How We Manage Our Remote Team (And 8 Tips for You)


Since we launched publicly in 2013, we’ve been a (mostly) remote team. We can recruit the best team members for our company, no matter where they live. But there are challenges that come with managing a remote team. Some of them are the same that you’d face with an on-site team. We’ve created a remote team with members across the world at Continu. Management is difficult, no matter what field you work in. And that takes a lot of work.

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‘Meet the Learnovate Patron’ Q&A with Sharon Claffey Kaliouby

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She was one of Corinium’s 2019 Top 50 Leaders in Learning & Development – Americas, the 2018 Learning & Performance Institute Professional of the Year and a two-time member of the USFA National Gold Medal Women’s Sabre Fencing team. . How should we prepare for the future of work? .

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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Soft Skills


The opposite of soft skills are technical skills, for example, knowing the ins and outs of Microsoft Office or coding. Workstyle: Do they show a natural predisposition for an organized and efficient work style? Do they naturally influence others?

Informal learning: Why it matters to a business


According to CARA’s 2010 Survey on social media impact, nearly 70% of what is learned in life and at work happens through informal and social learning. For business owners, this can be a great opportunity to get in touch with employees and make work meaningful. What the employer has to do is to develop a goal-oriented eLearning strategy for employees to follow, and make sure they know how to close performance gaps without adversely affecting the objectives of the company.

8 best sales training tips to seal the deal


8 ways to improve sales training for your team. Know your customers. They still won’t work if sales employees are unaware of your customers’ needs. So, before addressing any other sales training topic, start with getting to know your customers.

Leaders, Failure Is Upon You

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As a result, people begin a leadership role ill-equipped to succeed or to effectively support and develop their team, much less collaborate and contribute across the organization. Multiply this deficiency across every function in your organization, and imagine the impact these skills gaps are having on revenue attainment, customer satisfaction and employee engagement and retention. Empower people to play an active role in identifying and resolving their own distinct gaps.

5 Tips For Amazing, Age-Diverse, Online Training


Particularly when your team consists of different backgrounds and experience levels. You must mind the generational gap to give everyone the relevant resources they require. They are more focused on teamwork, and their objective at work is to succeed – which is often a relative term. Thus, you need to do your homework to identify their drives. Their work style is fluid and so is the way they learn. Know Your Audience.