Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

T wo years ago, DevLearn and KM World took place simultaneously in downtown San Jose. KM World 2009 is next week. Looking through the program, I’m delighted to see that many of the sessions could easily play at DevLearn and vice-versa. I’ll be in Hope, Arkansas; Washington, DC; and Barcelona during KM World this year, so I’ll miss the show. Corporate learning and KM are both about getting the job done. I wonder if many KM fans will join us.

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What Agile Means to Me

ID Reflections

The very environment and processes—pair programming, TDD, retrospectives, continuous integration, whatever else you will—support continuous feedback, one of the keys to learning. Expertise KM learning Agile Workplace LearningI complete exactly 3 months at ThoughtWorks today. While this has been a momentous career shift for me, I may not have written a blog post on it except for the learning.

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How Knowledge Management techniques can be used to enhance training


Overall training programs. The goal of knowledge management (KM) is to enable organizations to use the knowledge they possess — individually or as a team — to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. How, exactly, does KM make all this happen?

Knowledge and Data – The brains of a business!


Storing, searching, accessing and using this knowledge in the right way is together known as Knowledge Management (KM). At its core, KM has important implications on decision making in an organization.

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Virtually free conference

Jay Cross

I’m attending KM World virtually for the next two days. Here’s the program. I attended KM World in San Jose gratis and came away with great foundation knowledge. Half a dozen years later, I got Adobe to pay for a beer bash to enable top thinkers in learning (attending DevLearn) to cross-fertilize with the KM World speakers. KM and Learning, peas in a pod, but they usually hang out with one another to this day.

The Work-Life Balance Myth

Tom Spiglanin

Today, joining a business meeting from the beach, major expressway, or even an airplane at 12 km altitude doesn’t raise an eyebrow. How often have corporate executives asked questions about one or more of our programs, tasking us to return answers a week or two later? Every fifteen to twenty years, a new generation enters the workplace.

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Are you using your Intellectual Assets: Re-defining eLearning


The one sting that hurts a training manager the most, is a failed eLearning program. And to hit where it hurts the most, you as a learning program developer had acquired some new eLearning skills on the way. List the (major) knowledge-intensive or knowledge transfer activities undertaken by the organization, looking initially for those that match the primary KM type identified above. What are the intellectual assets of your organization?

The 100 Best Trivia Questions with Answers


What was Google’s instant messaging program called? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are located approximately 50 km south of which Arab Capital? Table of Contents. Introduction. 1.Sports trivia questions. 2.Technology trivia questions. 3.Science trivia questions.

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Conversation on Conversations

Tony Karrer

Drafting a program to teach adults to use the right means of knowledge transfer is probably at least as difficult as teaching children to be discerning about information accessible on the Internet. Dave basically went through a transition from looking at KM as big central codified knowledge bases to going out to individuals and work teams in the organization to figure out how they could be helped on a tactical level.

Projects are how we change the world.and ourselves.

ID Reflections

From a comment on the post, Defining KM , by Dave Snowden Though the post is on Knowledge Management--and a tiny gem of a post it is--it was this comment that drew my attention because of a recently completed project. They have very very well-defined training programs with certifications in place. I also got used to fending off our program manager and relationship manager on the side, who for very obvious reasons, wanted to pin down the project scope and start the work.

Workplace Learning Professionals Next Job - Management Consultant

Tony Karrer

Learning professionals can weed through the nice to haves and create a program that best meets the needs of the business and the learner. L&D and KM share something simple: an interest in improving the performance of an organisation through increased capability. The Big Question this month is Workplace Learning in 10 Years : If you peer inside an organization in 10 years time and you look at how workplace learning is being supported by that organization, what will you see?

What are your options when creating multilingual training courses?


million kilometers — and people are seriously considering this journey — then the distance of 19,996 Km between Rosario, Argentina and Xinghua, China (the world’s farthest-apart city pair ) is a joke. So company training programs need to be targeted to each group of employees, and their native language should be an important variable. What are your options when creating multilingual training courses? People are actually planning to go on Mars.

Big Cat Trail--The Charm of Corbett

ID Reflections

Situated about 60 km inside from the gate, any visit to Corbett would be incomplete without a stay at the Dhikala Lodge. I do think there needs to be an educational program put in place that tell tourists prior to entering the forest, how to behave, what are unacceptable behaviors and the penalties for the same, what to expect, and what wildlife means. Corbett was our final halt, and definitely a fitting end to this year's Big Cat Trail.

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How Avaya Built Its Own Version of Khan Academy

TechSmith Camtasia

Those are the key stats around the Avaya Mentor program, our fast-growing set of how-to YouTube videos for Avaya products that my team and I have been producing. Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the semi-annual Technology Services World (TSW) Conference , hosted by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) on the Avaya Mentor program, which I had also written about last August. We’ve received great feedback from our users of the program.

Online Communication, Learning, Long Tail, & Change

Big Dog, Little Dog

Assume you could develop a learning program that attracts millions of learners, holds their attention for hours, impels them to contribute often and come back with their friends. The Future of the Future Overcoming resistance to change - KM World. Online communication is not second best - Clive on Learning.

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 2/4/2006

Big Dog, Little Dog

An organization that implements an effective knowledge management (KM) program should see a substantial payoff: Reducing duplicated work increases productivity; leveraging past experience improves quality; and tracking customer behaviors enhances customer service. Back to the Future of eLearning - Campus Technology.

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Top Posts from August - Augmented Reality - Social Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

Evaluating Non-Formal Learning Programs – Table of Links - The E-Learning Curve , August 5, 2010 To wrap up this series of posts on the E-Learning Curve Blog, here is the complete table of links to each post in the series ‘Evaluating Non-Formal Learning.’ ’ Evaluating Non-Formal Learning Programs – Table of Links is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog. Knowledge Management vs. Knowledge Creation - The Peformance Improvement Blog , August 4, 2010 Is KM dead?

Better Questions for Learning Professionals

Tony Karrer

program, but the biggest aha while getting a Ph.D. What can I borrow from KM, collaborative learning, and management practices?

How to Make The SAAS Decision

CLO Magazine

“This improvement program is a transformative way to remove waste from systems and processes, thereby improving quality and safety to deliver the best health care to patients and families. The installed program also allowed Seattle Children’s Hospital to control the implementation process. If these issues are familiar, but a move to the cloud is still desirable, Cazella said to use an application program interface to help bridge the gap with an SaaS application.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: eLearning Brand Name Recognition?

Learning Visions

Taxonomy disaster - our distant cousins from the KM world might not like this :P Cheers Cammy! Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Wednesday, May 20, 2009 eLearning Brand Name Recognition? The eLearning industry is a weird beast. Its not really one beast at all. Maybe its a whole bunch of beasts. Or maybe its a fruit bowl instead. Whatever your analogy.

LearnTrends: Backchannel

Jay Cross

Moderator (Clark Quinn): the question is, leave KM to the propellor heads, or getting learning folks into the model. KM, TM, etc. Sandy E: @kfarentino - University of Denver actaully creates "customized" masters programs based upon thpreferred outcomesof the student! Clark Quinn and I led a discussion on Reinventing Organizational Learning at LearnTrends this morning.