What are your 3 career criteria?

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Know thyself” is a principle inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi which dates its origins back to fourth century B.C. Premuzic offers are often ignored by individuals due to compensation, “the devil you know” phenomenon and a lack of self-awareness about what they really want.

When is Training the Right Solution? (And When it is NOT!)

ThinkingKap Solutions

So as it relates to training specifically (as tempting as it was to write about pecan pie), how do we know when it’s time to employ training and when it isn’t? That’s what we’re here to discuss, and we’ll do so by exploring Gilbert’s Behavior Engineering Model. As an analogy, I view the Behavior Engineering Model similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Employee, did you know you’re supposed to do _?”


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The State of Instructional Design

Tom Spiglanin

The challenge now is how best to do this when, at the same time, employees are also nearly always working as work and life become fused. If only designing an optimal solution for the workplace were as simple as knowing every possible alternative for a given knowledge need or performance gap and then choosing the best blend of approaches. This will mean finding ways to reach beyond the confines of what each of us know or what we’ve done. Just do it.

Learning Objectives and Corporate Goals: How to create the perfect training


We are talking about specialized adults here who are probably at the peak of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs (you guessed it right, self-actualization) and they ready to adapt to knowledge, and not vice versa! Why do Trainings Fail? A mission repeatedly unaccomplished, a new process established, a latest application implemented or too many complaints from the customers, all highlight a learning gap. How do you measure knowledge? Knowing is a mental skill.