How to Make a Learning Journal in Adobe Captivate

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Journaling is essential if effective learning is to occur in a learning module, call it a learning journal. In fact, journaling is an important tool because it encourages reflection, critical thinking and group discussion. The learning notes enable learners to add and edit notes as they take their course, thereby allowing the learner to place cues within the course for future reference.

Open access journals can improve STM reproducibility


Open access journals can improve STM reproducibility. Being able to expand on the findings of previous STM authors is a crucial component in both the researching and publishing process, which is why researchers need access to credible, peer-reviewed journals that value integrity and academic excellence. Open source STM journals interactive platforms that offer both authors and publishers the flexibility and insight needed to facilitate scientific progression and discovery.


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How to Create a Learning Journal to Go with Your E-Learning Courses

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I received a lot of questions about the learning journal. So in today’s post we’ll look at the basic structure of the learning journal and how you could use something like it to complement your elearning courses. The Value of a Learning Journal. Before we look at how to set up the learning journal, let’s review where it adds value: Connects elearning to real world activities. For the organization, the journal acts as a record for the training program.

Reducing risk of retracted irreproducible research in STM journals


Reducing risk of retracted irreproducible research in STM journals. One topic that has become increasingly controversial is open access journals. Others argue that it negates the very purpose of the traditional publishing structure and that, by loosening peer-review policies and lowering the barriers for journal publications, the integrity and credibility of authors' findings are threatened. Open access journal controversy.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Soapbox for the Day: Academic Journals like Field Methods, that dont support things like access to their content

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eLearning Guilds Summer Seminar Series | Main | Off Topic: Lets look at this at this as a chance to learn about oil » June 19, 2008 Soapbox for the Day: Academic Journals like Field Methods, that dont support things like access to their content Honest to goodness, someone please respond to me so we can have an open conversation about this. There is a journal, Field Methods , with an editor - H. Have you researched Open Access Journals and found that model to be wanting?

Is the ivory tower crumbling?

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In yesterday's post entitled ' Open or shut ', I wrote about a rise in the number of academics who are turning their back on traditional research publications such as closed journals, in favour of more open, accessible outputs such as blogs and open access journals. The fact is, academics are still judged on their ability to research and publish their findings in 'high impact' peer reviewed journals. So is the journal impact system still a valid measure of academic value?

What are you reading for eLearning insight?

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Journals and magazines about workplace learning, performance improvement, and related fields. Journals are worthwhile reads because they’re timely, and they tend to be firsthand sources of the evidence for our evidence-based practices. Many journals are peer-reviewed, meaning that a submitted article is reviewed by others in the field who evaluate the submission for its quality, rigor, and relevance to the field. By Shelley A. Gable.

Down to a 't'

Learning with e's

Social Software and was published in Health Information and Libraries Journal. Simply paste this reference into Google and you will see what I mean: Boulos, K. How potentially damaging is this practice to a) the integrity of academic research and b) the veracity and accuracy of what we read in academic journals? academia online publishing Steve Wheeler Maged Boulos Google Scholar Health Information and Libraries Journal Web 2.0

KITABOO Edit – An Author-Friendly e-Proofing Platform


Also Read: 5 Ways Automated Workflow Makes Journal Publishing Smarter & Faster. An automated email is sent to the Author, Journal Editor, Proofreader, & Production Editor from the platform. Authors can insert new references and edit existing references.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Hey! Editors of "Educational Researcher".Get a FREAKING CLUE!!!!!

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Mallette.and anybody else directly involved with the choice to publish the journal " Educational Researcher " through SAGE. Why not follow the model of the Public Library of Science Journals ? Or Open Access Journals ? Your authors work is seen by more people, your hard work in editing this journal is seen by more people, the credibility of your peer reviewers is judged by more people.

Learner Engagement: Behavioral, Cognitive, & Affective

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The version in Baker et al (2010) refers to a specific educational software program for students; I made this more general to elearning. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies , 68 (4), 223–241. We’re all looking to improve our “learner engagement,” right?

7 Tech Tools & Skills Trainers Must Have


Educational technology research journals are now rife with the mandatory technology skills trainers should have. In this article, we’ll share with you a list composed by leading educational technology journals. Look around you and into any education journal you may find. Ten years ago, Laura Turner in The Journal spoke about these skills. A decade later, The Journal revealed an updated list.

