The Learning & Development Podcast: Actually Addressing Skills Gaps with Simon Gibson


This transcript is from the conversation between David and Simon Gibson on addressing skills gaps. In this episode, I’m speaking with Simon Gibson, an experienced and esteemed Learning OD and talent leader about really addressing skills gaps. What language do we code in?

5 simple steps to create effective Learning & Development Program


Enterprises spend millions on learning and development programs. It can be just as detrimental if you do not have a clear understanding of how to create an efficient Learning & Development program for your business needs.


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Obama’s Going to Close the Skills Gap. But Does It Even Exist?


In his latest State of the Union address, President Obama laid out a raft of economic proposals designed to ferry the unemployed back into work, including training programs for those who need to update their skills. So what could possibly be the trouble with more retraining to close the ‘skills gap’? Skills Gap, What Skills Gap? How about more direct spending on infrastructure and other job-creating programs?

How to Create and Deliver the Best Custom Employee Training Program

Hurix Digital

In recent times, the approach toward employee training programs has seen a paradigm shift – a drift away from a one-size-fits-all model toward more personalized alternatives. Benefits of a Custom Employee Training Program. Building and Delivering an Effective Custom Training Program.

9 Strategies to Make Your Peer Learning Program Thrive

CLO Magazine

If you’re sponsoring or developing a peer learning program, you know that professional communities of practice are a cost-effective way to leverage the collective wisdom and experience of a group of leaders with similar roles, challenges or interest areas. Stakeholders — sponsors, program staff, community partners, champions and participants — all have goals and expectations about what participation in a peer learning program will yield.

How Minutes A Day Can Reinvigorate Your Workforce


We know you’ve seen it. And all they can think about is their growing to-do list that is only getting longer by the minute. Today’s forward-thinking leaders know corporate learning is poised for disruption, and they’re not afraid to break the rules. And, in literally minutes a day, they’re seeing employees increase their knowledge and feel reinvigorated as they tackle their to-do lists. The following post was featured in eLearning Industry on April 14th, 2015.

Don’t Know Much About History

CLO Magazine

At a press conference during a recent state visit to France, President Donald Trump thanked his host, French President Emmanuel Macron, and said, “France is America’s first and oldest ally. A lot of people don’t know that.”. It’s not the first time he seemed to express genuine surprise at information many Americans already know. Not a lot of people do know about the French role in the American Revolution, nor do they know much about history in general.



Over time, she has developed processes and methodologies to help organizations meet their growth and revenue targets with the help of innovative L&D approaches, including digital transformations, onboarding and reskilling programs. BIANCA BAUMANN - CRYSTAL BALLING WITH LEARNNOVATORS.

7 Key Steps to Successful ELearning Implementations


Implementing any type of elearning program can appear daunting, no matter what the size of the organization. I have worked on a variety of implementations, ranging from international programs to very centralized, but each still came with their unique a set of challenges. This being the case, it is always good to have a general plan in place so as to maximize the success of your elearning program. When implementing your elearning program, you should do the follow: 1.

5 Reasons You May Need Staff Augmentation for Your L&D Team


On the other hand, finding skilled professionals, new employees, or temporary talent can be the most effective way to fill talent gaps and increase the capabilities and productivity of your teams. You already know how lengthy a process it is to vet, hire, and train new employees.

The eLearning Automation Guide For eLearning Professionals


Are you pressed for time? Do you also need to provide your online learners with customized course content that caters to their goals? In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about eLearning automation. You’ll learn about 4 benefits it can bring to your organization and 3 tips to choose the best automated course authoring tool for your eLearning program. What Do We Mean By eLearning Automation? Do you want to learn more?

Data and your organization: Business learning analytics

Learning Pool

But to do so effectively they have to be clear-eyed about the challenges of communicating an evidence-based narrative about learning to time-poor executive stakeholders. Some data are of less pressing interest. What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong?

Using Interviews to Build Your Online Course Business


How do you find experts to interview? Use these strategies to feed to marketing funnel and increase your enrollments: Networking: If possible, choose someone you know or are connected to for the first interview. You’re more likely to get a yes and already know their specialties make a good fit for your students. Audit your other marketing efforts to determine gaps that can be filled by one or more interviews with popular influencers.

