Competency-Based Learning: How to Bridge the Skills-Gap

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Competency-Based Learning: How to Bridge the Skills-Gap was originally published in the IACET blog as a guest post by Digitec President Jack McGrath. The skills-gap issue is growing more critical in the U.S., Continuing education is needed to address the crisis, but while most associations do provide education, a number of third-party suppliers have entered the marketplace as well. The Skills-Gap Crisis. How bad is the skills-gap problem?

Employee upskilling & reskilling statistics: Casting light on the trend


The only way to bridge the skills gap is through upskilling or reskilling programs. Upskilling and reskilling training: What do employers say? We now know that 93% of employers offer upskilling, reskilling, or both. So, how do they do it?


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Bridging the Skills Gap: An Opportunity for Associations

Association eLearning

There’s a huge skills gap problem facing our nation today, but this crisis represents an opportunity for associations to reinvent themselves and compete with traditional suppliers of higher education. I was recently asked to present on the skills gap issue and the opportunities it creates for associations at the ASAE Great Ideas conference in Orlando. Skills gap isn’t a “someday” problem. How do these problems represent an opportunity for associations?

Is your company know-how about to leave? How to close the skills gap before it opens.

When people take their know-how with them, the whole team suffers. In particular, you have to make sure that exiting employees don’t leave a skills gap in their wakes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics pointed out in 2014 that the average tenure with one employer is 4.6 They didn’t address the skills gap before shaking up the workforce. Prevent the gap with a culture of learning. Employees then have the responsibility to do the work.

Everything You Should Know About Agile eLearning Before Investing

Your Training Edge

These statistics indicate that eLearning is slowly becoming part of modern lives, and investors should be aware of how it may impact their businesses. This post presents everything you should know about agile eLearning before investing. When doing so, ensure that you are able to implement your user stories in one sprint, and cut them up if they are too big. Agile eLearning is a critical attribute in today’s learning that has been greatly enhanced through technology.

Agile 109

Sales Enablement Gaps White Paper


An apt description, it assumes the right seller understands all the available content assets so they know how to best use them at the right time. One in particular drives the point home: Alinean Founder Tom Pisello cites depressing statistics on why companies are not seeing a payoff on sales enablement in his “Return on Sales Enablement: The Adoption Challenge” blog post. sales force was back to their old way of doing things. Is your sales enablement. system preventing sales?

Should We Do More Apprenticeships?

Most companies don’t do long training programs like apprenticeships. Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 5% of high school graduates go into apprenticeships. industries offer them and most companies complain of a skills gap in the workforce, enterprising businesses could use these programs to jump ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage. However, most companies that do offer programs report that poaching hasn’t been a problem.

3 Ways to Bridge your Organization’s Skill Gaps with Docebo Perform


Docebo Perform is focused on providing an easy-to-use environment for identifying skill gaps in your organization and then bridging those gaps through learning. How do you know if your workforce has the skills it needs to execute on the vision your organization has for the future? Staff do the training and are then evaluated to see if any improvement has been made. Below, we’ve outlined three ways to bridge your organization’s skills gaps with Docebo Perform.

Closing the Skills Gap with E-Learning Solutions

Beyond Campus Innovations

Closing the Skills Gap with E-Learning Solutions. The resulting skills gap is hurting both employees and employers as both sides seek necessary skills for growth. Keep reading to see how e-learning interventions can upskill seasoned employees and first-time workers to bridge the gap between job requirements and employee know-how. percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are seven million unemployed persons and 6.2 What is the Skills Gap?

How to Identify and Fill the Employee Skills Gap with Online Training


How to Identify a Fill the Employee Skills Gap with Online Training What if you knew going in when you interviewed someone their strengths and weaknesses? But, what if you had a way to know? Would it make your job easier, would you hire different people than you do today? Well, you know my answer, right? I mean Online Training is what we do here. I want them to be interested I want them to know what they are getting into.

Bridging the Gap: Addressing Barriers to Women in Leadership


Borges noted that women statistically receive more vague feedback (if they get any feedback at all), and this makes it hard to know what to continue, what to change, and how to change it. Borges cited the statistic that when women have the confidence to ask for a raise, they are 25% less likely to receive it than men. When there are no female leaders in an organization, this sends a message to women that they do not fit as a leader in that enterprise.

‘Learning literacy’ and the currency of a knowledge-based economy

CLO Magazine

As learners consider the growing choices along the path of lifelong learning, from microcourses, certificates and associate degrees to four-year degrees and beyond, they often do so with little or no guidance. We also know that working adults have a lot to manage, even in good economic times.

