Need help publishing my Captivate

Adobe Captivate

I have created an online tutorial with simulation using Captivate (2019). png,mov,avi,jpg. How do I post my publication into a platform like Teachable? They accept.mp3,mp4,pdf.,png,mov,avi,jpg. I can also upload an url…but when I try to upload the index.html file – the screen is blank. I’m new and have watched lots of videos and read lots of postings (thank you!!!) but I am stuck at the moment.

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Adobe's Project Rome

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The outputs include PDF, SWF, JPG, PNG, SVG, FXG or web files. They also have quite a few tutorials too (tutorials for education version ). Project Rome is the latest coming out of Adobe Max. Project Rome is available for download as a free preview. There is also a Project Rome for Education. Project Rome can be used to produce a variety things including publications, presentations, websites and even animation.


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Filling a button with a picture.

Adobe Captivate

I’ll try to make this tutorial short and sweet. If you want some background use jpg. If you want just a picture, use png. Introduction. The level is beginners to intermediate. ( And any other users who have never applied the described technique). What you will learn: how to insert a picture into a smart shape. how to use a newly created design as a button. Instruction. Draw a smart shape.

Newbies: More PowerPoint Hacks for Your Cp Project: Using PowerPoint Template Backgrounds in Your Captivate Master Slides

Adobe Captivate

jpg slide you created in Step 5. There are lots of great tutorials about custom themes. I like using the PowerPoint backgrounds in my Cp projects. I don’t need the PowerPoint master slides, just the background image. Importing that PowerPoint background into my Captivate master slide applies the background to my title, content, quizzing, and all the other slides in the master slide series. There are a lot of nicely designed template backgrounds that come with PowerPoint.

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Enhancing Interactions with Media Elements

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

For example, consider an interactive Android phone tutorial where the learner rolls her mouse cursor over parts of the phone and explores its features. Now suppose the tutorial designer wants to provide a link to a Wikipedia article on Android - or to a Youtube video featuring the phone device. jpg,png,gif) or text. A few years back, e-learning courses were largely static, with a few interactions here and there.

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Snagit - Now with 100% More Bacon!

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Since you can take any PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF or BMP and turn it into a custom Snagit stamp , we can use Ann's bacon graphics as custom Snagit stamps! If you prefer a written tutorial, you can visit here to see how to add a Custom Stamp to your Quick Styles Gallery in Snagit. I saw a t-shirt recently that said " Bacon Makes Everything Better ". Do you think that's true? If so, Snagit is about to get better.

Top 10 Screen Recording Software for Windows

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They can be used to: demonstrate processes step-by-step in a tutorial. saves in a variety of formats including AVI, JPG, GIF, and PNG. Adding professional-looking video to your blog post, tutorial, or review is sure to increase your viewers’ engagement. Videos are excellent tools for visual and auditory learners. demonstrate software to other people or record tips and tricks for later reference. share pointers for playing a game. record product reviews.