Building a learning culture: How to manage stakeholders

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So, who are those key people and groups and how do you manage them to ensure that you build an environment in which learning can thrive? But, much worse, L&D will fail to fulfil its critical function of addressing the organization’s pressing learning needs.

7 Considerations when building your Training Strategy for 2017

Your Training Edge

Current online training programs are increasing in number, making it clear that e learning is an essential means for the business development. If your organization is also doing the same, be aware it would just not do. Know yourself. Take into account all the pressing requirements and constraints while still keeping in mind the big picture i.e. what should be the long term corporate development.

7 Considerations when building your Training Strategy for 2016

Your Training Edge

Current online training programs are increasing in number, making it clear that e learning is an essential means for the business development. If your organization is also doing the same, be aware it would just not do. Know yourself. Take into account all the pressing requirements and constraints while still keeping in mind the big picture i.e. what should be the long term corporate development.

How to Set Standards of Behavior in the Workplace


Did you know that job stress costs businesses in the U.S. But we all know that people don’t change overnight. . Do managers reflect that value as they lead their teams? Or, do they slip by on white lies, “just to get the sale,” and excuse their lack of honesty?

The Essential Guide to Learning Analytics in the Age of Big Data

Lambda Solutions

While it’s impossible to completely isolate the effectiveness of online learning from all other factors in your organization, you can take a broad systems approach and use learning analytics as one of many factors that measure the overall effectiveness of your training and development program.

3 Ways to Show Your Organization How Valuable You Really Are


One of the most time and resource intensive components of CME management is collecting, warehousing, and analyzing program data. From course completion statistics to learner assessment data, having a clear portrait of the success (or failings) of your CME courses is key to the future success of your program. It goes without saying that your data is your greatest asset, but you might not know it can also be your most significant vulnerability when it comes to CME program development.

Customer Education: The Complete Guide For Your Business


But, how do you increase the chances of this happening? How do you help your customers discover you are the solution for them? It’s fast becoming a must-do strategy for modern businesses. For businesses looking to formalize, update, or begin their customer education program this guide is for you. Not only are more customers educated about your product, but you’re also doing it in an efficient way. Find the education gaps.

Guide 73

An Expert’s View On The Transformation of Employee Training

WalkMe Training Station

He is the author of the upcoming book from ATD Press, “Learning In The Age of Immediacy: Five Factors for How We Connect, Communicate, and Get Work Done.” Jason Silver: Where do you think the field of employee training is headed? Which innovative trends do you recognize nowadays? Jason: One of the biggest challenges training managers face nowadays is getting two very different generations on board and providing them with the best training program. “This is my web home.

Sahana Chattopadhyay – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


How successful do you think you have been in transforming your clients’ workplaces (including your present organization) to learning organizations? In the past, L&D‘s focus had been to design training programs based on defined learning needs, skill gaps and business goals. However, by definition all training programs are past focused based on an analysis of the past, imparting best practices and documented explicit knowledge. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

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Free L&D webinars for November 2020

Limestone Learning

This is always a great time of year to stay inside, and we’ve had plenty of encouragement this year to do just that. What a great time to catch up on work and even do a bit of professional development. Know of any upcoming free L&D webinars? Contact us here to let us know!

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Re-imagining Work & Learning in a Networked World

ID Reflections

Most of us do a retrospection of the year gone by, and a future-spection of the year to come. I thought I''d do the same from an L&D and workplace learning perspective. The Shift identifies the following five forces that are transforming everything we do, and in the rest of the post I will focus on this line of thought. How do we as L&D tackle this? Will L&D as we know it continue to exist? Only adults doing their work.

How to Create an Employee Training Development Plan


Talk to both your training managers and team managers about how training is currently carried out, and where they see gaps. To plan efficiently, it’s important to know what goals you’re trying to achieve. Let us know in the comments below.

Moodle LMS: Hot Potatoes is Now Free!

