Competency-Based Learning: How to Bridge the Skills-Gap

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Competency-Based Learning: How to Bridge the Skills-Gap was originally published in the IACET blog as a guest post by Digitec President Jack McGrath. The skills-gap issue is growing more critical in the U.S., Continuing education is needed to address the crisis, but while most associations do provide education, a number of third-party suppliers have entered the marketplace as well. The Skills-Gap Crisis. How bad is the skills-gap problem?

How do you build eLearning?

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When it comes to building eLearning, how do you do it? Do you just open up Articulate Storyline , have a look at the content that your SME has provided and then just start building it? Do you import a bunch of PowerPoint slides, add a player skin with the obligatory Next and Previous buttons, attach some word documents as resources, and then hit publish? Do they need to be assessed to prove their understanding has changed? So how do we do that well?


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Bridging the Generational Gap in Your Workplace


Together, these generations form a uniquely diverse workforce, who have much to share with one another if they are encouraged to do so. According to a 2012 study by CareerBuilder, one third of U.S. The majority of people in the study preferred face-to-face communication for example, but younger employees showed a preference for email and text communication, while those over 55 would rather talk on the phone. How do customers/end-users/client needs differ across age groups?

Do You Need to Update Your Training Program?


Or to know when it’s time to update your computers. But how do you know when it’s time to update your training program? Blended Learning : In a world where so many of us turn to Google or YouTube to find immediate answers, employees expect “just in time” learning to do their jobs well. Do you have the right mix of blended learning, so your employees can get to tactical answers quickly and have the support they need to master more complicated concepts?

Do You Know How to Create an Actionable Learning Strategy?

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The State of Learning and Development 2014: Coming of Age,” a study from Brandon Hall, revealed that less than 18 percent of organizations reviewed or revisited their learning and development strategies at least annually over the past five years and 28.8 For another, when they do review and/or develop learning strategies, those strategies don’t always mesh well with business priorities. Leaders also can be valuable mentors and coaches.

Coaching can help fill the soft skills gap

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Knowledge transfer and skill building happen in a variety of ways: formal education, self-directed learning, training, mentoring, executive coaching, job rotation, etc. Companies spend time and effort developing leaders, but the return on investment is often questionable or the company doesn’t know how to measure it. The Soft Skills Gap. The HBR authors also acknowledge a gap on most learning platforms and in the traditional leadership development landscape.

Know how your firm makes money

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Why do you want to know?” We all know that the best way to retain knowledge is to teach, so when I was invited to speak at HR industry events I was able to practice. The post Know how your firm makes money appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Help Your Members Across the Digital Readiness Gap

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But even when people have access to the web, another type of digital divide may present a challenge to associations with online learning programs—a digital readiness gap. If the target market for your educational programs is on the wrong side of this gap, you need to know and you need a plan for bridging the gap. Pew divided study participants into two groups: the Relatively Hesitant (52%) and the Relatively More Prepared (48%).

UG2 takes a hands-on approach

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And he’s got just the plan to do it. Along with running an apprenticeship program to train local high school students on operations and maintenance roles and then hire them upon graduation, in 2018 the company built the lab to close the talent gap and give new and existing employees the tools to build a career at UG2, said Lauren Lanzillo, director of organizational development. Profiles & Case Studies case study skilled trades talent gap UG2

How to Grow Your Email List with an Email Challenge and SEO Course Case Study with Brendan Hufford


Learn how to grow your email list with an email challenge and SEO course case study with Brendan Hufford from 100 Days of SEO in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Doing this also gives you insights into how to phrase your marketing message with the same emotion your audience uses to describe their problems. You can just say, I do all of this stuff on Facebook, and then just run ads to your Facebook Ads thing. Why can I do this?”

Are You Shifting to Self-Directed Learning? Here’s How to Do It Right


Self-directed learning is on the rise but do you have the right technology in place and the necessary flexibility to support learners? In fact, according to a study, free, massive, open, online course providers (MOOCS) gained over 60 million new learners combined in 2020. .

How Do You Teach Innovation?

