Snagit - Now with 100% More Bacon!

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Since you can take any PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF or BMP and turn it into a custom Snagit stamp , we can use Ann's bacon graphics as custom Snagit stamps! The video runs just over 2 minutes. You can download them here from TechSmith.

Screencast of the Week - Collaboration and Kilts!

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I found out that colaab had used Camtasia Studio to make some of their demo videos. Not only did I enjoy their videos (Scottish accent makes for great voice overs. :-) ) but also colaab seems like it would be a great tool for people that use TechSmith products.

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Rickrolling, Snagit and You.

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Basically it is like the old bait and switch idea - you send someone a web link that misdirects someone to Rick Astley's video, " Never Gonna Give You Up ". If you'd like to make your own Snagit custom stamp, you can take any PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF or BMP.