Microlearning Malarkey

Clark Quinn

The article goes on to cite a bunch of facts from the Journal of Applied Psychology. It starts citing the journal for one piece of data, that’s a reasonable effect (17% improvement for chunking). Of course, there’s no reference. The reference, however could mislead you to believe that the rest of the statistics were also from the journal!

How to Create an eLearning Organization Business Model


The journal MERLOT (Journal of Online Learning and Teaching) is rife with research findings that suggest core strategies to develop an eLearning business model. What is the frame of reference used in your courses? With most economies quickly moving towards knowledge-resourced survival strategies, eLearning is the most sought-after knowledge management pedagogy.

4 Tips for Offering and Mastering Online Coaching


Any worksheets or interactive components like calendars, journals, and goal setting needs to be fully transparent – e.g. visible to both you and your student at all stages of completion. Particularly useful with ongoing workbooks, journals, calendars, etc. Cash-in by supplementing your online courses with one-on-one coaching. When your students choose your class for their learning opportunity, it’s because you offer something as an instructor that captures their interest.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Thousands of people at IBM are already doing it.

Mark Oehlert

The Wall Street Journal on June 18 ran an article on social networking at IBM. June 28, 2007 in Learning/Web 2.0 | Permalink Technorati Tags : blogs , IBM , wikis TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Thousands of people at IBM are already doing it.

IBM 32

Procrastination and Creativity

Mitch Moldofsky

Enter the Creativity Research Journal, whose 2010 study by J.R. Procrastination had also been referred to by Dijksterhuis and Meurs (2006) as a "necessary unconscious incubation period" in relation to creative work. Creativity Re- search Journal, 22, 68–73.

Benefits of Mobile Devices in the Classroom


When I mention mobile devices, I am largely referring to smartphones and tablets – I suppose an ultra-portable computer might fall into the same category, but personally I don’t see these as truly mobile (but I could see a case being made). References: Student Engagement & Experience Journal | | | | |

Learning Styles and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

No one mentioned e-learning which was part of the reference, specifically related to retention. Written as a Journal Post. Again, you want that, then read an article in a journal. . Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 27(6) (2011).

Questions of the Week

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

" eLearning Development: Can You Cite Research References? Could you provide the references for her research? Journal of Educational Psychology, 94, 428-434. Journal of Educational Psychology , 93, 187-198. Journal of Educational Psychology , 94, 156-163. Adobe Captivate: Can I Stop The Presentation From Continuing After a Web Link? I have a Captivate slide that contains buttons taking the student to one of our Web pages (a link to a URL).

Why multiple-choice questions are (too often) problematic

Patti Shank

Validity refers to whether the test measures what it claims to measure. References Chiavaroli, N. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition , 31, 1155-1159. Research shows that too many multiple-choice questions are written poorly and therefore create bad assessments. A few of the common issues with multiple-choice questions are, according to research, is that they too often are unclear or otherwise poorly written. are too easy to guess.

Video games as Good Teachers

Kapp Notes

References: [51] This information consolidated from Bates, B. International Journal of Intelligent Simulations and Gaming, 2(1), 49-62. [53] Wall Street Journal. (pg. Journal of Vision, 4(11), 40a, [link] doi:10.1167/4.11.40 Wall Street Journal. (pg. Wall Street Journal. (pg. It is obvious that games are immensely popular, what is less obvious is that they are also powerful teachers who have been “schooling” a generation for the past 30 years.

Games 214

5 Creative Ways to Solve Big Problems

Your Training Edge

Moreover, this approach has been referred by experts as creating “psychological distance” and the study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology also revealed that this approach helps leaders come up with more creative solutions [3]. A MetaAnalysis,” Journal of Secondary Gifted Education, vol. Real leaders, who inspire and become a role model, are rare in today’s hyper competitive, global and financially-driven markets.

CSU Resources

Kapp Notes

BOOKS: REFERENCES: (Challenge) Jones, B., Journal of Educational Psychology, 88, 715-730. Journal of Experimental Psychology Applied. Here are some resources you may find helpful from the workshop. When you are in the classroom or teaching online, you may want to find new and interesting ways to engage students.