Big Data & Training 101: What You Need to Know


I know, I know. And if you haven’t calibrated your content correctly, the data you do collect can be inaccurate. Meaning any insights you gather from your new tracking suite could be skewed or statistically irrelevant. Why Do We Need Big Data In Training? Big data analytics help fill in the gaps so you see which employees are struggling, which are excelling, and where your organizational knowledge gaps are. How Do We Get Big Data?

Big Data & Training 101: What You Need to Know


I know, I know. And if you haven’t calibrated your content correctly, the data you do collect can be inaccurate. Meaning any insights you gather from your new tracking suite could be skewed or statistically irrelevant. Why Do We Need Big Data In Training? Big data analytics help fill in the gaps so you see which employees are struggling, which are excelling, and where your organizational knowledge gaps are. How Do We Get Big Data?

4 Things L&D Professionals Need to Know About Modern Learners


In an infographic entitled ‘ Meet the Modern Learner ’, Bersin by Deloitte presents a number of statistics that outline how online training is colliding with learners’ jobs, behaviors, habits, and preferences. According to Statistics Brain , the average human attention span in 2015 was estimated to be 8.25 Statistics Brain also reports that the average length watched of a single online video is only 2.7

Podcast 29: Growing an Online Training Business – With the Co-Founder of DataCamp

Talented Learning

Martijn’s story is instructive for multiple reasons: He knows first-hand what it takes to grow a successful online training business. He works on the frontlines of the skills gap, helping individuals and employers prepare to compete in an increasingly data-driven economy. When I was looking for startup opportunities in 2014, my co-founder was teaching statistics at university. So how do you define data science? Yeah, there is definitely a gap.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: I Say Instructional Designer, You Say Tomah-toe

Learning Visions

Tuesday, June 09, 2009 I Say Instructional Designer, You Say Tomah-toe As you may know, I struggle with describing what I do. Thats not a real statistic, by the way, but my very unscientific guess at how many people actually call themselves instructional designers.) My personal elevator speech when people ask me what I do for a living. "I teach people to do stuff using technology." The eLearning Salary Gender Gap Phew!

Coggno – Bridging the Gap Between the Training Requirements of Companies and that of Training Beneficiaries


Real-time interactions with content, specifically on social media platforms, have transformed the ways in which people communicate and consume information, which is something that printed publications and online platforms that do not stick with the times cannot bring to the #party. This is unsurprising when considering the 2013 finding by Google and Ipsos MediaCT that nearly 80% of mobile users won’t leave home without their smart device (a statistic which has remained largely unchanged).

Aging Members Will Stick Around (& Keep Learning) Longer Than You Think

WBT Systems

Businesses will have to bridge that gap with older, 65+ workers. An article in Nautilus , where many of this post’s statistics and quotes were sourced, shares the story of two companies that welcome older workers. “We’re Between 2000 and 2010, the 55+ segment grew from 13 to nearly 20 percent of the workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Are employers encouraging older employees to continue working in some capacity to bridge that gap?

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Second Life and Gaming Poll Results

Learning Visions

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 Second Life and Gaming Poll Results I dont claim to be a researcher, nor can I claim that the results of polls conducted on this site are in the least bit statistically significant. Again, not statistically significant Im sure. What do you think? Next thing I know I am trying to text chat Newbie, suddenly I am getting teleport requests and IM from all my other SL friends and trying to talk on Skype laughed so much trying to cope with it all.

Poll 100

Webinar Series Part 1: Transitioning from Face-To-Face to Online Learning

Digitec Interactive

The current push to remote work has raised many questions, one of which being: how do you provide your employees with the training they need? Researchers know that children often struggle to learn online. But first, let’s look at some key statistics to push your business case.

Re-thinking Learning and Performance from a Business Standpoint

ID Reflections

What should L&D do about it? These number of hours typically show up as statistics in the annual HR report and is of very little interest to either the CXOs or the employees. If anything, ironically these statistics further confirm the inefficacy of training. Training looks at the knowledge and skill gaps that exist in the employees. Performance looks for the gaps in business. Training only works where there is a skill gap to fill.

Employee wellbeing: Boost workplace happiness with training


Here’s what you need to know about it. Do you know what else can significantly boost employee wellbeing though? Data from the TalentLMS remote work statistics survey shows that employees are actively seeking training. No, you’re not imagining it.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: 31 Days: 8, 9 & 10

Learning Visions

Obviously, thats not my focus so I took Micheles advice and tried to do something from Darens Get Your Blogging Groove Back series. I know, from having looked at my stats at the time and the comments that came in, that these posts seemed to generate some interest. Day 9: Declutter Your Sidebar Ive been doing this off and on throughout this challenge, and even before, so no surprise when this assignment came up. What do you think? The eLearning Salary Gender Gap Phew!

