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Big Dog, Little Dog

You know its interesting to see the way in which people involved in social computing are paranoid about distinguishing themselves from Knowledge Management (KM). Boomer Reality - Manage Smater. Given the shape of e-learning in Delhi and the NCR region one cannot help but wonder whether we have over-sung the outsourcing song Looking Back on 16 Years of Paper Prototyping - User Interface Twelve. In woodworking, sandpaper comes in different grains.

KM 32

Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

T wo years ago, DevLearn and KM World took place simultaneously in downtown San Jose. I sensed that learning and knowledge management were converging and invited bloggers form both sides to get together at the Tidehouse to share viewpoints and guzzle beer. KM World 2009 is next week. I’ll be in Hope, Arkansas; Washington, DC; and Barcelona during KM World this year, so I’ll miss the show. People already share knowledge within the enterprise.

KM 37

The differences between learning in an e-business and learning in a social business

Jane Hart

knowledge sharing. Management. Training often outsourced, on-demand access to self-paced learning, f2f networking important, facilitated collaborative/peer-learning available in the workflow. Frequently misunderstood as “learning in informal ways”, eg by use of informational rather than instructional resources, or when formal/managed learning takes place outside a classroom. Supporting Personal Knowledge Management: tools, techniques, skills and behaviours.

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