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Unfortunately, that study was written in 1996, and is getting a little dated (ok, very dated), which is why a recent post by Nancy Kaplan proved so timely. In “ 3 Benefit Measures – The ROI of Internal Social Media Networks ”, Kaplan demonstrates, with reference to a number of recent studies, that internal social media really does bring big dividends in terms of, well, dividends.

Top 60 eLearning Posts for October 2010

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This may be because designers only know about the Kirkpatrick “Levels.” ROI, market share, profit margin, cost savings, EPS, P/E ratio, EBITDA, and employee job satisfaction are common measures in business organizations today. Kaplan (8). Ratio (9). I look forward to doing this each month as I always find that I missed some REALLY great content. October 2010 did not disappoint! Here is the best from this past month.