Abstract of Study Related to Storytelling

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International Journal Of Listening, 28(1), 32-46. References: Graesser, A. Journal of Educational Psychology, 92, 107–116. Here is an interesting research abstract about using storytelling or narrative in instruction. Opening The Knowledge Guru with a story. Abstract. Glonek, K. L., & King, P. 2014). Listening to Narratives: An Experimental Examination of Storytelling in the Classroom. doi:10.1080/10904018.2014.861302.

Study 194

10 Guidelines to Help Your Learners Find Credible Online Sources


A personal blog is not a great source, but if the blogger links to a more reliable source, then the learner can reference the original study instead. Assigning your learners a research project for your course? Here’s how to help them find good sources.

"Hey ya'll": Informal Language is the way to go in E-Learning

Kapp Notes

References: Beck, I., Elementary School Journal, 96, 385-414. Journal of Educational Psychology, 93, 724-733. __ Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide. There is research evidence to indicate that informal language in an e-learning module is more effective than formal language.

Microlearning Tip: "Let Your Fingers Do the Talking" - Workshop Tip #216

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A big, fat reference for when you need to contact a plumber, salon, bank, and almost every service provider under the sun (with a landline number, of course). References Ray Jimenez, PhD. "The only thing that has remained constant is change."

Reading: ‘Best Practices for Use of Blended Learning’

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Reference Margolis, A. American journal of pharmaceutical education , 81 (3), 49. So I’m thinking about blended learning again. well, why not? It’s not just about the purely ‘online’ is it? One thing I had to do, in getting my brain considering the ‘blended’ approach again after all this time was to differentiate between the ‘flipped classroom’ and ‘blended’ approach.

How to Help Your Employees Maintain Their Mental Health Amid Challenges


Mental health is a broad term that refers to any and all issues that affect a person’s mind. Stress response refers to how we, as individuals, respond to stress. Maintaining mental health in today’s age can be tough for employees.

Gamification in eLearning

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Reference. Journal of Computer Science , 11 (12), 1108-1117. Gamification in eLearning is the usage of gamified design elements in a non-game scenario. Design elements such as points, badges, trophies, customization, leader boards, levels, progress tracking etc.,

Three Guidelines for Effectively Integrating Games in the Classroom

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References: Hays, R. Hershey: Information Science Reference. Journal of Educational Psychology. A number of meta-analysis studies have been conducted in the field of game-based learning attempting to create generalizable findings that can be used to select and create meaningful educational and instructional game experiences. Here are three guidelines culled from research on the subject. The vast frozen wilderness faces the player as she learns about heat flow formula.

The Answer to Automation Is Learning

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But a recent Wall Street Journal article indicated companies might not be willing to dedicate more money toward this trend. The article references an Accenture survey where only 3% of executives say they’re willing to increase their training budgets in the next three years. Change is coming to the U.S. workforce and in many cases is already here. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that around 20% of current jobs could be automated right now.

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What do we mean by learner-centred e-learning?

The eLearning Nomad

According to Jonassen there are four distinct attributes of learner-centred effective e-learning courses: Context refers to the ‘real world’ scenario in which learners can carry out learning tasks as close to the real world as possible. The American Journal of Distance Education, 9 (2), 7-26. Placing the learner at the centre of the learning process is often encouraged in e-learning design yet frequently misunderstood.

How E-learning for Health Changed After Covid-19

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Shortly afterwards in 2014, the Journal for Global Health published “e-learning for undergraduates in health professions: A systematic review of the impact on knowledge, skills, attitudes and satisfaction”. As well, a quick reference guide was also created.

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3 Steps to Graphic Record Your Next Vacation


This Hawaiian visit I had a new idea where my plan was to record the trip in a journal, sketch out a plan and then draw the entire vacation into one graphic image. If so, follow these three steps: Record as much detail about your vacation in a journal. Take a bunch of photos for reference, and. Taking hundreds of photos on vacation end up in cloud storage and forgotten. A graphic record of your vacation is a perfect way to capture the entire adventure!

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eLearning Content Development: 6 Steps to Create a Learning Problem Statement


Get access to scholarly journals in your areas of interest (for example business and technology journals or health care peer-reviewed magazines) and read about the learning problem. Find three peer-reviewed references that support the impact of the problem in similar situations. Refer to the study to view an example of a viable problem statement. eLearning content development is serious business!