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To do that they need a workforce that has the skills to solve customer problems by creating new and more innovative products and services. Companies that can do it have the potential to become leaders in their industries — while those that can’t risk joining the likes of Kodak, Blockbuster and other formerly successful companies that ultimately failed because they did not evolve in response to changing times.

Looking the Future in the Face

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According to “Global Generations,” a study conducted by accounting firm EY, 62 percent of millennial employees are managing others — only slightly less than the 65 percent of Generation X employees who are managers. Ridner agreed, saying that the best leaders, “motivate their teams to do the best work possible and achieve the best outcomes.”. Bridging the Gaps. The face of leadership is starting to shift.

Key to Success: Piecing Together A Top Notch Personal Board of Directors


January is National Mentoring Month. While we typically think of mentorship as a one-on-one relationship, as the workplace changes, having just one or two disparate mentors is no longer sufficient. There is growing consensus that executives, managers, and junior staff alike need a board of directors – a thoughtfully developed group of 8-10 mentors and role models you can consult regularly to get advice and feedback. You know what they say about shooting for the moon.

How This Citizen Of The World Applies His Experiences Towards Mentorship


As a mentor for Everwise, Wade uses his experience as a citizen of the world to push his proteges to challenge their perspectives and the status quo. Read on to see just how Wade approaches his career, mentoring, and his own development. As I studied, traveled, and matured, I developed a really strong interest in global markets and differing international approaches. You’ve spent a lot of time coaching and mentoring others both outside and within organizations where you work.

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Allergan VP of Talent Soni Basi thrives amid disruption

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A former colleague from Schering-Plough, Karen Ling, was the chief human resources officer of Allergan at the time, and Basi reached out to ask if she could do anything to help them cope. So instead of defining specific roles, we looked at the skills people needed to do well in those roles.”.

Allergan VP of Talent Soni Basi thrives amid disruption

CLO Magazine

A former colleague from Schering-Plough, Karen Ling, was the chief human resources officer of Allergan at the time, and Basi reached out to ask if she could do anything to help them cope. So instead of defining specific roles, we looked at the skills people needed to do well in those roles.”.

What is Employee Development, and Why is it Important?


It’s hard to find good talent so, once you do, offering development opportunities helps to keep them engaged so they stick around – and creating the right kind of employee development plan is just as important as having one at all. READ CASE STUDY.

Skilling Up Virtual Team Managers and Supervisors:?3 Essential Upboarding Tips

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Unless there is a big lateral move involved, the new supervisor or manager probably already knows the company’s culture and general practices, but they know them from the perspective of an employee, not a supervisor or manager. So, how do you make great upboarding?

The Top Benefits of Training to Employers (Plus, How to Upskill Effectively!)


Did you know that the benefits of upskilling employees extend beyond simply helping boost your bottom line? When you upskill your employees, you’re closing skills gaps and priming your employees to become more productive. . How do you keep hiring costs down?

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: DIY vs. Formal Learning

Learning Visions

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 DIY vs. Formal Learning DIY Learning (Do-it-Yourself) is the term of the week, it seems. Elliot Masies most recent Learning Trends newsletter leads with the headline "DIY: Do It Yourself Trends". He quotes an article by Dion Hinchcliffe in ZD Net in which Dion states, The idea of DIY (Do It Yourself) is to get developers and IT departments out of the demand loop and letting users self-service themselves. What do you think?

Time for a New Look at Learning: Or What I Learned from Reading “Informal Learning at Work”

In Matthews’ words, “Much of the learning we do on a daily basis is not something we think of or label as learning. Combine traditional classes with mentoring, coaching, and follow-up activities. Matthews defines it as “any learning or collaboration that takes place outside of a class, seminar or workshop, beyond the scope of a self-study course, and away from any environment recognized as part of formal learning.”. Case studies.

eLearning Content Development: 6 Steps to Create a Learning Problem Statement


When course mentors facilitate large volumes of knowledge sharing, they feel they can filter out content for the next course. How do you determine the research worthiness of a problem? In this article, we answer these questions and help you create a new course from a learning problem or a learning gap. What if you do not have the content available in the form of a PDF, Power Point or Word document? We do not need new courses that are simply restated from a new angle!

