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How Do Interactive Learning Systems Improve Employee Performance?

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Interactive learning systems are a new learning approach that incorporates digital media technology, computing, and social networking for course delivery. Interactive learning took roots around two decades back when technology was introduced to support self-learning.

Creating Custom Learning Programs for Online Learners

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The basic concept and idea of ‘wisdom’, as we know it, has altered with time. At present, wisdom is considered to be the ability to perceive and learn. . And do you know what has facilitated this unique form of learning? . Form Personalized Learning Pathways.


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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Learning and Development

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A lot of enterprises have already incorporated AI in their learning strategy. We will now explore the role of AI in learning and development. Identifying Knowledge Gaps. Most enterprise learning strategies depend on holistic teaching. We respect your privacy.

10 Ways to Use Videos in K-12 Education

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Interactive videos facilitate collaboration, cater to different learning styles and abilities, increase engagement with the content, and ultimately improve learning outcomes. Also Read: How Do Videos Improve K-12 Learning Outcomes? Instructional learning.