Meridian Unveils Latest Edition of Leading Learning Management System


This latest release features an enhanced learner experience for video content and courses, evaluations / observation checklists and xAPI?statements. Evaluations / Observation Checklists: with support for Kirkpatrick Level 3, evaluations now allow for a manager, instructor, or designated evaluator to fill out survey questions about a?particular It also allows administrators to see all xAPI statements captured by the Meridian LRS.

Learning and Development Glossary

Petra Mayer

The CMI5 is a profile for blending the xAPI specification with the learning management system. It involves a set of rules for xAPI which narrow the ‘umbrella’ or extensive specification to enhance its adoption rate in the industry. Kirkpatrick Model.


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Commonly Used Training Evaluations Models: A Discussion with Dr. Will Thalheimer

Convergence Training

Four Common Learning Evaluation Models–Kirkpatrick, Kaufman, Philips & Brinkerhoff. Well, of course, the most common, the most well-known, is the Kirkpatrick four-level model. And okay, if we can just walk through each of the four models you talked about–Kirkpatrick, Phillips, Kaufman, and Brinckerhoff–and maybe you can explain to people, especially people who may not have heard of any of these, what they are and what are some pros and cons of each.

Seven Innovative Ways To Measure Training Effectiveness


Intelligent Measurement with xAPI. It’s the growing popularity of such blended, adaptive, long-term and interactive learning experiences that led to the advent of Experience API (xAPI). xAPI (formerly known as Tin Can) content standards aids in the production of personalized training content modules. Apart from being the latest buzzword in the learning circuit, xAPI can exactly tell you exactly where learning is happening, powered by analytics & reporting features.

Learning Analytics: Advanced Evaluation Complexity


This process is loosely based on Kirkpatrick’s four levels of learning evaluation. The following example shows drop off analysis for an xAPI-tracked game we hosted during a conference. Qualitative survey responses can help you understand the reasons behind your quantitative data. Advanced Evaluation is less common than Data Evaluation , which means there’s no well-worn path leading the way.

How L&D can embrace digital to solve fundamental training problems


Donald and James Kirkpatrick developed a very useful framework of evaluating training program that is still in use today by many training professionals. It may seem impossible to measure learning activities that are not connected to a formal type of training, but xAPI proves this wrong.

How to demonstrate elearning ROI in the most relevant way


Modern authoring tools , in-depth learner analytics and even sophisticated xAPI integrations mean that an ROI calculation that measures human engagement is achievable. A combination of quick surveys to gain qualitative data and quantitative learner engagement data from your authoring tool or LCMS should provide a wealth of information. Are you measuring ROI of your elearning? Demonstrating value has always been an aspirational battle for L&D teams.

The Only Person Who Behaves Sensibly Is My Tailor

Charles Jennings

Outcomes not Activity Even with today’s interest in the xAPI/TinCan protocol the predominant focus is still on measuring activity. It may be helpful to know that (noun, verb, object) ‘Charles did this’ as xAPI specifies. Other data will be available from HR processes – annual performance reviews, 360 feedback surveys etc. “The only person who behaves sensibly is my tailor. He takes new measurements every time he sees me. All the rest go on with their old measurements.”

Tips for Small L&D Departments: An Interview with Emily Wood

Convergence Training

So, a lot of background in qualitative and quantitative analytics, so I’m really excited about xAPI and the kinds of data that we can get back from training and learning. Maybe if I’m lucky enough we can have you back to discuss how you work with all those different SMEs on those topics you know a little bit about, or get to know a little bit better, and also touch base in the future about your experiences with xAPI.