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Informal Learning -- Getting Learners to Ask the Right Questions

Learning Visions

Thursday, February 22, 2007 Informal Learning -- Getting Learners to Ask the Right Questions In a post on informal learning by Ray Sims (thanks to Tony ), he lists out a whole bunch o good things "to do on behalf of increasing informal learning aligned with company strategy and goals." The biggest question I have is how do organizations ensure that the right content is in all the right places? In the world of informal learning, who can be the teacher/the mentor?



MARGIE MEACHAM : In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly every organization had to pivot to virtual and self-paced training over the past year, forcing us all to rethink how we do our work and collaborate in a digital world. One way to do that is with a chatbot.

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Continual Learning

Clark Quinn

A recent request for feedback on new learning technology research areas highlighted areas they thought were important, and a subset naturally struck me: the connection between formal and informal learning : an interest of mine since I first noticed the gap in organizations. As academics are wont to do, this isn’t a surprising list (there were interesting others as well) because despite the overlap there’s reason to study each on their own.

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Five tips for keeping learners connected and engaged across the virtual void


How do you do that in this environment? How do you replicate traditional in-person guidance and on-the-job training while keeping people engaged across the virtual void? If someone is struggling, you’ll know it, and can reach out to them directly to help.

Five tips for keeping learners connected and engaged across the virtual void


How do you do that in this environment? How do you replicate traditional in-person guidance and on-the-job training while keeping people engaged across the virtual void? If someone is struggling, you’ll know it, and can reach out to them directly to help.

How to Help Your Team Become Continuous Learners

And if you don’t know the answer, great! Let everyone know that they have stumbled upon an excellent chance to discover something new. Ask the questioner to do a little research and report back to the team. You’ll be letting the team know it’s ok to have gaps in their knowledge and it’s even better to fill those gaps collaboratively. It’s always tempting to skip the post-project debrief, but if you do, you’ll miss a huge learning opportunity.

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Learning and Talent Mobility: A Winning Combination to Drive Employee Retention and Results


Organizations of all sizes are shifting to look inwards at their talent pool first, rather than looking externally to fill skills gaps and vacant roles. With many companies going into a hiring freeze in 2020, HR professionals have had to look internally to fill business gaps.

21 Kinds of Informal Learning at Work [Video]

But most of learning we do at work occurs informally, through interactions and experiences while we’re doing our jobs. Take a look and see how much crucial learning you do outside the classroom. They get help from mentors and experienced colleagues who are also learning from the experience. Most of us have learned one job or another by simply following an experienced colleague around and watching what they do. Case studies.



Dr. Rima has been an International Mentor for Middlesex University London, and is also a trained Trainer by Sony Pictures Entertainment, UK, on 'Energy Project.’ We do not engage pro bono services. We do not permit leaving office premises without known escort or vehicle post 10 pm.

Corporate Training Trends 2020


Based on what we’re seeing with our clients, and in the L&D industry overall, we have compiled the top four future trends in training and development that you need to know for the upcoming year. The question is, do you believe it? Follow Follow Follow.

How to Develop Leadership Competencies in Your Millennials


What leadership competencies do Millennial managers need to develop to effectively lead our next-generation workforces? It’s no surprise, then, that Millennials tend to believe in themselves (rather than employers) to find new, better ways of doing things.

What is Design Thinking and Why Should You Care?

Going through what customers do to experience what they do. If possible, do your employee’s job for a few days to really understand where the performance gaps are coming from. For many of us, who don’t have huge L&D budgets, it’s a relief to know that you can create effective training without big courses or videos. Adopt the “designer mindset” for more innovative problem solving.

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Creating Custom Learning Programs for Online Learners

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The basic concept and idea of ‘wisdom’, as we know it, has altered with time. And do you know what has facilitated this unique form of learning? . Bridge gaps in their knowledge, skills, and overall learning experience. Instead, feedback would fill that gap.

Learning predictions in a time of unpredictability!

Learning Pool

Doing more with less’ has been a consistent message from L&D leaders for years. Do you begin with transformational skills or specific transactional skills? Remember, building skills do not explicitly involve digital learning.