The E-Learning Curve

The exercises use HTML and JavaScript to implement their interactivity, but you do NOT need to know anything about these languages in order to use the programs. All you need to do is enter the data for your exercises (questions, answers, responses etc.), and press a button. The program will create the Web pages for you, and you can then upload them to your server. JCloze creates gap-fill exercises. A specific clue can also be included for each gap.

7 Reasons Why You Must Convert Flash Games to HTML5

Hurix Digital

However, owing to glaring security gaps, performance, and stability issues that Flash games presented on mobile devices, a need for change became more pressing. The interactive animation on this platform is created using the ActionScript programming language.

Why Now is the Right Time to Build a Powerful Workforce


When it comes to building tomorrow’s federal workforce, government leaders agree that technology is outdated, retiring personnel are leaving knowledge gaps in their wake, and employees need to be rewarded based on performance (not longevity). Government agencies at all levels face a pressing challenge to build and sustain capable public servants who can effectively deliver on the mission and serve the public into the future. We know it works.

Training a Specific Population – An Interview with Kelly Prince

WalkMe Training Station

Companies are taking a deep dive into employee training, knowing all too well this step of the on boarding process is the platform for success. What are some key differences you recognize in a successful training program? So when you embark upon a training program and you really don’t even know what the goal is or how you know when you’ve reached it, it’s really hard to determine if anyone has learned anything or if they are putting it to use. Take Note!

How to Create an Employee Training Development Plan


Talk to both your training managers and team managers about how training is currently carried out, and where they see gaps. To plan efficiently, it’s important to know what goals you’re trying to achieve. Let us know in the comments below.

Why evolving corporate learning isn’t an option


Compounding this urgency is the fact that today’s employees need to know more. Similar to many large organizations, there were several issues he needed to address in his existing program: Associates expected to know more information than ever before. Simply put, his employees were not digesting, remembering or operationalizing what they needed to know to do their jobs. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t own a smartphone these days.

Free L&D webinars for April 2020

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 10AM – 11AM PT: Key Components of Building a Successful Internal Coaching Program (Free for ATD members) Building coaching programs and coaching cultures within organizations is an increasing trend. Identify, assess and close skill gaps.

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Experiential Learning Through Cultural Immersion

CLO Magazine

Diversity and inclusion is one of the most pressing issues facing companies today. Diversity programs are often introduced into companies that are struggling with representation already, which means filling diversity slates takes longer and requires more investment. But perhaps the biggest reason for burnout is the simplest: The existing programs aren’t working. This is what cultural immersion is meant to do — achieve cultural awareness through experiential learning.

Diamonds in the Rough

CLO Magazine

So it’s not surprising that a 2014 Deloitte University Press survey of global organizations revealed that 86 percent of participating companies said having more effective leaders at all levels was their No. This low percentage represents a huge gap in an area where organizations are spending so much money and focusing so much energy. Some of these programs are quite exotic. The program is designed to help leaders embrace uncertainty and shared leadership in complex systems.

Agile 67

Ryan Moore from Uncanny Automator Helps You Integrate your WordPress LMS with the Most Important Apps For Your Personalized Learning Paths and Course Designs


As course creators, we tend to think of students as one body of users going through your course material, but individual students do interact with your content in different ways. For me, I came into this world of WordPress LMS, I came as like a WordPress person, a WordPress power user that was freelancing, and then doing agency work. That’s my first online course website was in that, and I was doing it to build a business, package training into courses.

How to Use Microlearning for Training Staff?

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Using microlearning in training provides immediate answers to your staff’s most pressing issues. Is it restricted to some industries or suitable to just a few training programs? Just create short watch-try-do simulations as per employees’ roles to simplify software usage. Therefore, leverage on its ubiquitous nature and relay helpful content to fill the knowledge gaps of your employees from time to time.

How Better Visibility of Your Course Data Provides Insights


As a CME director, you’re passionate about delivering the best possible educational experiences to your learners— and you’ve marshaled all of your resources to do so consistently. Because course data powers CME program success—allowing you to make data-driven decisions about how to allocate resources, fine-tune curriculum design, and even pivot marketing strategy to reach new audiences. It will help create an overall portrait of your program’s current and past learner outcomes.