Skills Quotient: The Solution to the CEO’s Biggest Problem


According to economist Paul Krugman , the skills gap is no longer a zombie idea, “an idea that should have been killed by evidence, but refuses to die.” Furthermore, we are constantly inundated with sobering statistics about the state of the skills gap. It’s clear from both the statistics and a quick read through any publication that CEOs are in a state of unknowing, a state of anxiety. We do this to correctly identify the skill gap.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Women, Gaming & the Guild Master Ceiling

Learning Visions

A basic premise of the book is that gamers are on their way into the workplace and will be changing how we do business. Karl sites statistics that "Seventy percent of the players of the social interaction game The Sims are women under twenty-five," and that the number one game from May 2004-July 2006 was Princess Fashion Boutique. I think there may be a difference in whether girls identify themselves as gamers or not, even if they do play games.

How to Train Remote Employees


So how exactly do you go about doing that? Carry out a training needs analysis Where do gaps exist in peoples’ knowledge? Send out a questionnaire to establish knowledge gaps and learning needs, and preferred ways of learning.

Trust (Why is Trust so Important for Application Development?)

KMI Learning

We want to believe that the product or service that we create and provide can, in fact, be relied upon to do what we want it to do safely and securely. The sooner we’re willing to take an honest look at what’s working and what’s not working, the sooner we can do something about it.

Trust 73

8 Creative Ways to Visualize Ideas with Explainer Videos


Transforming high volumes of data into meaningful insights is challenging, but there’s nothing you can’t do. By effectively exploiting the power of visual and audio, you can better visualize your ideas and even fill content gaps. That’s pretty much what you need to know. They can stimulate thoughts and ideas, which is great considering that the draft isn’t ready and you don’t know what to do with it. So, how do you go about explaining statistics?

Ideas 52

Uniting Marketing and Training for a Successful Launch

dVinci Interactive

This statistic “reveals a critical gap where marketing and sales teams need to come together to find a way to roll out new product messaging,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer for Corporate Visions. How do you work with your marketing team to launch new products and support your sales team? What companies have you seen do this well? Let us know in the comments section.

Market 141

Getting Started With E-Learning for Manufacturers


How do you get started with e-learning, however? Instead, you may have to do some preparation work to ensure the training is a success. Do they have the devices they need to complete an e-learning course? Do you have access to subject matter experts?

12 Reasons for Why You Need This Moodle Analytics Plugin


In case you want to know more, attend one of our webinars where the product makers will expound on how to create a new dashboard on a live demo. #2 You know what? When you do so, you can enable the report anywhere in the LMS. How often do you login to schedule your LMS reports?

The Essential Guide to Learning Analytics in the Age of Big Data

Lambda Solutions

How much do participants find the training favourable, engaging and relevant to their jobs? To what degree do participants acquire the knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence, and commitment based on their participation in the training? Skill (“I can do it right now”).

How COVID-19 Has Transformed E-Learning Strategies


do not have a computer to do their schoolwork. . Many of the experts are concerned that the coronavirus pandemic will create a digital gap between countries and societies. Interesting Read:- Top Moodle Alternatives that You Need to Know About!

Analyse This

E-Learning Provocateur

I like their description of analysis which they attribute to Allison Rossett: Analysis is the study we do in order to figure out what to do. There’s no point launching into a frenzy of work unless you know why you’re doing it. Your red flag is the Performance Gap, which is the difference between what the level of performance is now, and what it should be. You need to determine why the gap exists, then design a solution to fix it.


Successful Transition to Remote Learning: Decoding the New Normal

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Do you understand the potential and boundaries of remote learning in organizations? Do you know what are the drivers of successful transition beyond giving zoom accounts instructors and trainers? Assess new capability gaps and focus on them?.

Top 5 Manufacturing Training Challenges An Virtual Reality Training Can Help You Overcome


Risk management is a theme everyone is super aware of and they know how significant quality assurance is. One statistic mentioned most by trainer is that trainees retain 90% of their learning 14 days later when they had the chance to experience, carry out or simulate the technique or data. How do you remember the process of product design and floor planning? While it makes sounds like a movie plotline, but this is going to bridge the gap between robots and humans.