number, of course). Answers and solutions to work issues and problems are just an SMS or a search bar away. References Ray Jimenez, PhD.

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Engaging online learners 1

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Engaging them in online environments can amplify the problem. References Gunawardena, C. International Journal of Educational Technologies , 1 (2/3), 147-166. Hershey, NY: Information Science Reference. Engaging learners can be difficult in any context. You're not in the room to intervene, and behaviour management is much more of a concern when you're separated from your students. It's not as if you can run down the corridor and bang a few heads together.

Summer Reading 2016


The Accidental Trainer: A Reference Manual for the Small, Part-Time, or One-Person Training Department. 101 Prompts for a Writer’s Journal – Reflecting on the Identity of the Writer. The 27 Challenges Managers Face: Step-by-Step Solutions to (Nearly) All of Your Management Problems. Each year, I write the same basic post about why your brain needs a vacation and each year I fail to really take one myself.

Benefits of STEM Education and Publishing

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To put it simply, STEM publishing refers to delivering STEM education through published textbooks, papers, and journals in an imaginative and educative manner. From a broader perspective, STEM publishing can range from explaining basic and middle-grade science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics to publishing highly acclaimed academic as well as research papers in national and international journals.

Exploring the Concept of “Self-Explanation Questions”

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References. 2003) Transitioning from studying examples to solving problems: Effects of self-explanation prompts and fading worked out steps. Journal of Educational Psychology, 95(4), 774-783. One way to help ensure deeper understanding of content by learners is to drill into their thinking behind their multiple choice answers. This technique is called “self-explanation.”. In this technique, the learner is required to review a worked out step.

Definition: Metacognition

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The ISPI's latest journal " Performance Improvement Quarterly" had an article titled "Students' Metacognition During an Engineering Design Project" which was a very interesting read and had a nice section on metacognition. References: Bourne,L.

Show The Learner Visible Signs of Their Learning

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The Zone of Proximal Development is the distance between the actual developmental level as determined by independent problem solving and the level of potential development as determined through problem solving under adult guidance, or in collaboration with more capable peers (Vygotsky, 1978). References. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.

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The Next Big Thing: Big Data

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Having data is not the problem; the problem is using it effectively and responsibly. Wally Bock , referring to Johannes Kepler and his discovery of a third law of planetary motion, writes: Most Big Data operations are the same kind of brute force computation that Kepler did, only much faster. Michael Hickins writes in CIO Journal that Aetna is using Big Data to predict which of its members is likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

ARCS motivation model. What should be included in an a learning activity to make it more appealing?

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Keller's ARCS motivational model is an approach to solving learning-related problems that are inherent in the poor motivation of learners. This can be achieved by encouraging learners to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in a real environment or by engaging them in real problem solving activities. References. Journal of Instructional Development, 2 (24), 26–34. Contents. What is it? Attention. Relevance. Confidence. Satisfaction.

7 Tech Tools & Skills Trainers Must Have


Educational technology research journals are now rife with the mandatory technology skills trainers should have. In this article, we’ll share with you a list composed by leading educational technology journals. Look around you and into any education journal you may find. Ten years ago, Laura Turner in The Journal spoke about these skills. A decade later, The Journal revealed an updated list.

The Forgotten Learners: 7 Tips for Engaging Generation X Through L&D


They’re referred to as Latchkey Kids, Baby Busters, and the Slacker Generation. And with a couple decades’ experience under their belts now, they have the tools to tackle some meaty problems for your business. L&D professionals can help managers encourage post-mortem discussions and ask people to keep a private journal of reflections on each day. Generation Xers are great learners.

Taking your training online—will it affect learning?


Based on the learner’s response, the scenario might be resolved, or another problem could arise. References. British Journal of Educational Technology , 47(2), 248-256.

Spaced Retrieval, Retrieval Practice, and Knowledge Guru: What Research Tells Us

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Spaced Retrieval avoids two inherent problems with mass practice (learning all the information at once); the problems of learner fatigue and the likelihood of interference with preceding and succeeding learning. It’s a significant problem.” During the break the participants were asked to perform math problems for a minute, and then would be assigned to one of three groups: Perform more math problems for two more minutes (“untested group”).

SME-Dependent Content Is Broken - Tip #195

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The Problem with SME-Dependent Content Most formal learning is limited because of their very nature - that is, being produced by SMEs or the designers themselves. References The Library of Economics and Liberty/Al Ehrbar.

A Tale of Two Cases: Mobile Solutions with Phillip Neal #ASTDTK14

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Did some consulting and came up with a different solution to solve the business problem. Journal: for reps in the field, important to journal in the field and track what’s going in their cases and reviewing with manager and coach. So lots of touchpoints as reference. These are my live blogged notes from a session on the final day of ASTD Tech Knowledge with Phillip Neal, VP of Business Need at Maestro.

Head, hand and heart

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I recently read a thought provoking article in the RSA journal about how one English school is harnessing the power of dialogue to enhance learning. Reference Hyman, P. Royal Society of Arts Journal , 3: 26-31.

20 Free Online Resources and Software Every Students Should Know


Students, researchers & entrepreneurs fondly refer it to as the ultimate answer engine. This is a math-centric software that provides step-by-step insights into algebra, graphing and calculus problems. This math engine is capable of capturing problems by using a camera. This answer engine also solves problems in Algebra, Matrices & Vectors, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry & Statistics. #11: